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What is a health glamour?

the Term a glamour, glamourous are perceived differently, one consider that it is “luxury“, and carry to it expensive things, works of art of fashionable jewelers, fashion designers, designers, others that the glamour is a desire to be allocated.

As the first glamourous ladies considered stars of cinema - their dresses and style served as a role model. Later expensive cars, at home, of a country house, the yacht were added to smart dresses, jewelry.

The modern glamour - at women is narashchyonny nails, artificial suntan, an artificial breast, lips, hair. Plastic surgeons sell dream of an outer effect and youth and many go for operation and are ready “to remake“ nearly all themselves. Operation will change appearance, but not internal. After operation on rejuvenation it is only possible to deceive himself. Brain of the healthy person it is impossible to deceive more than 100 criteria for an assessment of age of the person are kept in a brain, and it reads out age on gait, change of proportions of a body, stoop, landing of the head, amplitude of turn of a neck, a shape of eyebrows, power.

When on the screen we see the next star after plastic surgery, necessarily everyone asks itself(himself) a question: “And how many to it years actually?

Plasticity is admissible if the person has problems with the face and a figure.

Of course, it is necessary to be in shape, to look after itself, but to understand all senselessness of fight with age.

Every year fashion designers give installation what to dress: “In this season it is especially actual, such that color, and at the choice of a sweater it is worth paying attention to its length, and the shoes should be worn only on such heel“ And as much those who to it listen. Pay attention how many around the cloned dresses. The symptom of stateliness is hardy also in the 21st century.

To art to put on, it is necessary to study. It is not obligatory to have things from the famous designers and to fall into dependence on the advertized brands. Important that the clothes were sewed from ecological material, were functional, qualitative, stylish, approached by the size and a style. You should not copy others, and it is necessary to develop the style.

Russians begin to understand importance for health of food from natural raw materials and from environmentally friendly areas, but seldom who thinks of ecology of the clothes. And artificial fabrics cause an allergy in many, skin ceases to breathe, there are problems with health, but they are all the same carried.

In the modern world where for money everything is available, naturalness becomes the most valuable and glamourous. Let the person in the natural flowers look not so effectively, but he is in a consent with the nature that is much important for health.

And than not a glamour life without cigarettes, with the dosed alcohol intake, healthy food, physical exercises, from a vital eko - a logiya on all questions. Especially as healthy presently not so that to be simple. Not many will have enough will power. It not that to dress on itself some thing and to sport in it. The glamour of health should be earned by continuous trainings, to manage to put the life in a framework of the mode, restrictions.

Scientific facts:

- scientists is proved that from forms of breed of clothes, footwear the condition oporno of the motive device, respiratory organs and blood circulation depends;

- ophthalmologists note that at those who use gloss for eyes its parts remain and to clean, it is not represented to their doctors, possible;

- eyebrows a zone of hormonal activity (and that with them is done now);

- when drawing a tattoo of a particle of paint get to lymphatic vessels, and on them to lymph nodes which cease to carry out the immunological functions. A tattoo - the nonsense press how many for people regret with age that it was made;

- is conceived to varnish nails the nature was not, some varnishes (red, cherry color) get into a nail plate and paint over it through;

- is worth buying lipstick on the basis of beeswax and not to use lipstick on the basis of technical vaseline - a product to oil refining;

- buying cosmetics, always you remember, the Russian Ministry of Health has no relation to delivery of permission to sale of cosmetics.

All of us understand that to be oneself is given not everyone, but it is worth trying, to offer itself to the world what you are, without or with a cosmetics minimum. The fashion comes and leaves, and idea of human beauty was always identified with healthy, fresh complexion, vigorous gait, a harmonous bearing.

Be reasonable. The choice for you.