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Jean Bernadot. Whether something good can create envy?

Sometimes and impossible happen. And envy can create a royal dynasty... Jean Bernadot was the fifth son of the bearnsky lawyer Henri Bernadot. Yes, he was born in that Bearn, in Gascony - D`Artagnan`s compatriot.

“The child was cuts, but is dear...“ - Jean did not want to continue lawyer career of the father and in August, 1780 was enlisted in army. At first soldier, then sergeant. The officer it could not become from - for ignoble origins. Could not! But... revolution burst. Jean Bernadot with the regiment got to the Rhine army, was at war.

In revolution clever and devoted grow in ranks very quickly - if in fights survive. In 1793 - the captain, by the end of summer of the same year - already the colonel. Next year he became a general. In the summer of 1794 in fight at Fleryus he ordered a division.

In 1797 brilliant and widely famous general Bernadot met in young and the brilliant general Bonaparte. In the beginning they made friends, but then their relations deteriorated, they were rivals. Moreover, Bernadot was (temporarily, certainly) is more successful than Bonaparte - he married the beauty Desiree who at one time was Bonaparte`s bride. As the most outstanding general of the republic, Jean Bernadot was appointed the Minister of War.

And meanwhile came on Brumaire 18 (it is date such - according to a revolutionary calendar of that time) when Bonaparte suited a military coup. Bernadot did not participate in him, but also against did not act. As the sister Desiree, Bernadot`s wives, was married to Bonaparte`s brother Joseph, he was as if “a member of the family of Bonaparte“ and enjoyed it full confidence. At a ceremony of crowning of the emperor Napoleon I it bore a sign of an award of the Honourable Legion of the Emperor.

... Also was at war in uncountable Napoleonic wars for France. Near Austerlits his case stood in the first line in the center of creation of troops of Napoleon. In battle at Yen and Auershtedta his case at first broke, and then pursued Blyukher`s army and forced it to capitulation. Among prisoners there were about 1000 Swedes of group of the colonel Merner, the marshal accepted these prisoners extremely kindly, having won their sympathies.

In 1809 the marshal Bernadot was appointed the emperor the top military commander in Holland and reflected a landing of British on the island Valkheren. The marshal was extremely popular in France. So that in places eclipsed the emperor! Over it clouds began to be condensed...

But suddenly Jean Bernadot`s popularity in Sweden worked - the former Swedish prisoners of war so extolled him that... However, here it is necessary to tell about much, about that, as for not to France, but Sweden.

Since the time of Peter I Sweden was at war with Russia. At the very beginning of these wars the Swedish soldiers, the best soldiers of Europe (at that time), broke hordes of Slavic barbarians, but then... Then there was Poltava. In the center of Stockholm still there is Narvskaya Street called in honor of a victory. There is no street of Poltava -.

During a postpetrovsky era Sweden dreamed to revenge for defeats of the past of which Russia was guilty. And over and over again attacked it, having the historical ally - France.

But Revolution came to France, Napoleon who, according to the Tilsit world, agreed to recognize beyond Russia interest in all Finland came then. As a result, when Swedes in 1808 attacked the Russian barbarians again, those in reply not only hurt them in Finland, but the vanguard of troops of Bagration under command of the general Kulnev was transported through the frozen Baltic and came to the coast of Sweden, having created threat to Stockholm. As a result all Finland departed to Russia.

Even unapproachable Sveaborg when the commander of garrison understood that Russians will not storm an unapproachable stronghold was given, but also to Swedes will not allow to leave. And the help from Sweden will not be... As a result, having handed over fortress, the garrison had an opportunity to leave, having kept honor and banners.

A result of the wars with Russia proceeding more than 100 years all kings of Sweden, beginning from Karl XII, began to make sober Swedes. And as the king of Sweden Karl XIII ruling then was old and had no successors... The parliament of Sweden suggested very popular and heroic French marshal Bernadot to accept Lutheranism and to become the crown prince of Sweden.

Napoleon was glad - from the country the most popular military leader left, and in Sweden the king loyal to France appeared.

The riksdag of Sweden elected the count Bernadot the crown prince of Sweden. There was it on August 21, 1810. Since November 5 he became the regent of Sweden (actually - her governor), and in 1818 came to the throne of Sweden under a name of Karl XIV Johan.

Here only... Having become the governor of Sweden, the former Frenchman began to think how the Swede. And to do what is favorable to Sweden even if Swedes of it did not understand yet. Sweden ceased to be at war with Russia, choosing in allies of any who promised it the help in fight against the hated neighbor. Moreover, Sweden entered into alliance with Russia - against Napoleonic France which lost reason ready to be at war with the whole world that this world became French.

... In the hall of the royal palace in Stockholm in which the king of the country (it belongs to a dynasty Bernadotov) talks to parliamentarians near a royal throne there are two statues of the kings who are most respected by Swedes. Gustav I Wasa is actually the first king of independent Sweden, and Karl XIV Johan - the son of the Gascon lawyer Jeanne Bernadot.