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Why the woman driving can be more dangerous than the man?

Presently the woman driving the car - an everyday occurrence. It surprises nobody and does not shock. As they say, got used. Perhaps, also the opinion became habitual that driving it is possible to expect any inadequate actions dangerous to traffic from some ladies. But whether so it? Let`s try to understand where myths and where reality.

Myth the first: other autoladies consider that they are in a privileged position in relation to male drivers. From where there was this myth - nobody knows. But its existence is confirmed with many jokes. And in practice of the woman driving just consider themselves equal with men. And the self-esteem of some of men only wounded feeds with jokes and baizes this myth.

Myth of the second: inspectors of traffic police sometimes close eyes to violations of the rules if the beautiful blonde drives. Anything similar! For the inspector beautiful appearance of the driver - an additional headache as it is necessary to lower the lady from paradise heaven on the guilty earth and to convince that it really violated traffic regulations. Otherwise the lady has the reasons to appeal against the requirement of the inspector to stop the movement and to stop on a roadside. Like, I quietly went, broke nothing, and this … stopped me with intentions, unclear to me and I was late (for work, the train, the plane, appointment, in theater … I ask to punish the inspector of traffic police, guilty of my delay, …).

Myth the third: women`s shoes (on a high heel or with hairpins) promote creation of an emergency on the road. Perhaps, the element of truth in it is. But personally women driving in such footwear did not come across to me. All want to live and for the sake of fashion there will be few persons interested to risk.

Myth the fourth: women drive the car better, than men if they have accidents and accidents less often. And here with this myth, I believe, it is possible and to argue. The statistics here just does not consider the fact that driving nevertheless it is less women, than men. And if to say that in a year so many accidents were made by men and so much woman, then it is necessary to supply with the information surely as a percentage to total of men - motorists and women - motorists. Then it will be correct.

And still as it seems to me, some women driving can be more dangerous, than men. I will try to explain.

By nature women are focused on regular maintenance of the image up to standard. And it means that, being driving, the lady can correct several times a hand a hairdress. At the same time will partially block the review. What this action is fraught with, I believe, it is not necessary to explain.

On red color of the traffic light the man will wait just patiently allowing green. And here someone from ladies takes lipstick at this time. But as the mirror is above and is more right (more to the left), it is necessary to change position of a body. Having begun the movement, the autolady, certainly, returns the body in former situation and for several seconds partially loses control over car. And it can be those seconds when at the intersection in the same situation (after coloring of lips) there begins the movement other lady. Alas, such collisions of traffic police are fixed by not the first year.

During the movement drivers are forbidden to use the mobile phone. Of course, ladies know about it. But owing to the increased curiosity what is done by a time? It is impossible to call and speak. And to look at the display of the mobile phone to see who exactly calls? For this purpose it is not even necessary to take phone in hand if it lies ahead of a wheel on the dashboard. It turns out, there is no violation per se, but for several seconds control of a road situation is lost.

It is not so my “cavils“, but the moments which already became familiar. What conclusion? It is idle time. If ahead driving the lady - just in case you hold more distance between cars. Among women did not notice those who likhachit on the road. But noticed those who sometimes drive a car with partial loss of control over it for only a few seconds.