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How to pick up color in an interior?

Each of us seek to live in a comfortable situation. Creation of a cosiness in the dwelling - not such and easy process, this creativity! All of us are identity, with the preferences and characters. To be in the house it was comfortable, it is necessary to surround itself in the correct flowers. Ability to combine colors in an interior is the whole art!

Let`s talk about properties of color, and what to choose for itself, you solve independently.

Red. Colour of excitement, calls for activity and action. Some people at the sight of red color feel feeling of depression and react aggressively, showing some kind of protective reaction. If you not for long are in the room painted in red tone, then the mood improves and there is a wish to move. But if to be in such environment long time, then working capacity considerably decreases and weariness appears. But it is worth noticing that the large role is played by a shade of red color. Light shades can mobilize and lighten mood. And it is red - the brown shade pacifies and gives tranquility. Scarlet elements in the interior which is not oversaturated in the bright color help to get rid of a depression.

Intermediate color between red and yellow - orange . As is present at it red, it also improves mood, adjusts on a positive and gives feeling of light. But does not strain sight and does not suppress. Light tone of an orange shade very much is pleasant to children. The nursery painted in orange tone will be very light and cheerful.

Yellow - color of the sun. It is associated with light and heat. Soft tone of this color are created to make the house cozier. Yellow color helps to relax and cope with negative thoughts. Follows shows consideration for shades of this color. Yellow, with addition of green tones, causes negative emotions, feeling of “causticity“ in some people.

Color and the warmest shade brown - beige is very popular brown . There is no wonder, brown color and its shades bring to the house feeling of reliability, stability, even to severity. But at the same time the same colors give feeling of heat and create the atmosphere of tranquility and friendliness. Very often this color is chosen for floor coverings. Pure brown color will be suitable for an office as it helps to concentrate. But, applying brown color, it is worth remembering that the excessive hobby for this color can lead to the fact that your dwelling will seem too gloomy.

Green color, perhaps, the most favorable of all color palette. Various shades of green color refresh and weaken at the same time. For this reason it is recommended to use green color for registration of bedrooms. There is an opinion that green color positively influences health of the people inclined to increase of pressure. Remarkably floor lamps and lamps which gleam in the green color look in a bedroom. The soft green shade promotes working capacity increase.

What will occur to color if to add to it blue tones? Dark Xing - green color is difficult for perception and brings feeling of tension. It is recommended to apply light tone Xing - green shades.

We will pass to blue I blossom. It is color of tranquility and a cool. Pensive and gentle it reduces activity and disposes to a relaxation. Light shades of this color calm nervous system and give the chance to have a rest, get rid well of unpleasant experiences.

If you choose violet color for a room interior, be careful. Bright shades of violet cause feeling of weariness. Stay in the violet room leads to melancholy. Light tone are transferred better, but it is desirable to apply this color in small amounts, to emphasis on details.

We considered influence of chromatic flowers on health, let`s pass to achromatic colors. The next colors concern to them: white, black and intermediate gray.

White color is universal. It approaches any interior. In view of the neutrality, white color can be used as a background for disclosure of other flowers. Against white other colors seem nasyshchenny more brightly. White color can be we will apply during creation of any interior: from the most minimalistic to grandiose.

Add to white paint a little yellow, and it will get a gentle shade of baked milk, still yellowness - and before you color of an ivory. Add to white color on a drop gray and blue - receive a nacreous shade. Experiment, the result can surpass any expectations.

Black color symbolizes gravity and severity, but at the same time is a color of grief. In an interior this color is not suitable for broad application. Black is only applied to internal finishing of rooms as color - accent by means of which color zones of the room are allocated. For an interior of small rooms black it is not recommended at all and if it is applied, then in the minimum quantity.

Gray is a transitional color. It is neutral and practically does not exert impact on health of the person. But, nevertheless, this color has great opportunities. Finishing materials of gray shades approach any coloring of furniture.

Selecting color for registration of the house, the apartment, try to combine its character with a functional purpose of the room to which you plan it to apply. Of course, each of us has certain tastes and preferences, but, perhaps, a bedroom in red tones - not the best decision? Successful to you color combinations and cozy situation!