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Who made Einstein well-known?

Everyone, probably, Einstein, some even heard a surname more than once. Someone even knows a little about its works and a contribution to world science. Especially advanced know that it “The theory of relativity“ and E=MC2.

This physicist is known well if not to everyone, then, at least, every second person on this planet, and you could not but see his immortal photo with the put-out language. whether
Always Einstein was known to

? Is not present, not always. There were times when this physicist - the theorist was known by only a narrow circle of the German and English scientists. As the reason for that served that Albert Einstein never had nothing in common with practical application of the works. The genius - he is also the genius.

Everything was changed by a case. This happy occurence. Thanks to his persistence and inflexibility of spirit it was succeeded to prove the theory of relativity of Einstein experimentally. But about everything one after another...

World War I ran high. Most of the German scientists worked for war industry. Albert was an ardent pacifist and was not involved in it in any way. It was necessary for destiny that on other side of barricades professor of the Cambridge university Arthur Addington learned about the scientist ingenious, but not famous to general public. Not just learned, and became in its works seriously interested, and found a way of confirmation of the theory of Einstein in practice a bit later.

Between two scientists correspondence was started. The letters Addington urged on Einstein to work without cease and to finish his theory. But on it years were required. Problems were added by the fact that the German and English scientific organizations yaro acted against each other, boycotting works, withdrawing materials from shelves of libraries. Went not only World War I, went war between schools of sciences.

Persistence - the key to success. Overcoming difficulties, having overcome divorce, persecutions for indifference in work for war industry, the father Teorii of relativity nevertheless finished the work and sent it to the companion on correspondence.

There came the Englishman`s turn. Let and not from the first attempt, but Addington managed - to convince the management of Cambridge to allocate to it funds for the proof of the theory of Eystein. One man`s guess is as good as another`s, as he managed to make it, the fact that the success is possible, meant superiority of the German science English.

We pack suitcases. Addington collected expedition and went to the Western Africa where there had to be a total solar eclipse. The purpose was to make pictures of the star sky at the time of an eclipse and to compare them to the pictures made at night. Weather brought - a rain and overcast, but a couple of shots were successful.

A way home … comparison of pictures of the night sky and - voila! - Einstein was right!

To wake up well-known. the fact that Einstein knew nothing about Addington`s expedition Is entertaining. And this news overtook it early in the morning. At a door his friend Max Planck was knocked, and around was full - full of newsdealers. News about success of expedition of British was printed practically by all European newspapers.

Here the physicist - the theorist Albert Einstein became so famous. Also it is a pity that today the name of Arthur Addington and his contribution to science are almost forgotten.