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How to get rid of cockroaches, bugs and ants?

Quite often in apartments together with us there live insects: cockroaches, bugs, ants. They bring upon us the mass of trouble. That to get rid of them, there are different ways. Article will also tell about it.

Quite often in our apartments together with us there live strangers: bugs, cockroaches, ants. They bring upon us the mass of trouble. How you think why to us home and pulls all this unpleasant trifle?

in principle, everything rather logically and simply: if the person on the street does not like to live, then hardly it is pleasant also to insects. Here they also reach closer for heat. The roof over the head which to them is provided by the person becomes not only the place of protection against environment conditions (rainfall, difference of temperatures, etc.) but also place of continuous existence of food.

People, in turn, should hide constantly the food as insects aim to popolzat on it. Quite often even clean owners can face a problem of “uninvited guests“ - for example, when moving to new housing or in the presence of careless neighbors. Besides, the house of the person can be on a habitual migratory track of insects.

From insects in the house one problems. How to get rid of ants, bugs, cockroaches? There is a set of ways, beginning from national, checked still by our ancestors, and there are options modern - to order insecticidal processing of the house. As modern options of disposal of insects differ only the producer and existence of preparations in concrete settlements, we will stop on folk remedies available to all.

we Get rid of cockroaches

Cockroaches are representatives of one of the most ancient types on Earth, in the last decades as the territory of dwelling all of them more often choose kitchens in the house.

Though life of an average cockroach is short - about 7 months, - during this time “the crafty neighbor“ brings upon us a lot of trouble. Cockroaches are very prolific, leaving behind numerous posterity.

It should be noted that the posterity appears not at once that creates sometimes illusion of a victory to us them. But through some time we with disappointment can already find the whole brood of small tarakashka. Thus, it is difficult to get rid of them, though it is possible.

Before choosing a fight method, it is necessary to define their habitat. Do not leave the food remains on a table, close a cover a garbage can more densely, check that cranes did not leak, wipe for yourself a table every time as ate.

Boric acid perfectly will be suitable for fight against cockroaches. Prepare an entertainment for them: cook couple of eggs, pull out yolks and pound with boric acid to homogeneous mass. From it roll a large number of small balls and spread out in places of a congestion of cockroaches.

It is also possible to miss the mark places where cockroaches hide, boric ointment - extracts, consolidations of the refrigerator, a crack under plinths. Wipe kitchen regiments and cases with solution of boric acid. Already in couple of days you will find out as far as the livestock of cockroaches was reduced. But if they still are, then think what “lodges“ of cockroaches you forgot to process.

You do not hurry to rejoice when insects cease to run absolutely - the victory is not reached yet though already close. Process periodically surfaces still some time. It not only will prevent appearance of “guests“ who will decide to creep from neighbors, but also will nullify distribution of new generation of cockroaches from the eggs laid in secluded places.

we Get rid of bugs

These insects, as a rule, choose to themselves as a habitat in our apartments upholstered furniture and books. It live much longer than cockroaches - from 2 to 2,5 years, and “come for hunting“ only at night therefore it is almost impossible to find them in the afternoon.

Scientists carried them to the category of parasites as these insects eat blood. As a rule, people learn about their existence in the dwelling only after the first stings. Then on affected areas of skin it is possible to notice a red point around which essential reddening is formed, the itch becomes the private satellite of a sting of a bug.

Usual soap and hot water will help to get rid of bugs. Define the place of their dwelling and fill in a nest with boiled water, and around process everything soap solution. Make similar each ten days during few months.

Besides it is necessary to process or say goodbye to all infected things. - fill in everything that it is possible to drench with boiled water with hot water and process soap solution. Books and blankets dry under sunshine. Attentively see furniture on which you sleep, for identification of nests of bugs.

If you do not manage to bring these “uninvited guests“ for a long time, then surely address the qualified specialist who will make it as bugs are not simply unpleasant, and can do essential harm to your health very quickly.

we Get rid of ants

Of course, ants not so vile as the cockroaches, and not so dangerous, as bugs, but too can bring a lot of trouble. They choose as the place of the dwelling both the house in the private sector, and an apartment house living space. They are very small therefore sometimes it is difficult to notice them. Red ants creep on extracts or pipes from neighbors after breed there. These insects, as a rule, choose kitchen, a bathroom or a toilet where it is warm and damp. Also sometimes it is possible to find several individuals in piles with bedding.

The easiest to eradicate the settlement of ants at home, having found a uterus. As soon as it is found and destroyed, other insects will leave your house over time. For this purpose observe ants - where they go, having found food where they crowd. Possibly, the uterus exactly there lives.

If you then start other methods did not manage to find a uterus. Red ants do not transfer pungent, caustic smells therefore process places of their congestion boric acid, the concentrated vinegar or kerosene. It is also possible to rub a plinth and linoleum with a carnation, parsley or mint.

If you did not manage to find a congestion of ants, do not despair - prepare for them “entertainment“. For this purpose mix couple of spoons of forcemeat with a teaspoon drills to a condition of homogeneous mass. Then roll small balls and spread out on open surfaces where ants - on a table were noticed, near a sink. Possibly, the ant will decide to share a delicacy with the fellows and will incur it in a nest.

It should be noted that sometimes folk remedies all - do not yield positive result, and annoying insects do not leave the dwelling. Then it is better to address experts of a sanepidemstantion who will help to expel annoying lodgers for short term. Only consider that for the period of processing in your house there should not be not only people, but also pets.