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Movie “The Most Dangerous Person“ (A Most Wanted Man). Than the spy thriller will hook on the viewer?

the Head of confidential division of investigation receives a task to find the dangerous international fugitive Issah Karpov who is sponsored by the girl - the lawyer Annabel. When the pursuit is entered by investigations of other countries, serious espionage game in which any can be a weak link of a chain begins. And all national security quite often depends on simple human feelings, opportunities of one person or a whim of another.

Philip Seymour Hoffman played the main character - the head of department of investigation Gunter Bachmann. It is the last role of the remarkable actor. It has “Oscar“ for a role in the movie “Cowl“ (2006). The director Anton Korbayn so spoke of Phillip:

- If to look even at the smallest roles, its game is distinguished from all contemporaries. Its strong line was that it entirely plunged into roles, in it there was no slightest vanity. It tore itself(himself) to pieces in each role.

The movie at all not that Russian there are executioners and torturers Americans are traitors and spies, and Germans are the best intelligence agents and blockheads. The producer Stephen Cornwell told about the movie so:

- Interesting feature of “The most dangerous person“ that there is no antagonist here. There are many people who consider that they do right thing, however motives at them different. They appear in the conflict of rather main goal which “the most dangerous person“ is; they see it from the different points of view and chase it for various reasons.

Such thoughts come to mind when you watch the movie. Bachmann wants to find leaders who stand behind those who blow up an explosive belt. Its team slowly and surely gets used on Wednesday different people. Fellow workers noted that work of the actor in that part of a role when he took root on Wednesday, was followed by rise in energy and emergence of special aura. These moments in the movie are well looked through.

At certain moments Hoffman`s hero begins to exhale special credibility and humanity. He shows some special human espionage... Or espionage humanity?! All trust in it, even skeptically adjusted young lawyer Annabel (Rachael McAdams). Jahmal (Majdi Dekhbi) trusted in Gunter and informed on the father who and the truth was involved in the organization of acts of terrorism. And it is good that Gunter appeared though the spy, but the identity of the high principles. Having used the person, he tries to provide him protection. To provide what promised.

Other search organizations of Germany and the USA no promises to witnesses are made and use methods which Gunter in the work as accepted did not consider. Therefore the operation which is successfully performed by it came to the end not according to its scenario. It roars with despair because did not keep the word pledged to witnesses. He promised protection to the refugee, but could not provide protection. Its work was used by other intelligence agencies, without having seen to it about collective nature, subordination and another, seldom used in investigation, bonuses.

The movie is interesting that each viewer focuses attention on different details. Fans of thrillers will be fond of the complicated story put according to the best-seller of John le Carre of the same name. Fans of psychological ties will find thin psychological interlacings, elements of suggestion and confidential charming recruitment in the movie. The composer Herbert Gryonemayer filled the movie with psychodelic music. The third - will notice fascinating landscapes of Hamburg in which port labyrinths many centuries are crossed destinies of thousands of refugees. Here events which moved heaven and earth in 2001 prepared.

The movie was beyond the spy thriller thanks to merits of his director Anton Korbayn. It possesses unique ability to react quickly to the events.

- Anton is a skilled photographer, and an eye at him is swept together, - one of producers of the movie Gail Igan told. - He constantly looks for a way to improve visual language - to make it at the same time economical and bright.

Filip Hoffman so spoke of the director:

- Anton is magnificent. He is a handsome with tremendous talent. It has an original look, and at once believe that he will make something special. He trusts people too and allows them to arrive as they consider correct. If you ask it for the help, he will make everything that in its forces, and also can give you a free hand. Sometimes about it it is not even necessary to ask. It has a big heart, a sharp look, and he believes in other people.

After such characteristics becomes obvious that the movie needs to be watched. That professionalism is a beautiful action, whoever executed it: intelligence agents, actors or directors.