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Gala - love or Salvador Dali`s madness?

Behind each great man are stood by the great woman. In own way great. For the genius and the madman Salvador Dali that became Elena Dyakonova, or Gala. The woman thanks to whom, perhaps, to the world the great artist also opened. Dali called it not differently as the victorious goddess, Saint Elena, brilliant and smooth Galatea Bezmyatezhna.

They got acquainted in the hot summer 1929 - go. Galas together with the husband, the poet Paul Eluar, arrived on a visit to extravagant and young Dali about whom already at that time gossiped in the environment of the European art. Salvador always accepted visitors in a manner, peculiar for it: an elaborate suit or just rags, a pungent smell of the cologne made by it and an extraordinary hairdress. On the eve of Eluar and Gala`s visit it ispolosovat the clothes, shaved and painted in blue color of an armpit, rubbed itself(himself) with lavender mix with a goat dung and fish glue. In an anticipation of a meeting of Dali looked out in a window and saw Gala. As Salvador wrote later, he was faced not just by the woman: to it perfection of the nature was.

For Dali it was the love at first sight. And, though Gala was not famous for beauty and ideal proportions of a body, she was from those women who forever arrest to themselves the man. Salvador Dali, as well as is once Paul Eluar, resignedly gave in to her natural charm and a charm of brown eyes. Gala understood at once that from now on her life with it - the great genius and the odd fellow. This woman possessed really artistic flair. In Eluar she saw talent, in Dali - exclusive genius which torch she and was fated to become. Elena Dyakonova threw the husband and the daughter Cecile. It was completely given to Salvador.

“My little boy, now we will never leave each other“, - life of a couple of Dali also began with these words of Gala. It was not everything clear marriage in many aspects of life. Salvador in panic was afraid of close relations with women including with the wife, she never hid the changes and passionate desires. Possibly, sexual energy of Dali found a way out in his creativity, a muse and which main character was always Gala.

In life they got on ideally. Shy and timid Dali suffered from numerous complexes. He was afraid of everything on light: from driving in the elevator before signing of contracts. Gala said more than once that she should correct the mistakes made by Salvador in the evenings and to break off the contracts which are thoughtlessly signed by the spouse. Dali of veins only the creativity, and Gala sent its aspirations to the necessary course. She acquainted the artist with the bohemian environment, found rich sponsors, organized exhibitions and the presentations of works of the husband. She selflessly tried to show to the world what once considered in a strange image of Dali - his explosive and genuine genius.

The insight and female intuition prompted to this woman a right way. Gala literally “molded“ on pieces of that Dali who was recognized later by the whole world. During the periods when Salvador did not paint a picture, it opened the new horizons for his talent. Gradually design hats, ashtrays, advertizing show-windows from Dali began to appear. To imaginations there was no limit, and soon to public presented the well-known sofa in the form of lips of the actress Mae Uest and absurd phone - a lobster.

Meanwhile in society said about greed, greed and excessive persistence of Gala. For some it became the embodiment of all wordly defects at all. But Salvador saw in it only light, a source of the inspiration. He went with it to America where won the hearts of millions, cooperated with such persons as Walt Disney, Alfred Hitchcock. Chet Dali grew rich and later returned to Europe. Here they suited “happenings“, had a good time and every time shocked public.

It would seem, Gala achieved the. The wealth, world recognition and creative achievements of the husband constantly urged on her vanity. However time was ruthless and wrinkles on the face of a muse were shown more and stronger. Gala did not wish to grow old. She drove away all thoughts of age, wore wigs, visited secular actions and, of course, surrounded herself with young lovers. At last she wanted a privacy, and Dali presented to Galya a medieval castle Pubol. He could visit only from the written consent of the wife here. In these walls Gala also spent the last years.

The muse abandoned the artist on June 10, 1982. Dali was not present at a funeral. But he lived seven more years allotted by life in deep grief and loneliness, painted pictures and later in an attack of insanity tried to destroy them. Salvador Dali did not see in them himself and it any more. He with horror realized: forever his only love and his biggest madness - Gala left...