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How to prigovit “cucumbers on - Bulgarian“?

Bulgaria … I brought the strongest gastronomic impressions from travel on this rich edge which is filled in with the sun. The country is small to cross it from the West on the East, from mountains It is old - Planina to the coast of the Black Sea by car enough five hours - and you wonder, ethnic Bulgarian cuisine is how rich and various. can be shown by

of Distinction in a compounding of preparation of the same dishes depending on stay in this or that ethnographic area. In total them in the country seven: sevrnyashka, shopska, dobruzhanska, trakiyska, rodopska and pirinska. On the coast fish and seafood are popular, in mountains appreciate meat more, and inhabitants of solar valleys lean on vegetables and cheese.

Bulgarian cuisine represents marvelous mix from Slavic, Greek and Turkish culinary traditions. If who forgot, then I will remind that Bulgaria was part of the orthodox Byzantine empire, and after its gain Turks - Ottomans and falling of Constantinople in 1453 got under a spiteful and bloody Turkish yoke. And only in 1878 by heroic efforts of fighters national - liberation movement, and more - by means of the Russian bayonets, the country found independence.

But we will return to national cuisine of this hospitable country. The well-known shopsky salad, dense soups - soups under the general name “chorb“, a kebapcheta, teleshko “vreteno“, sarm, a cheverma, sujuk and a lukanka, various banitsa - from one names of the Bulgarian dishes blows as spicy aroma of nourishing and healthy homemade food.

By the way, about names - for the Russian-speaking person many of them sound quite funny. Sweet pepper which at us call Bulgarian in Bulgaria is called “Chushka Spit“, and sharp - “fierce Chushka Spit“. The shish kebab, fried on a special lattice - a skara, is called “øèø“, and the fish baked with vegetables - “plakiya“. In the menu of one small restaurant it appeared - oh, oh, - “hares it is strangled“, appeared the most tasty stewed rabbit. And if the picturesque owner of small cafe offers you for breakfast “yayets on in eyes“ - do not refuse, these are only fried eggs.

A separate panegyric the Bulgarian marinades deserve - anything another will not compare their bright and juicy taste to. Readers are more senior for certain remember the most desired deficiency of Soviet period - a jar of “the Bulgarian cucumbers“, indispensable attribute of festive feasts, a modest maiden sit-round gathering and daring barchelor parties - is so universal and all loved this product. Turned sour - sweet, is not present - rather, it is sweet - the sour, moderately ostrenky, strong and crackling, Bulgarian cucumbers (them and called, not cucumbers, but cucumbers) and today evoke reminiscence about far youth, forcing flavoring receptors to shudder convulsively in an anticipation … Or what they do there, these receptors?

Let`s try to reproduce “that“ surprising taste of the pickles “on-Bulgarian“.

There are several secrets there. In - the first, a minimum of spices - unlike traditional Russian marinades, in “the Bulgarian cucumbers“ do not put either a leaf of currant, or a carnation, or garlic, or horse-radish. Only a little chopped fennel greens, bay leaf and bell pepper. It is possible still mustard grains - but it at will. Thus, cucumbers keep own taste which is not killed by spicy herbs and aggressive spices.

In - the second - a so-called “cold“ way of pickling when all components are put in bank and are filled in with cold water then go to sterilization - time is saved, it is not necessary to prepare marinade in advance, and cucumbers turn out crackling.

One more secret - a bookmark in onions marinade, it is possible rings, it is possible entirely a small onion. It also adds to the “Bulgarian“ recipe a unique savor.

Well and, at last, this recipe for those who do not faint at the word “vinegar“ - in “the Bulgarian cucumbers“ it is present at considerable quantity, however, in a ready-made product its smell is not felt at all.

Ah yes, and still - there is a lot of sugar, as most with pleasure - sour taste gives to the Bulgarian marinade this.

And now, actually, recipe.

I prefer to close such cucumbers in 800 - gram banks under a screw cover. If cucumbers “age“, that is collected a few days ago, then them it is necessary to wet in cold water at several o`clock. If cucumbers “even in the morning ran“, that is fresh-gathered, then it is possible to display on purely washed up banks at once. I sterilize the jars on a steam bath, but there is no special need for it.

So, first step.

On a bottom banks we pour 50 ml 9 - percentage vinegar, we put largely chopped greens of fennel, pieces five peas of black pepper - usual, not fragrant, and a teaspoon of dry seeds of mustard. One - two bay leaves - there.

Step of the second. by

It is stacked in bank cucumbers. It is ideal if it are gherkins, but also the usual size vegetables quite will approach. Moreover, according to this recipe I prepared also the huge ogurchishch which got lost in a hotbed jungle cut them on convenient pieces - and everything turned out remarkably. Between cucumbers we display rings of onions or we place banks several small lukovichek inside.

Step the third. by

It is added in bank 1 a teaspoon of salt and 2 - 3 teaspoons of granulated sugar - I always 3, but all mine love sweetish cucumbers so you look.

Step the fourth.

is filled Accurately in in bank with cucumbers cold to an ox - bottled, well, passed via the filter or just from - under the crane if are sure of conscientiousness of your housing and communal services. We fill in “chock-full“ and we cover with sterile covers.

Step the fifth.

we put the Prepared cups in a pan with cold water on which bottom the napkin is laid. We include gas - or that at you there, and we bring water in a pan to boiling. Let`s sterilize five minutes from the moment of water boiling - in a pan, but not in bank.

Step of the sixth. we Get

, densely we screw up a cover, we overturn banks and in such look we leave before full cooling.

It is possible to store at the room temperature, it is better to try in one or one and a half months, not earlier.

P. S. Of course, such cucumbers are not “a useful product“ - a lot of vinegar, it is a lot of sugar … But they are devilishly tasty! During a season of cucumbers I always do several jars - to a New Year`s table, on birthday of relatives, for work - it is obligatory, it is a hit of our “small parties“.

Try also you! It is sure, this recipe will not leave indifferent even the choosiest gourmets.


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