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Medieval Europe. As well as why Merovingi became “lazy kings“?

Adoption of Christianity did not help children of Hlodviga to find a common language after death of the father. Four sons of the king - Theoderich, Klodomir (Hlodomir), Lothair and Gildebert (Childebert) - divided lands among themselves.

On some sources, it was their decision. But the remarkable Russian historian M. M. Stasyulevich (and not only he) considers that Hlodvig itself divided the kingdom between sons. Anyway - the stupid course. The state has to be uniform if it was created by that. Repartition of similar “property“ does not lead to anything good.

Subsequently brothers finally quarreled among themselves that, naturally, developed into armed conflicts. And as, slightly that - to the weapon and we will show them. Lothair pro-reigning 50 years to 561 g came out the winner. After his death, in turn, war also his children at each other went. Well, despite Christian piety which was attributed by some historians Merovingam representatives of this dynasty could not calm down and provide to the country the steady power and prosperity in any way. What, of course, threatened with disorder to recently created state.

Some miracle always possible to avoid full ruin in the country. Even the fundamental law of the franksky state - Salic was created. But in practice still the Burgundian, Ripuarian and vestgotsky legislations were used. Key parameter of establishment of justice at that time was the personal responsibility. Consider any crime or offense - a vir, that is a penalty. Payment of a vira already meant reconciliation and recognition of fault which, however, it was possible and to refuse. But in this case the revenge of the victim or his relatives will follow.

Meroving gradually turned into “lazy kings“. Not the last role was played in it by their numerous women who, having approached a throne, suddenly got unreasonable ambitions. Also twisted the regal spouses as wanted. There are enough only those affairs which did Fredegunda and Brunegilda. These two the furious, cruel and conflicting among themselves women, satisfying I lust after power and personal vanity, could start a quarrel not only the husbands, but also sons and nephews. These ladies managed to send many people to forefathers.

Brunegilda was notable from the birth and was married to Sigbert, Lothair`s son. Other son of Lothair - Gilderik, had too ambitious concubine - the commoner by the name of Fredegunda, but wanted the same beautiful, distinguished spouse, as well as at the brother. Therefore wooed Brunegilda Gaylesvinte`s sister and received a consent of their father Atanarik governing on the lands of Spain. The offended concubine did not forgive losses of the place in a regal bed and what her children could not inherit to the king now. Intrigues which developed into poisonings and armed attacks began. Already nobody remembered what everything began with. It seemed, the revenge was descended in this family.

Similar fights do not promote development of economy of the state, and only economic growth - an indicator of that, the country prospers or not. Any military operations literally exhaust treasury and all expenses go a heavy burden on the simple people. But which of governors then and now, thought of it?

Grigory Tursky, the medieval historian and the bishop, was just a contemporary of these events and in detail wrote about it. But Grigory was a supporter of party of Brunegilda therefore it is possible and to doubt exact reliability of his data.

Meroving almost all were excessively loveful. As though still then at the gene level the gallantry and love to a female peculiar to men - French arose subsequently.

Lothair`s brothers did not hesitate to live together openly at once with several concubines, even married some. And the most part from these women - not a notable origin.

The father Hlodviga Gilderik for maniacal prosecution of women in general was expelled by the people. It found a shelter at a certain king Bizin who had a spouse with the same name - Bizin. Later, when Gilderik returned to tribespeople again, Bizin threw the husband and arrived to Gilderik. They got married and Klodovey - Hlodvig was born. All this is more similar to a legend, of course.

The king Dagobert II also became famous not for the military or administrative progress as it befitted the worthy governor, and the depravity and dissoluteness. He was a great ladies` man and the drunkard. And eternally could not make a choice for one woman. Them was at the king always a little, and everyone wanted the power.

The union with such kings became unprofitable to Rome. Neither military power, nor victories, nor competent policy - why such to support? The Roman clergy cared only for expansion of spheres of the influence in those days, but not for immortality of souls of believers.

Merovingov compared to east governors who surrounded themselves with luxury and debauchery. No, in Rome and before its falling and after the city became Catholicism stronghold, very well knew what is luxury and debauchery. But and it is necessary to do things. Lazy Merovingi became useless for the Father.

And Lombards became impudent and threatened with physical violence. Let them - also other pagans will become impudent. There was a need for the strong and clever person, at the head of numerous army. And such person Merovingi to Rome was “thrown“. The laziness they led themselves to death. It is known that nature abhors a vacuum. Having discharged of affairs, kings willingly shifted them to the closest assistants - so-called ward mayors. History calls them still majordomos, or Mayors of the Palace. Here the Father to himself also elected the new king of francs from them - that, and at the same time and a new dynasty - Carlovingians which ancestor was Karl Martell.

The last lazy king from a dynasty Merovingov - Gilderik III (Childeric), was separated from a crown and placed in the monastery by order of the Pope Stefan in 752 g. This way still his predecessor - the Father Zakhary was going to act, but died, without having managed to finish this business. The younger branch Merovingov approved in Aquitaine as dukes endured senior.