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How to accustom a kitten to a tray?

face this problem everyone who for the first time brings to the house small mewing and, unfortunately, absolutely irresponsible - as all children - a being. However, we will not call it a problem. It is only a task - and a task which to solve in power even to an inexperienced kotovladelets. And to begin to solve it it is better before the kitten crosses a threshold of your house. Family values

First that you can make to facilitate to yourself life, - to find

the correct candidate for a podseleniye. To pick up on the street of the fluffy homeless child - business, of course, good. If there are opportunity and desire - arrive quite so. However to bring up from a domestic kitten - the descendant of many generations of domestic cats and cats - the obedient and accurate homebody in power not to everyone. If you understand that it is not your option - take a cat that is called from a family.

And here about “family“ - more precisely, - a cat - try to learn as much as possible about mother. Come on a visit to owners, look narrowly and sniff. If you see a beautiful cat with carefully licked wool, but at the same time you will not feel a nose of its presence in the house - safely take a kitten. Cats who differ in cleanliness and the kittens accustom to an order from young claws.

And it is absolutely good if owners already took care of explaining to the younger generation of the cat family mission of a tray and the rule of its use. Professional manufacturers usually do not neglect this duty especially as thoroughbred kittens are given to new owners already at rather conscious cat`s age - from three to six months from a sort. Anyway track whether the kitten uses a toilet. If he is already able to do it - consider, your task is half solved. To you will stay at home it is desirable to pick up a suitable tray and a filler same what the kitten got used to use.

If you got the pet whom neither mother - the cat, nor owners (if he in general had them) did not accustom to a tray - you should make it independently. Also have patience - it can be necessary for you. Or perhaps is also not present: cats, as well as people, are clever and not really. The bright kitten, very possibly, from the first will understand what you want from him. With less clever it is necessary to repeat a lesson several times. If you got absolutely stupid cat … Well, I sympathize. Consider that it is your karma.

the Tray for growth

So, a kitten at us already is. It is necessary to choose for it a tray and a filler.

At once I will warn you against one very widespread mistake: do not buy a small tray for a little kitten. Be guided by prospect - that is by that size to which you plan to grow up the pet. Cats - extremely conservative animals, they do not love changes and if you want to replace a tray with another once as it seems to you, more convenient, at you it can not turn out. Your pet can not accept a new toilet, and in protest will turn into it any other place in the apartment.

As a tray, in principle, any plastic box with sides four high - five centimeters will approach. Pay attention: it has to be reliable (count that it will serve to you years fifteen, and even twenty), and also to have quite dense, it is desirable curved edges - cats at departure of needs of nature like to lean on them paws. More advanced option - a “two-layer“ tray which can be got in pet-shop: from below - the same plastic box, from above - a plastic lattice. But, frankly speaking, I do not see sense in such design - it is necessary to wash all the same both a lattice, and a tray, and is regular.

Where to place a tray - business especially individual. Of course, it is ideal - to put a cat`s toilet in a toilet human if the place allows. But consider that in this case you should hold a door to the bathroom opened - or to cut through in it the course for a cat. Some owners put a tray in a bathroom (in my opinion, option on the fan), on a balcony, in a corridor … And here where it is definitely not necessary to place it is near bowls for food. Cleanliness of a cat will not allow it to go to a toilet in the same place where she eats.

to Rustle and bury

In a tray it is good to put something soft and friable - though some cats quite do without filler. However process of schooling to a tray will go quicker if to trust in an instinct of a cat to dig in results of the activity to the soil. But it does not mean that in a tray there have to be an earth or sand - even on the contrary, it is undesirable. In - the first, in such filler there can be carriers of diseases, and in - the second, present what your apartment when the cat walks on it after she rummages in a sand will turn into.

Some owners of cats fill sawdust in a tray. On the one hand, it is natural and safe material which possesses the good absorbing ability. On the other hand - in advance think whether you will be able constantly to provide your pet with sawdust and where you will throw out them after use. To wash away in a toilet bowl it will not turn out - the sewerage will get littered, and to store them in a garbage can - not the best decision owing to a specific smell.

By the way, you will face the same problem when using special cat litter. Its application is very convenient from that point of view that it very well absorbs liquid, forming at the same time small lumps which can be taken from a tray, without touching the most part of a filler. However these lumps after withdrawal need to be put too somewhere. Sawdust in a toilet bowl cannot be lowered, but if there is a strong wish, then sometimes it is possible … And here with a special filler this way it is impossible to act at all! At contact with a large amount of water it will harden as cement, and it will be extremely difficult to take it from a drain pipe - if at all perhaps.

In my opinion, the best option, it is as if archaic sounded, - a usual newspaper leaf, and even not broken off on pieces (it is fraught with eternal garbage around a tray), and simply put in half. It is quite enough that the cat could “rustle“ in the toilet and “bury“ the affairs under the top layer of the newspaper. And as a newsprint - material thin and easily soluble, you will be able to wash away without problems it in a toilet bowl. At the same time and you will get rid of advertizing waste paper.

Patience, only patience

Now when we prepared all necessary, can begin training. It is the simplest to tame to a tray of absolutely young kitten to which it was executed one or one and a half months, just because process of digestion at it happens very quickly. And it strongly will help us. An operations procedure is as follows: feed a kitten with something tasty, for example warm milk or a squash, wait for minutes five - and carry him in a tray. Just by this time it will want to it in a toilet - and he will make everything as it is necessary and there where it is necessary. And if, I repeat, the clever kitten got to you - he even should not explain on the second time. But if it is necessary - nothing terrible. Repeat several times - and your pet will remember a lesson.

With a cat is more senior it is necessary more difficult. You will never calculate when to it is impatient“ and if you calculate - all the same do not catch up. Just it is necessary to sit and observe. As soon as you feel that the kitten suspiciously quietly behaves, begin searches in secluded places. The normal cat always needs some time to settle more conveniently so you have a chance to find her before becomes too late and cleaning of the apartment will be required. When you find - do not abuse (she does not know what at you here orders therefore she behaves as the nature orders). Accurately - not to “spill“ (the smilie is necessary here) - take the pet by the scruff and transfer to a tray. The cat - to the teenager will need only several lessons to remember where it is necessary to go in case of need.

If there was a disaster and under your sofa the pool was formed, bring to it a kitten and let`s smell (but do not rub the nose - you will kiss this muzzle then), and then slightly splash - not painfully, but it is offensive? and, besides, carry in a tray. Having wiped a pool, sprinkle a floor lemon or tangerine juice - cats do not transfer aroma of a citrus, and the malefactor will have no desire to come back to “crime scene“.

By the way, the piece of the newspaper intended for a tray can be dunked into the same puddle and to carry in a toilet: next time the kitten on a smell will find the correct way. If there is opportunity, it is possible to take a little filler at once from a tray which mother - a cat in the house of the owners uses - it will be even more effective.

Sooner or later at you everything will turn out. Only always you remember: you - big and clever, and it - small and innocent. Your task - to help a kitten to accustom to the new house, and your assistants - love and patience.