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How to improve operation of the old computer?

Russia - not the West, where nearly in each family two, and even three computers. We have often one computer for all “members of household“. And that old, bought by chance from hands. If it more - “plows“ less, then new in a family do not plan to buy. But all old begins “to exhaust“ sooner or later.

my councils - that who never thought of a question how to improve operation of the old computer and to prolong a resource of its use. Inherently, recommendations for “teapots“ or users of the second level - “samovarshchik“.

From - for what usually stops the old computer? The reasons can be a little. Here the simplest.

The former user was accustomed to begin work with automatic loading of programs necessary to it, but then removed them with the setup, regular for Windows, and removal. But did not remove a tick in automatic loading! As a result the operating system at start looks for these programs to start them, and does not find, but time - that “ticks“. If your old computer brakes, first of all look at automatic loading of programs and clean there everything that it is not necessary for you. Any program can be started manually. Do not forget about it.

Certainly, it is necessary to look after the computer constantly. Especially, behind the operating system (OS). At most of users initially costs Windows. Unfortunately, this OS - the big sloven. For this reason it is necessary to carry out defragmentation of a disk C from time to time. Action is simple, but it allows to increase considerably the speed of access of OS to the programs and files of other categories which are on a disk of Page

It is desirable one - two times a year to reinstall OS. Then all garbage of old OS will disappear automatically. But only in case new OS is established after formatting of a disk C, but not over former. Pay special attention at reinstallation to possibilities of your computer and be not seduced with more advanced OS. The matter is that more “advanced“, as a rule, demands additional resources of memory. For example, if instead of the Windows XP you after formatting of a disk C install Windows 7, your computer can begin to brake even stronger. So from a loading disk it is necessary to establish that OS which was on it on an old computer.

One more elementary council will concern “order“ in the system unit. Even in the purest room always in air there are dust microparticles. It gradually settles on payments in the system unit. Open it and you will see a dust layer. The old computer for a long time with the expired guarantee so removal on the system unit of a wall threatens it with nothing. Indispensable condition at such action for “teapots“ only one: completely disconnect the computer from a network, having taken out a fork from the socket.

Dust on payments is condensed over time and begins to carry out electric current. Besides, dusty chips are stronger heated that, of course, affects their working capacity. In certain cases dust between elements of electronics leads to short circuit.

It is convenient to carry out cleaning of dust by the household vacuum cleaner. As a last resort - a soft brush, collecting dust then from “small groups“ by an adhesive tape of an adhesive tape. Special attention should be paid on the dust which is between legs of chips and “to blow“ these places most carefully.

If the computer is used long time indoors where the increased temperature, then it begins to overheat and brake, be buggy. You do not hurry to buy additional random access memory or more powerful video card. The problem is solved much more simply and cheaper - acquisition of a cooler (fan). By means of a metal arm establish an additional cooler over that part of payments where details are especially strongly heated. Take food for a cooler in a loop with sockets (them in the system unit always a little). The cooler not only over the motherboard, the video card, but also near the hard drive (winchester) which under trying conditions works heats up sometimes very strongly will be not superfluous.

Significantly improve operation of the old computer and prolong the term of its maintenance free service of the program - optimizers. There is a lot of them - from simple to very difficult, but very effective. Begin with simple. Give preference in Russian as everything will be clear and clear.

Of course, the old computer it is possible and often it is necessary to apgreydit (to update), changing in it something for more modern. How to carry out an upgrade? On the Internet on this subject of materials there is a lot of, you are not lazy to look for and read.