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With a cannibal smile of the misanthrope

All speak about education of the writer. And here nobody speaks about education of the reader. And at that time, the modern reader, as before, is terribly uneducated. Costs to it at the author, in some work, to notice “I“ as he right there starts trying on it “I“ on the author. At what, will get on this too tight and short literary frock coat it with diligence of the unfortunate tailor, in strong confidence that what he pulls on the author, is author`s revelation, facts of life, deathbed confession. And it will be impossible to dissuade him, otherwise, he will be offended up to the soul depth, and will accuse the author of misrepresentation. Well, any imagination.

The irony, sneers and tomfooleries of life surround us constantly. It is only necessary to open eyes more widely. Well, how not to notice a sneer of life and sadly not to smile to that fact that after our expensive administration went on an exhibition to the capital of N, and happen so that, just at this time, or rather it is a little a bit earlier, actually, to it, our expensive administration, departure there, from this city of N, I was called and expressed desire to get from us so and so. Most likely, purposefully made advertizing worked. The client it was necessary to process long until that ripened. Well, and when, on return of the management I reported on the new buyer, exhibitors joyfully grabbed at the chance to advertize themselves: “So is that approached us?! Yes, yes, it precisely it! And how the firm is called? Ý - ý - e, precisely, they and were called!“. And skorekhonko prishpandoriv to itself success of the enterprise, having turned a deaf ear to mine “But - that I even before your departure talked to them“, the administration, having thrown into me as if of the stone offended by a look it is proud having stuck out a hard breast over harder stomach, jumped on the toy horseman to blow gallop at every turn about the lime progress.

“Tu - that is that. Glory to the chief such - that!“ - the children`s pipe - a sviristelka is played the pipe by one.

“Tu - that is that. Also glory to the chief such - that!“ - in a shepherd`s horn another echoes it. And at the same time both stately wag with toy sabelka, imagining themselves, at least, Alexander of Macedon and Tamerlan on ruins of the won capitals.

“Tu - that is that. Glory to the expert such - that“ - also I thought to hear in the address some pikkolo. But the third “that is that is that“ was only a fruit of my rich imagination. Instead of “that is that is that“ I received “zilch“.

I listen to the Belarusian radio: “And now about economy. Against feverish fluctuations of the American and European currencies, our currency (in Belarus often and speak “our currency“) remains firm. Hardness of currency was provided with timely orders of the President of the country and harmonious actions of the Ministry of Finance as the Minister of Finance reported on the head of the republic“. Thanks tovarisch such - for the fact that you at us are. “Ladies - with, the poor dollar with euro. Is in a fever them“ - it is thought to me. Also the fact that in such daily reports from different fronts of the republic, many Belarusians see “nothing of that kind“ is remarkable.

However, the fact that the number of the clever and conscientious people not ready to be reconciled with bureaucracy and a durashlepstvo, despite an obolvanivaniye by means of mass media, officials and the life, in Belarus remains considerable pleases.

For example, both a sin and laughter when, for purchase of three cranes, on ours “the largest enterprise for production of so and so in the republic“ and “only in the world on that is that“ as unscrupulously, at our insistance, in the local rag about us journalists told lies, we, from these conscientious starved clients demand (I list): requisites, the certificate on registration, the charter of the enterprise (from 9 to 20 pages) and the application in writing on the form of the enterprise. After for some in the afternoon, the unfortunate SP, at last, manages to send, hardly, all these documents, we begin processing of documents. The contract which goes for couple of days on a table of the lawyer, and God forbid is signed if in the contract there is a comma or quotes not on that place. Then the contract will be changed. A couple of days more. It happens so that one contract is detained for weeks. And if the economist got semiliterate, or was simply tired, then the contract will “be improved“ over and over again, will not be licked into shape yet. Well, or so far the economist will not go crazy. (Attacks happened).

After week trouble which at us is important called “processing of documents“ the client, at last, acquires the right of an audience. But then it becomes clear that while “processing of documents“ was made, there was no so and so. And here, the wet and furious client sits, on a chair edge, or it is better, costs, shifting from one foot to the other, and we, without looking in its party, we throw to it that “it is necessary to arrive tomorrow“. Or next week.

The client is spat, sometimes uses foul language as the Belarusian client, all - the client well-mannered. Brought up by that normal durashlepstvo and bureaucracy which became a norm. And if the client did not return just from where - nibud from - for a hillock where “three cranes can be bought right there, on the place, right after payment of money“, he sweats even more, sometimes claps doors, but it is more often it is dissatisfied about itself, and comes, comes again and again. And every time sighs and complains of this hopelessness and stupidity when money is, and is ready to pay, so also it is necessary to persuade.

Mostly the Belarusian client is patient and as it was told already, is brought up. Sits quietly. Takes down adversities with firmness. But sometimes truth-lovers come across and begin to say that think, and then everything it becomes awkward.

- How many still to wait? - one of our constants is irritated, uncorking the second hour of expectation that to it just issued pieces of paper.

- the Chief drove off, it is necessary to wait - without looking towards the client, the economist throws.

- I wait the second hour. How many it is possible?! I need to buy three cranes, and you torment me already the second hour

At last the chief arrives, from some confused meeting with some Chuvashs or and Vietnamese where he sat out the put forty minutes, so for the reporting. Signs pieces of paper, the client rushes on a warehouse, but in five minutes appears in the doorway again:

- Yes, you that! The storekeeper says that these cranes are absent! - perplexed he makes a helpless gesture. there is no

- As? - the economist calls on a warehouse. - Yes, it is valid, the last just shipped to so and so.

- And what now to do to me? - furiously rotates eyes wet and covered with “regular and dear customer“ dust.

- Come there will be jam tomorrow.

The client in a fit of temper leaves in a huff, goes back home, but any guarantee that on Thursday, even after a rain, he will receive the desirable no.