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Chapter 2 About the violence in a family directed to husbands of

“The author what, it is drunk?“. Whether “Is not present in mistake heading?“. “About what the speech?“. Some, especially young women, probably, and the sense written will not understand. Because all know about the violence directed to children. About the violence directed to women, too. The benefit of mass media at us without brakes: if begin to exaggerate that, then, will not squeeze out a last straw of narrow-minded interest yet while activists are feminists, defenders of the rights of the child and the various centers for protection will not squeeze out the last kopek from hot, a prime - a time, subjects, will not calm down.

Against women and about protection them from husbands - despots does not tell about violence unless lazy. Now it is the same actual topic, as well as the pedophilia inflated to the gargantyuansky sizes when, for example, Germany was stirred up from hibernation and thousands of adults, shedding a tear tell about improbable tortures of the sexual humiliation, without forgetting to demand million compensations at the same time.

Capital borzopisets write about violence in a family, is more shameless operating a hot topic in favor of the put environment. About it choking show TV - a trash - show, clambering on the top lines of a rating. At the same time husbands - satraps are drawn by such black and dense dabs, and their victims are represented in it innocently - pink color that it is necessary to notice it. Standard demagogical practice when in all screen watches a bloodstained face of the victim at you, and then goes the video series from the childhood, youth and mature years accompanied with a sound row about that, how light and beautiful person “victim“. And at the same time, the face of “executioner“ distorted by hatred (“to help“ the viewer to be defined quicker who is “õó“). Its video series where he and managed to visit prison (the truth, is not mentioned that it got for theft there), and is divorced (for certain, beat also the previous wife) and at work so-so.

With the violence directed to women, the reader and the viewer let also in distorted, hypertrophied a look, it is informed. The moments of this exaggeration are obvious and at least are partly clear to the inquisitive mind trying to get to the truth, and we will not consider them here. And here the following moments following from all this, for example, and whether the dear reader who is curious in the personal interests knows that the violence which is not knowing age, racial and gender brackets and can be also directed to the “strong“ man by the “weak“ woman, we will try to consider here. At least to complete the picture and objectivity of such problem, as violence.

For example, in Canada, according to statistical data of recently conducted research the following picture appeared: the physical, verbal and moral abuse in the Canadian families is approximately identical, directed, both on wives, and on husbands. Researches in Great Britain showed approximately the same: with small percent in several percent men - despots are in the lead. And here as for verbal (verbal) violence, were ahead of men in research of the woman. That is to international and physiologically inherent rather men, than women the invective of “fuck“ in these two countries is heard in the address by men more often, but not women.

The reader cowed by life who does not have time and the right for own opinion will reasonably tell: “That in England, and we in Russia“. Well, we will not compete who to the nasilstveena. The answer is obvious. Man. It is determined by the nature. But, nevertheless, at all openness of a problem of man`s violence when the speech comes about violence in a family, the man - the husband, the boyfriend, the cohabitant a priori is meant. The woman a priori appears out of the field of suspicion. Until receiving by the man heavy physical mutilations or even death. But also here, the consciousness of the majority of us mannerly thus, is washed out and zazombirovano by subjective mass media that reading about the lover who died from hands of the girlfriend and the husband, we think: “The poor thing, what it brought her to“. Because in advance, from kindergarten and a school bench we know: the girl (woman) bad cannot be. Bad it can be only if: she threw the children, changed (and that, all the same society will make a claim to the husband - the cuckold), became an inveterate drunkard. Or bad she can only make the man.

Tell in what case the man can address to militia because of violence in a family? You precisely represent yourself the healthy Russian man addressing to police station because of receiving on a forehead a frying pan, a rolling pin, slaps in the face and slaps in the face? Or, maybe, you present yourself to a situation of the address of men for the reason that the wife uses strong language? Or what it systematically humiliates its man`s and human dignity, calling “I excite“, “idler“, “ladies` man“? And it too violence.

You smile-). What normal Russian man in general will go to militia with the address about violence. It is all the same that to the man to come to Red Square and in the megaphone to declare that he is an impotent man. All the same what to undersign for own “unsuitability for a profession“. To declare publicly that he is a loser, a mattress, the loser.

The fact that women, for various reasons, for the reasons of emancipation, the increased competition in different areas and spheres, shift in social thinking and behavior of the concepts “courage“ and “feminity“ in favor of the concept “unisex“, became more rigid and more aggressive does not raise doubts. Men, on the contrary, conceding more and more in professional activity, and for other reasons, became softer. From here both escalating sexual and professional activity of the weaker sex. Little girls fight, and fight cruelly. They do not sit in high towers waiting for the prince any more. They take a sword in hand, sit down on a horse and go to win to themselves the man. They drive trucks, fight in blood on a ring, direct corporations. From here and the increased aggression in words and affairs.

Three tenth-graders shot with phone as they beat the schoolmate for the fact that that … did not share their ardent passion. At one of schools of the schoolgirl so beat the teacher - the man that that was hospitalized. And here the wife taught a good lesson the husband - the ladies` man: cut off to that in a dream a penis. All this not the Hollywood horror films, but Russian reality.

I what first reaction in us who are brought up in patriarchal spirit of a domestic tyranny are caused by these stories? Right! “Yes what are men who could not stand for themselves and cope with women!“. That is, we do not sympathize with the victim in advance - to the man beaten by the woman, we question and we despise. In Russian that is called.

According to some experts the problem of the violence directed to men is so hidden, how opened a problem of the violence directed to women. What women shout of, men are silent. As far as women exaggerate, men underestimate. For the known, above mentioned reasons.

And if against the woman men one weapon as means of the last argument, then at the woman in an arsenal have several types of the cold and hot weapon which she uses at discretion by the principle in the war - as in the war, and in the war all means are good if they allow me to achieve goals.