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Exchange of experience of

- In half an hour that all were ready! The director invited the chief of external relations of the Center of marketing and an environment for exchange of experience! - the head of department, he is the plant manager`s son in combination, stared and was quickly swept up on office for giving of the maximum importance to the words. - The guest passed training in London. Has degree of a manistr and …

- Not the manistra, companion chief, and master, - modestly corrected the chief Smelchakov.

- I also speak “master“! - a tiger the chief began to roar.

- And what questions on the agenda? - Smelchakov while the others, having frowned and having given to the faces deep thoughtfulness took an interest, independently tried to get into sense of just told.

- Well - at - at, - it is promising there began the head of department, - you will be told how to find new clients what new methods of work exist as …

- Well, anything new, - Smelchakov justified the surname again, but, having noticed as the head of department stared at him, even having ceased to scurry about to and fro, bit tongue.

- I Remind, - on syllables the head of department, &ndash said; the guest was invited by the director. Therefore … - it stopped that, most likely, as it is possible politkorrektny to formulate the “therefore“, but, without having found proper words, gave out - I to you! - This laconic “I“ could hardly promise you something good.

In forty minutes the head of department, accompanied by the deputy director, appeared together with the promised guest, enough nice-looking is perfect still the young man of years of twenty five.

Having terribly had a look at the subordinates, the head of department and the deputy director took places ahead, the others remained where sat, gloomy glancing at the guest.

The guest arranged on a chair the laptop, struck a pose in the middle of an office and, having led round all an attentive look, prepared for performance. It was visible that the young man feels quite surely. And impression it, it is necessary to admit, made quite pleasant. Fashionable suit, competent speech, correct gesticulation. Smelchakov thought: “As if American Barack. So surely and accurately says that there is a wish to trust it“.

However minutes through five after abstract survey of the guest, Smelchakov began

to penetrate into the meaning of what was said, and to the regret, understood that nothing new he will hear not


The guest taught them how to conclude contracts in other countries how to process documents in the electronic way how to make complaints and to have legal proceedings with defaulters in the International Courts of Justice, and to that the similar book theory having nothing in common with their guilty life.

He gave cases from the international practice, remembered cases from history and Karl Marx`s “Capital“, quoted Henry Ford and Prezidenta of Russia.

Meanwhile it became boring for the chief and the deputy, and they left an office, most likely, to solve some urgent matter. For example, to smoke in a smoking-room.

Not in forces to suffer daredevils more, interrupted the speech of acting and took an interest:

- Tell, please, and you did not mix the enterprise hour?

the Guest at first choked, then with astonishment looked at Smelchakov, and

at last squeezed out:

- It plant on production of ball-bearings, isn`t it?

- Exactly! - joyfully Smelchakov, &ndash exclaimed; Welkom! Only, at all correctness of your theses, I cannot but notice that the enterprise to which you arrived, really plant on production of ball-bearings. And the country in which we are now, still Russia - Mother. Russia, you understand?! Not the USA, not Germany, and even not bananovo - lemon Singapore. And P - about - with - with - and - I, the city of Kolguev! - on letters Smelchakov uttered.

- And … that … and what from this follows? - perplexed the starched guest uttered indistinctly.

- And follows from this, dear companion that to us to learn to conclude contracts in the country not that in other countries! Also forget about an electronic way of paperwork, courts in Strasbourg and the Hague, and other international practice. Is closer to us to the South Pole, than to Strasbourg. At us is ninety percent of the equipment of one thousand nine hundred fifty sixth of release, the management still on the computer even in “Word“ did not learn to work at plant, and you - “the international practice“! - Obviously carried Smelchakov, and he understood that if his administration learns about his seditious speeches, no International Court of Justice will help it any more.

- Eighty percent of our clients about e-mail only heard. And you were going to make out applications in the electronic way in the mode “online“. Some still go to send faxes because have no own to mail. You suggest advertizing to give on the Internet, and we in the newspaper that our local hardly can advertize because some of our especially advanced companions consider that advertizing is not necessary to us.

Smelchakov stopped, having leaned back on a seatback. The guest confusedly hung the head, without knowing what to answer. The colleague Smelchakov, slowly continued to work.

- Here you will leave now, - Smelchakov decided to put the end to the performance, - you will deliver yourself a tick at yourself in pieces of paper, we will put at ourselves as if really exchanged experience, and you taught us to much, eyes to us, so to speak slightly opened, and in practice nothing will change. As we stamped the bearings on the machine of one thousand nine hundred fifty sixth, and we will stamp further. Sixty percent of quality, forty marriage. Sixty - qualities, forty - marriage. Also we will pretend that and was. And that there - Smelchakov waved a hand, got up, approached to the door and before leaving, having turned back, said: “All to you good, dear companion“.