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Easter. Holiday of believers, or fair of buffoons?

such question - in the title - I carelessly set to the “believing“ relatives of the once of the wife when all of us gathered this light day to be glad each other and to that, whatever is in the house. God that day sent, as well as other “believer“, kilograms five the pickled meat - to brochette, a basin of salad, the colored eggs sprinkled with ten three holy water, about ten same sprinkled Easter cakes, liter two vodka and to an other trifle which does not cost a mention and attention because any dear reader of a Slavic exterior from the Brest Polesia to hills of Kamchatka is already perfectly informed on orthodox table traditions. Or rather, it was not the question, and ascertaining of what I saw around, and aloud I could not resist judgment of what in any way. It is guilty. I repent.

Everything was - “as at people“. If I am not mistaken in the modest konklyuziya, today the expectation of masses quite so sounds: “That all - as at people!“. And at people: the apartment in the center, giving on the periphery, the car “Opel“, the wife in a fur coat, children at institute. And orthodox holidays. In total - as at people.

Even at Azerbaijanians familiar to me - and that, “as at people“: “Christ has risen“, fat and vodka. Here what power of Christian belief!

This light day since morning phone calls are distributed. “Christ has risen! I wish you good luck, health more money!“ - it is continually distributed here and there. And there is a wish to knock such “believer“ on an empty pate that came round. It is not New Year, the complete idiot! What happiness, what money?!

- You Easter cakes and screw together eggs - as speak here - go? - my colleague is interested.

- No, do not go. I in miracle water from - under the crane, “consecrated“ with the fat father who came by the SUV, do not trust - I begin to be irritated.

- And you will go to church?

- to choke in crowd of “believers“, to hear hissing of grandmothers and to feel impatience and irritation of “the neighbor“? Upas me God.

I see bewilderment on a face questioning. As if I nekhrist what. Heretic. Defile


- And you held a post, dear? - not in forces to constrain I the ulcer, address it. - The thoughts cleared of greedy thoughts? The sufferer and the person in need, at least for the period of the Lent, helped? The mouth from abuse was tried to be closed? The neighbors were not judged? (So what you climb with the snout - and she wants to throw, but in time I keep).

No, you did not hold a post, all this time gossiped about the colleagues, condemned

of others, all your “non-working“ thoughts directed only on where to take money for this purpose,

to finish European-quality repair and to buy also to children a new thing on spring, to replace the old mobile phone because got out of fashion, on new, to make a hairdress because guests will come, than to surprise from dishes them, to reconcile with the lover, to pay the credit, and in the last two days you, suddenly, “believed“, remembered Christ Redeemer Jesus Christ`s Revival because reminded you of it on the TV, and now you all such devout - devout, the devil you a pobera!

You for certain highly thought about divine when I, the atheist and a kramolnik, brought old shoes and put them in the locker, and you, being burned with curiosity, took an interest that I do it there. And when I answered: “It I for that homeless mad old man that costs every morning under our windows“, - you contemptuously, with displeasure, stuck out the lower sponge as if it were your boots, but not mine, and then long argued on “bums and drunkards“, in every possible way showing high Christian “ôè“. From chistoplyuysky “ôè“ you could not keep also every time when I carried to it sandwiches or bought cigarettes, as well as many others, “blagorozhdenny“ and gladkodushny.

And when we together went by the young poor fellow lying on the crude earth as a bag with rags, near a stop at which crowded the person fifty and no one “believer“ had time and sufficient belief to lift it from dirty concrete and to seat on a bench, you dragged me for a sleeve when I rushed to lift this bag because you did not want to soil the chistoplyuysky reputation about the dirty tramp - suddenly you will be seen by acquaintances!

And when I gave you the address of orphanage where it was necessary to bring things unnecessary you, “which at you was half-houses“ as you repeatedly spoke, you suddenly urgently started to hurry home and when I repeated the offer, you, being protected as if I a tiger attacked you, threw to me “Start up the state helps“, and ran skorekhonko on shops.

But now you bake Easter cakes, cook eggs and you go to church, line without thinking why in general all of you do it! “All do“ - your strongest argument. And after you squeeze all the devout hulk for a holiday table to indulge in alcoholism and gluttony, “because the Lord ordered“!

Whether yes you know that I who is mentioning the devil through each two words, essentially not going this day in church which is not humouring the stomach and the petty-bourgeois ego to one thousand times the bigger believer, than you, with all the “Christian traditions“ - eggs, Easter cakes and wishes of happiness and money which you line do not understand! And to hell false modesty!

Let`s be frank. Easter - one more reason for the Russian person to get drunk and gorge on, to go for work, to indulge in festival and inaction. As New Year or St. Valentine`s Day. All the same.

At work I interrogated ten people concerning a holiday and its ritual. Five of them with ease remembered that this Lord`s Revival. Five found it difficult to give the convincing answer or its distances uncertainly. The second question of tradition of painting of eggs and baking of Easter cakes entered nine into a deep stupor. One gave the correct answer. On my question concerning an origin the word “Easter“ of the answer was pledged by nobody. The same is about the Jewish, initial Easter. Summary: many of us do not know that they celebrate. But celebrate. A holiday for the sake of a holiday.

And it, in view of that fact that Easter, along with Christmas, - two most important Christian holidays. What to tell a rozhn there about the Candlemas, Transformation and the Assumption which many of us “celebrate“ but do not understand what they “note“? And there would be an occasion!

Two my acquaintances last year went to the next prilesok and two armfuls of “cats“ broke there. Brought home and put in vases. “And for what?“ - I ask. And in reply “ìå“ and “áå“. “It is so accepted“.

Others drag home a marsh acorus, leaves of a maple and still some greens. I understand, tradition. But it, time you follow it, at least, it was quite good to know, but not thoughtlessly to assimilate to all, “who so does“.

Long ago the made supervision: as a rule, those who, one week prior to Easter begin to discuss visits of church, illumination of eggs and Easter cakes, the easter menu and the cultural program of rest and entertainments this day most of all are concerned about outer side, and are least of all familiar with true sense of this Christian holiday.

Already from ten in the morning after the district aroma of meat on coals is carried. In shop the joyful rumpled faces congratulating the shop assistant, each other and someone by phone.

Today, on the Light Holiday of Resurrection, to hours to five, to me drunk neighbors will be secured and will congratulate joyfully and tiresomely me as if not Jesus revived, and I. I will explain long and with irritation, that I am busy and that I do not drink and that at me business, and they will be surprised long and tiresomely. Then, having returned to itself, they will joyfully get drunk even more, to them it will become absolutely good, and they in general will cease to think that they celebrate.

Other neighbor, - “I do not believe in God, all this church deception“ - a nightingale voice will congratulate me by phone, to call to itself and again long to be surprised to that, “as it I one moreover and I do not drink“. He will begin to feel sorry for me, will wish me to meet with the ex-wife, then with somebody again, then will promise to acquaint with “one acquaintance“. And when I will give a hint that “you not the believer, so what …“, he will pass by next day, even without having greeted as if I offended him in his best feelings.

Till the evening on my phone calls with congratulations and wishes of the same of health, happiness and money will be distributed, and I will be angry more and more from this standard nonsense.

Till the night the people will eat. To shout songs. To fight. To be reconciled. Obossyt also oblyut lampposts and bus-stops. In God`s glory. Amen … by

According to piety of the first Christians, on the VI Ecumenical Council it is decided for true: “From sacred day of revival of our Christ Boga to one week novyya (Fomina), in all week true have to in sacred tserkva incessantly uprazhnyatisya in psalmekh both peniy and songs spiritual, rejoicing and triumphing in Christ, and Divine the writing listening to reading and enjoy sacred Secrets. Because thus with Christ and we will kupno revive and we will rise. Togo for the sake of by no means in rechenny days does not happen a horse stadium, or other national show“.

PS By the way, the wife then did not forgive me for a seditious question. Soon we divorced.