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How to learn to do video?

Not one decade the video camera fixes important points of our life. And ability will independently create videos useful. It is not difficult at all, it is enough to master the programs intended for this purpose.

Not one decade the video camera fixes important points of our life. But to shoot video, it is necessary to possess certain abilities. Not all have video cameras, however, phones with the built-in video camera, an opportunity to pick up music and a photo all have digital cameras practically. And the Internet is a well of media of information. And it is simple to create own videos. by

of Video it is created by means of the programs intended for this purpose. Regardless of that, you or others use a photo - and the video record, pay attention to its quality.

In case you any more not the beginner, it is possible to consider the following programs for creation of video: Sony Vegas, Pinacle Studio. The program, the great opportunities is more difficult it opens. And the standard Windows Movie Maker program which is part of the standard software of Windows will be suitable for beginners. To open the program we choose Start-up - All programs - Windows Movie Maker.

Work with video in this program is reduced to several stages:

1. We keep video from phone or the camera on the hard drive of the computer.

2. We start the Movie Maker program and we import video files which will be used during creation of a roller. For this purpose in the video editor`s column with the inscription “Operations“ we press the Video point, in the appeared window we click the Import button. It is possible to import files not only from the hard drive, but also from any carriers.

3. After import is complete, drag video on the assembly scale which is settling down under video. Place rollers on a scale in that sequence what you conceived. If you want to trade places video cutting, just drag on an assembly scale a video fragment to that place where it has to settle down.

4. Pay attention to an assembly scale. It can work in one of two modes: storyboard or time scale. The first mode is used for transfer of rollers to the area of installation, and the second for application of special effects and final assembly of uniform video.

5. All video fragments placed on a scale can be edited. Cut them and divide on a shot, harmoniously grinding semantic communication of fragments of a roller.

6. After all video fragments took the places and you see a logical and complete product, start application of effects. You will find them in the section “Editing“ located in the left column of the editor.

Effects expand possibilities of editing video fragments, using them it is possible to turn video, to allocate on it separate sites, to bring closer corners, to change brightness. That the necessary effect took the place, it is necessary to transfer it to that fragment of video to which it has to be applied.

One more way to make video unusual is to apply effective switchings from the end of the previous video fragment to the beginning of the following. Select a menu item “Transitions“, find style or styles of transition which are suitable for realization of your idea, and transfer them a mouse to intervals between parts of the mounted clip.

Credits and names are information inserts which can be useful for creation of effective video. You select a menu item “Names and credits“ and one of four options of display of the text. Information insert can be before the chosen clip, at its beginning, over the clip or after it. Having chosen the necessary option, add text information.

7. We start the following stage - imposing of a soundtrack. During the work with a sound several options are possible:

we Leave a sound which is already present at a video fragment.

we Impose a new musical path which will be a musical background of video.

we Add on video a separate path - a postscoring.

we Apply a path combination - a postscoring and a musical postscoring.

8. Let`s consider option with an external soundtrack. We write down a postscoring through the standard program Windows / Start-up - Standard - we import the Sound recording(s) through “Import“ - Audiofayla in our editor. We transfer a soundtrack to an installation scale “Sound“.

The same for a musical background. We import necessary musical composition from the files saved on your computer.

9. Your roller is ready. Now it is necessary to export the written-down video in the necessary format. We press in the top menu of the program the section “File“, we choose “To publish the movie“, we keep video in the necessary place on the computer.

The easiest way of placement of video is a publication on any popular video hosting. Share references with friends, receive estimates and comments! Let your video will be effective and beautiful!