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Again, involuntarily, it is necessary to come back to a “military“ subject. In particular, to the subject “Avhan“. How many it is read, studied, thought over., It seems, and the, tolerant and pacifistic position is developed. Though, what it, to hell tolerant if I hate all this drunk sit-round gathering to the guitar, loud and, as a rule, empty declarations from a box, hypocritical promises which turned into sacred ritual long ago for all who were and were not there? Or, when there are next, inkubatorsky memoirs about what we were heroes there as we fulfilled an international duty as we lost the fellow soldiers.

Only yesterday in the most attentive way studied the main pages of the Internet regarding “The Afghan war“. “In memory to the fallen heroes“, “Who began the Afghan war“, “Fallen heroes“, “Let`s honor memory“, “As we won war in Afghanistan“ and to that similar marasmus. Marasmus, of course, not because it is not necessary to honor fallen or to grieve on them, and that the vast majority concerns: a) as this war would begin) who won it in) what victims were incurred by the Soviet party of) as there live present soldiers - internationalists.

One abnormal in all seriousness discuss superiority of the Soviet military vehicle before Afghan or pro-American. Brings others in such digital jungle with a mention of a huge number of military figures that takes the breath away: from where all of them subtracted it and for what they tynut in a nose now in these figures to which, they, twenty-five-year-old system administrators and marketing specialists, have no relation, but with such self-confident over and over again repeat persistence? The third constantly shed tears on the dead, domokhozyaysky babble, uplifting them in a rank of the heroes who are innocently tortured and Saints. Everything, without analysis. Continually sacred number 16000 flashes. And so, by the way, figure 1000000 which is badly realized by unilateral brains. It, this one million, or nine hundred thousand, or it is even less - they differ from statistics to statistics - as if is not present. There is no whole one million died civilian population. Million children, women, old men and men who were not able to hold in hand joint stock company - 47 or even the fowling piece, but fell not heroic death, unlike heroes with automatic machines on their earth. And just became abstruse statistics of which none of “heroes“ want to think.

It is very remarkable that, for example, while the country brings order, or allegedly brings order to the USA, - an essence not in it - in the same Afghanistan to express as about, and office of war and actions of the U.S. Government in Afghanistan, it is not forbidden. Moreover, any actor, the politician or just the any passer-by, can openly, express the rejection to the carried-out actions in mass media. One support policy already of Obama in the country, others condemn. The same in the European Union countries. The pluralism of opinions - any - but is observed. You can rise and declare: “I - against agressorsky policy of the USA in Afghanistan. American “dzh ayz“ kill not so much the armed mujaheddins how many peace civil“. In Russia, seemingly, about such concept also did not hear. The opinions other than the majority are not accepted here. Costs though on an iota not to agree that all heroes as rises unimaginable hayvay, and fly to your address unambiguous expressions.

The mentality of the little inhabitant who thinks himself just incredibly clever and educated - is available. The paradigm of this mentality is that the truth such “clever and correct“ has only one party. Their party. Any deviation - a deviation from sensible norm is also subject to immediate correction - treatment. Not a Great Scoop?

But meanwhile how it is possible to consider as normal and healthy people of those who do not notice a draw, except the pain? And it is unimportant that pain - result of the wrong, illegal actions. What it the whole chain of the facts admitted “clever and correct“ but which are persistently not getting neither in their brain, nor in their conscience wonderfully is overlooked?

They, with mad foam at a mouth, will give “terrible“ arguments in own favor, wishing to remain the right all ways: and the fact that shot at them and that they were tormented and that drugs flew and flow the wide river through the southern borders. Also I will, of course, are right. But they lose sight of only one fact which picks all their pathos arguments to pieces: with a sword not to you came. With a sword you to them came. And jammed to holes “to build schools and to treat patients“ already even the school student not to deceive. You entered their houses and kept them under a sight. You by a mistake and for the sake of an entertainment shot at old men and children. You caterpillars pressed their duvala and did not respect laws and traditions. And now you draw analogies to the atrocities made by them? But, sorry, you were in their poor tilt cart or they passed the southern boundaries and on sleeping you perfidiously attacked?

Other question - as those who shot also those at whom shot - unambiguously the victims, in a varying degree. But also between these two categories not to put an equal-sign in any way. If, of course, you the normal, thinking person. And your brains are not clogged by with what we were already overfed. That is, that one-sided truth.

What total absence of conscience in “the most spiritual“ to the country the inhabitant should possess to write off these victims among civilians? How many it is possible to scribble sovok, through unilateral, lobotomirovanny opuses in glory of the false heroes?

And what heroes? For whom heroes? For what heroes? Perhaps victims? Perhaps sacrificial innocent persons? Perhaps stray sheep? What hypocritical nice needs to cover that war with what false medals it is necessary to decorate itself what abnormal songs in the honor need to be composed again to feel people?

Murderers necessarily or murderers voluntarily are all the same murderers. I protecting the family from the obdolbanny addict who got into my house in stuff, and on imprudence deprived of his life, an essence am the murderer. I deprived of human life. And me until the end of life to live with it. And point. Other verbal antimoniya - only for simplification of the sick conscience.

You can watch further the abnormal film, like “The ninth company“ or “Kandahar“ which from the first capital letters idealizes, heroizes those who need to be been sorry and mourn, but not to expose in the most stupid way. Or to read literary nonsense. You can think yourself clever, and all others fools. You can pace on criminal parades. To you - not to listen. But me - to spit. Because this my opinion.

For the same who wants to touch for a minute how it was actually - reference to memoirs of the Belarusian writer Aleksiyevich. There - not the newspaper truth. Trench. And without notes. ru/NEWPROZA/ALEKSIEWICH/aleksiewich. txt