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Paste from a goose liver, or life is beautiful

Is not present anything more terribly than life.

Welcome to this hell.

I was born in dazzling July midday when the tender sun shone very much. Having got out of the close shell, I fell out to this new, friendly world which so attracted and called to itself(himself) in the promise of pleasure, good and happiness.

Everything was bright, new around. Having got out, I saw that around me there are a lot of same, as well as I. One, like me, just hatched. Others were born earlier. You ask who I am? I am a little fluffy goose.

Everything for me was a new experience. And soft straws under my weak pads, and bright suns which shone so that it was sick to eyes, and, of course, big beings in white dressing gowns, hats and masks. These beings were such ridiculous. They had no wings and they, as well as we, went on two paws.

As soon as I got out of the close skorlupka, one of them approached me, and I for pleasure that was forces, zakryakat: “Mother, mother, mother!“. The being lifted me in air, examined me the big eyes from the different parties, told something unclear to other, same being in white and me and roughly threw several others in a big box with holes and somewhere it was lucky us. Where - I do not know because walls of a box were high. Among us more and more gooses appeared. All of them, as well as I, just hatched and, as well as I, did not understand where we are carried.

When in a box there was no place any more, some of us began to be pushed and grunt so desperately somehow to take place that those who was weaker had to give way to stronger. I was forced to use the beak too, and otherwise I would be jostled.

Though we were carried somewhere, what was visible from a box, did not change at all. The same white walls and ceilings, and on them the huge dazzling sun. When we, at last, arrived, the box turned over, and all of us got enough sleep, the friend on the friend, on a wire floor full of holes.

Having appeared on freedom, I saw that not all were lucky as to me. Two gooses were crushed and did not give life signs, and three others oddly closed and opened eyes as if wanted to sleep. But I understood that they wanted not to sleep, and simply slowly died.

I looked round. Around, from below and from above, there were grids. The soft straws were not any more and the grid unpleasantly cut pads and was cold. I saw that those who were ahead ran up to a lattice and tried to push the head through it. I ran too and saw that beings in white dressing gowns gave food. I felt awful hunger and, being pushed, got forward, pushed the head through a grid and that was forces earned by a beak. The food was tasteless, but nutritious and I was quickly sated. Having gorged on, I gave way to the one who could not make the way forward in any way. It was not such strong as the others, and all pushed it.

Then I fell asleep.

We sat in a cage several months. How many precisely, I do not know. Sometimes I extended a neck and over the heads of the companions saw other cages. And behind them others. The whole sea of cages in which the same gooses sat. For that time that I was there, in our cage five or six gooses died. They were trampled simply by those who were stronger. They were the weakest, and it was visible that long they it is not stretched.

During this time all of us grew up. The brown down was replaced by white and gray feathers. The voice coarsened. Paws got used to a wire floor full of holes. We ate and slept. Fir-trees also fell down. And bright suns shone day and night.

Then came biped in white dressing gowns and them, that gave us a forage and drink, distinguished that their dressing gowns were dirty, all in brown and black spots. One of them tried to seize me by a neck, but I evaded and pecked it in a leg. Biped became angry and rushed on me. Having seized me with one hand by a neck, and another by a wing, he began to roar, swung and threw me in a big box on wheels, so, that I painfully hit the head. My eyes were rolled up, in the head grew dull, but in a second I recovered, ready to be protected.

When the box was filled with other geese to the very top, we were carried somewhere. The crush was awful. Was not to breathe freely. Some geese were so clamped by others that could not stir. From everywhere the goose loud laughter was desperately distributed. One guffawed about what at them broke a wing. Others shouted that choke. The third already died, having choked with a crush.

We were brought to the new room, and also it is rough, grabbing us a neck and wings, abandoned to some fenced place. Having jumped quickly on legs and having extended a neck, ready to peck the offenders, I suddenly saw that on all room, in air, on some metal devices, the beings similar to geese hang. Only they had no feathers. They were naked. Two naked wings were stretched and passed in metal loops, and the head is extended and passed in the third loop. At first I thought that they are dead, but, having looked narrowly, I saw that they were still living. They were suspended in such a way that could not neither move, nor be released. At many wings were broken off. At others a paw. Eyes were beaten out from the third. The same who had eyes on the place, looked so unfortunate and exhausted what it was impossible to look at them without cardiac pain and shudder. Everywhere there was a goose loud laughter, but not cheerful, fighting and loud, and full torments which became hoarse and hoarse.

What is it? What goose Golgotha is? Who these birds? Who are they crucified on a goose rack? Why they here? Why biped torment them in this way? What did they make?

It seemed to me, I will go crazy, I will go blind and I will become deaf for this hanging horror. Thousands and thousands where throw a look, the peeled and crippled little bodies suspended to a ceiling without the slightest opportunity to move.

Biped began to take out us from a box. We resisted. Bit and kicked that was urine. But biped were stronger. One behind another us was left in a dirty tub with krovavo - foamy swill and began to be dipped with the head. What do they do? Try to drown us in this way?

In a minute I felt a terrible itch on all body. Skin rose blisters, itched and hurt. In an hour feathers began to get out. Biped were enough us and it is very rough, tore feathers, and then one behind another was suspended on a goose rack.

What is it?! What for?! And me?! I do not want! I will not be given! I bit and twitched that was forces. Biped which held me something cried and knocked me on a wing, and then on the head. Grabbed by a throat with one hand, and another began to tear feathers. My eyes were rolled up. I choked and in a second failed in a gloom.

Having recovered, I felt terrible wing pain. My body was unnaturally stretched, wings and the head are passed throughout metal shackles, paws were groundless. I moved, trying to be released. Time, another, the third. Anything. I cried that was forces. I shouted again and again. Biped approached me, looked at me through huge points and grabbed by a throat, having strongly squeezed me a beak in such a way that it unnaturally opened. Other biped inserted to me into a mouth a rubber tube and began to push it to me in a throat. I zadrygat all over. I shivered and choked, almost fainting. When the tube got a bottom, I felt how my interiors are filled with something opposite and sticky. Having pumped up me thus to insanity when I could not breathe any more and it was ready to fail in a gloom again, biped sharply extended a tube, having left me to rock on the rack. Edge of the swelled eye I saw that did the same barbarous procedure with my neighbor, and, having filled it with disgusting porridge, biped moved further.

I hung, without feeling the body. Wings, are more right what from them remained, became numb. Paws were unnaturally extended, and I also hardly felt them. The head was turned. Thoughts were not. There was only a stupid understanding something the awful events with me. Life ended. Hell yawned. Goose hell.

But it was not all. In a week I saw it from what violent desire to die, fall asleep right there, let the most awful death, but now, captured me. One morning approached those who hung opposite and who were suspended to us biped in untidily - a brown dressing gown with a curved knife in the right hand. The knife was red from blood. I at first thought that now the throat will cut with that who hangs opposite biped in a dirty dressing gown and their torture, at last, will be over. I even envied them. But biped, having approached the biggest goose instead of slashing him with a knife on a throat, began to rip up to it a belly. A goose, having recovered from pain, began to tremble all over, got nervous and hoarsely cried. But the biped executioner did not pay attention to shouts, and resistance was so weak that to it did not prevent to rip up an interior at all. Probably from intolerable pain, the goose was extended all over and cried even more loudly. He shouted without stopping. His eyes were rolled up, and shout stopped again with the last bit of strength to open the eyes and to be filled in new, full of suffering and despair, with shout. When biped departed to pass to other goose, I saw that the belly was ripped up on the right side by an oblong section of a sharp knife. And outside, through skin scraps, in blood smudges, the yellow swelled liver hanged down.

Now I knew, as to me not to avoid a similar fate. That I have no slightest chance to escape. To escape from torture by a rack. I was too weak. From the furious resistance to feeding through a tube one wing at me was broken, the right eye swam away. I knew that every other day - another, with a knife will come my biped executioner in a white dressing gown and will begin on live to take out my liver. And I will also shout and twitch on the strut, and I will be able to make nothing. I closed a healthy eye. Remembered the skorlupka, soft straws and the brothers and sisters. Tried to imagine the mother whom I never knew. In a minute I failed in heavy drowsiness.

PS the Brutal way of receiving “a goose liver“, a product of darling many, is forbidden in many countries. For example, in Germany, Denmark and Sweden. In Hungary production of pastes from an unhealthy, hypertrophied goose liver, is highly profitable business. And methods of torture of a bird are constantly improved.