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Obama - show

Year in power: the nice fellow Obama, for a raising of the falling rating, chose only the right, checked and simple way. No, he did not begin to disengage troops from the Afghan bog, he did not hand over the reins to the Iraqi government and hurried to get out from Iraq, he did not even refuse a Nobel Prize for world peace. At all not. He simply by means of the PR - managers, photographers and image - makers made every effort to become a bigger nice fellow.

For a start it passed several photo - the sessions - half improvised half natural - where it: a) in total such smiling and nice in a circle of the family (an image of the present of family man, so valued simple American people)) welcomes on - friendly the cleaner in the White House (the guy in a board, even for mere mortals) in) poses in front of the mirror, removing a butterfly after the scheduled meeting - a banquet, charmingly smiling to itself and at the same time all American people).

Then, the simple guy - the President still of the mightiest power in the world, went: a) in a hospice, for assistance old and ailing (without handsome Obama there will not cope in any way), having taken with itself the wife Michele at the same time) participated under repair some nursing home where smeared with paint twenty square centimeters in) planted a tree on a lawn at the White House. Well, and between times in - dtsaty time met Karzai, the Afghan president with whom has a chat about that about this, including about destiny of the Afghan people. Phoned to Berlusconi with whom pobalagurit about any nonsense too, like global warming and to Angela Merkel with whom, however, because of nesangvistichny temperament of the last, it was not succeeded to fool about, and it was necessary to talk about things of more serious.

It is necessary to tell, photos turned out cool. Obama - awfully nice. And in general, it is pleasant to me. As still to the majority of American people. Nice fellow, in a word. Only feeling that I am fooled as the small child, does not abandon me. Because, it is not necessary to be seven spans to understand that any photos in pink florets and ostentatious charity, well sitting expensive suit and an empty charismatic speech before five thousand graduates of Naval Academy is more important than any there really important and necessary issues. And that any gloomy ugly faces!

There are no doubts that we live during show. Politicians became participants of show. The actors and actresses playing on a chamber. To everyone, skilled image - makers, was created image. It, with tens a speech - rayter, writes speeches. Settle improvised, “under a naturka - a halturka“ stage settings.

Peer, misters. Everywhere there are one actors. Actors.

Italian Berlusconi is a great charismatic actor. And it is unimportant that, looking at it already the fifth year, you will not understand in any way that it for the politician. The main thing, is visible that he is a good actor. And that to us to the fact that it does not get out of scandals with the wives - mistresses?

Venezuelan Hugo, Brazilian Lula, Libyan Muammar, British Gordon Brown. Of course, Frenchman Nicolas. The little Dmitry and Vladimir who arrange regular shows from the Kremlin concede them two of our stars. Such the Kremlin - a reality - show.

Until Dmitry it is rehearsed sets and answers questions in the office before an assembly of chambers, his elder brother - almost the twin prefers to act in at film in “advencha action“ style. That is, travels about across boundless Russia, and astride jumps, in the lake fishes. It in plague, in a yurta. And that still where. The cinema is fascinating. And everywhere distributes the invaluable, far-sighted instructions. To both oil industry workers, and miners, and teachers. And that in it - the line conferences participates, giving answers to in advance known questions with such honest look that there is a strong wish to trust.

His younger brother does not lag behind too. Is not present and will go where - nibud. For example, to people in a green uniform. From a machine gun to do some shooting, in the armored personnel carrier to sit. And also gives valuable - pretsenny instructions. And mordaty uncles in a green uniform according to nod.

I do not know how to you, dear sirs, and me here it is sad to watch these comedies. Already even not ridiculously. So it for us, fools, they try.