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How to prepare the child for school?

with the advent of the child fly years imperceptibly., It seems, until recently yours the baby said the first to “ag“ and took uncertain steps, and literally in several months you should get for the first time on a celebratory assembly in honor of September first at school.

Of course, process of training of the child for school begins nearly with the birth - we teach the baby to attention when we read it fairy tales, we train memory, together learning rhymes to morning performance in a garden or to grandmother`s birthday, we help to adapt socially, walking together with other children in a sandbox. However the most intense training begins several months prior to the first visit of school.

Each parent approaches seriously a question of transition of the child from preschool in school life: the huge number of forces and money is spent for acquisition “all necessary“. But it is only obviously not enough to buy clothes and office.

For the child the school is a certain stress - still yesterday he could spend the whole day carefree, playing with the dolls or machines, and now it had daily duties in the form of homeworks and exercises which it has to carry out in a class. Before your baby for the first time sits down at a school school desk, it is necessary to define and “improve“ its readiness in various spheres.

Psychological preparation

Is, probably, one of the most important aspects of readiness of your child for educational process. At children it is formed by special occupations. Experts in the field of psychology allocated two aspects of psychological preparation for school: motivational (personal) and intellectual. The child in the intellectual plan has to have a readiness for change of the social position and desire to study something new.

The main thing - to develop a number of skills at future school student. In particular, desire to seek to overcome difficulties, to finish the begun business. Also he has to learn to draw conclusions, to compare, compare. For this purpose read it small stories, and then ask to retell heard. Train memory - suggest to remember several objects shown in the book or of memory as game to describe who in what it was dressed or what played in its favourite animated cartoon with.

Personal preparation

to the School student daily should communicate with the peers, teachers therefore it is necessary to teach him to rules of social behavior and good manners.

At the same time the main thing - follow these standards of behavior, the child copies you. The pupil has to understand and accept criticism, adequately react to it. It is for this purpose very important that it had a motivation and he understood why it needs to study. It is necessary that parents talked to future first grader in advance - told about the teacher, school, knowledge which can be received there.

Besides pay attention whether the child is able to use a public toilet to clasp clothes, coping with buttons and a snake. Very important - do not expose school in negative light: “There nobody will nurse you“, “You do not listen to me, and at school will show you!“, “You will receive here the two, and nobody will not begin to be on friendly terms with you there“.

Physicians focus attention to schooling of future pupil to the correct daily routine. Let your child in summer months get up at 7 or 8 o`clock in the morning (looking in how many occupations begin and how far from school you live), and surely alternate rest to occupations.

To the first call acquaint the child with his first teacher. Come with it into a class and let`s sit behind a school desk, several times pass together a way from the house to school. Find for future schoolmates and make friends with them.

Perfectly if in the educational institution chosen by you there are training courses which carry out several functions at once - acquaint the child with other pupils and the teacher, in practice show educational process, as a rule, in the facilitated option. Besides future first grader can get used to a situation and the class.

Tell it as as will pass even if to you such things seem obvious (existence of lessons and changes, a campaign to the dining room, etc.) . It is possible even to organize the game “in school“ where you, acting as the teacher, will give simple tasks and you will help the child to cope with them. Ask it about feelings and thoughts concerning school.

Also observe how the child plays the same game with the toys, but already acting as the teacher. Thus it is possible to reveal its phobias and some wrong representations and in advance to correct them.

The huge role is played also by a praise. If it is regular to praise the kid in “advance payment“, he will want to try to correspond to this positive image. At psychology there is a point of view according to which it is necessary to praise the child even in “advance payment“ that he tried to meet expectations of people close to it. If regularly to speak: “You - good“, “You - capable“, “You - clever“, “I believe in you“, it forms an adequate self-assessment and belief in the forces. However you do not say to the child that he the best as it is not absolutely correct to compare children with each other. Preparation of space


everything, necessary for school, in advance - so you will avoid stresses and a crowd in office and bookstores. In advance learn at school according to what program your child will study - now there are several approved programs, textbooks and workbooks on which significantly differ.

Equip for the child in advance the place where he will be engaged: a convenient desk, and also a small bedside table in which school supplies - books and notebooks, albums and paints, handles and pencils will be stored. Accustom to observe an order on a table and to watch that pencils were ground, rulers - are whole, and on notebooks there were covers. Educational preparation

C of what to begin with

process of training of the child in school? What to pay attention to - reading or letter? Naturally, from reading. Until he learns letters and figures, he will not be able to write. When the child begins to read small verses or stories, it is possible to take safely in hand the handle and to begin to carry out simple exercises. At the same time pay special attention to the child`s bearing. Check whether enough lighting gets on a table by the letter.

Your support and the correct organization of the place and process of training will give the chance to prepare the child for school and to feel to it comfortably in new conditions.