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How to learn the tsvetotip?

Each woman on the is unique. However we have similar characteristics which allow to define the general types of appearance. For example, there is a classification of tsvetotip which will help to pick up the most favorable color scale of a make-up and clothes that will allow to reveal as much as possible to your natural beauty.

the System of tsvetotip divides people into four main groups. If to learn to distinguish “the colors“ correctly, then even modest clothes and an easy make-up will help to look “on everything 100“. what the system of tsvetotip is necessary for


Every season couturiers choose by

new color which becomes fashionable. But each person has own, individual palette which suits him therefore it is not necessary to pursue fashion blindly. The correct definition of the tsvetotip will give the chance to avoid a large number of mistakes at selection of clothes and in a make-up.

Sometimes happens, being engaged in shopping, we notice that the dress to us frankly does not go, but, having tried on the same model of other color, we see, our eyes and skin became how brighter as if shines. Not to become puzzled among huge number of color combinations and hundreds of shades, it is necessary to know the theory of seasons. Every time of year (defined tsvetotip) has the colors and shades which will suit this or that person.

As is correct to define the tsvetotip?

division into four tsvetotip which are called in honor of seasons Exists: spring, summer, fall and winter. Tsvetotip of appearance of the person depends on color and a shade of his skin, hair and eyes. In seasons cold and warm colors prevail: summer and winter - cold, fall and spring - warm shades.

Carry all palette to warm shades red and yellow, and to cold - blue and all soft shades of flowers. Tsvetotip the specific person can be determined by the greatest prevalence of this or that shade in skin, color of eyes and hair.


At people of this tsvetotip skin has a warm peach or dairy shade. Women who belong to this category are blondes by nature, or light brown-haired women with gray, blue or is gray - green raduzhka of eyes. White-skinned girls redden very easily. They often have golden freckles and birthmarks. Representatives of this type, as a rule, quickly get a swarty shade of skin under the sun.

If you understood that you treat this tsvetotip, then during the drawing a make-up or the choice of clothes prefer fresh, warm colors which as if sparkle a sunlight. Surely buy a dress or a jacket of green-blue color or a shade of young foliage which will emphasize your identity and expressiveness. Also you will be suited apricot, peach, zolotisto - turquoise, light it is red - coral. Choose from dark tones it is brown - violet or color of milk chocolate.

However do not put on things at all and you do not put a shadow of cold pink, it is dazzling white or ugolno - black flowers.

Such people as if are weaved Summer by

from contrast shades - light skin and dark hair. Hair, as a rule, fair-haired with pepelno - gray outflow, and eyes - blue as water, gray or light-brown. Skin at “summer“ women as if transparent, light, serovato - an olive shade, always cold tone. During suntan skin or does not darken at all, or gets cool - a brown shade. If there are freckles, then they dark, is gray - brown - as if birthmarks.

To the person - the summer is better to choose for itself cold, smoky scale or pastel tone. Identity of this kind will perfectly emphasize is gray - white or is dark - a dress, pink with violet outflow. Eyes will seem more expressive if to choose silvery, is gentle - blue, lilac or pearl shadows. If there is a wish for something bright, then it is possible to stop on cherry and crimson tones or color of red wine.

But to this tsvetotip it is necessary to forget about existence of poisonous, bright, warm flowers - ochre, orange, it is caustic - green, morkovno - red are capable to spoil an image.

the Face of people of this type is usually covered Fall with freckles, they have a swarty skin of a golden shade. They easily burn on the sun or become covered by light golden suntan. Eyes - saturated color, yantarno - brown or trostnikovo - green, besides the raduzhka is always accurately allocated, bright. As a rule, women - are fall brown-haired women or brunettes with a copper, reddish shade of hair.

If it is yours tsvetotip, then all warm autumn palette will make your appearance more effective. It is better to fill the clothes with things zolotisto - blue, emerald color, and as shadows to choose saturated golden, zheltovato - beige or copper. To stand out from the crowd and to emphasize the identity, choose a dress or a suit darkly - violet, mustard or it is bright - red color.

However you should forget about existence cold blue, snow-white, black or pastel shades blue and pink.

carry Winter brunettes or brown-haired women with a dark hair color with dark brown eyes To this tsvetotip, almost black. Here rank burning brunettes with a blue shade of hair and blue eyes. Raduzhka accurately contrasts. Skin without flush and very pale - farforovo - white, having a bluish shade. At the same time even birthmarks have grayish outflow.

If you treat this tsvetotip, then your “fad“ - contrast. Combine snow-white and it is bright - black, silver and saturated violet tone. Also you will be suited perfectly dark tone of bright flowers - cherry, crimson, claret, pink, blue. For official action give preference to a dress of color of coffee and bitter chocolate.

But never get things faded yellow, orange, it is red - brown, earthy and brick shades which will nullify your identity and originality.

It should be taken into account that, perhaps, you will fit into several various tsvetotip at once. This theory only gives a general idea, following which itself can pick up excellent clothes and to learn to disclose the appearance completely.