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Rescued honey, apples and nuts laid up

In the gubkinsky village the Hanging Oak grove traditionally “Cheerful spasovka“ are carried out. Also this year did not become an exception.

the Russian Orthodox Church in August celebrates three holidays in honor of Christ Christ Redeemer which and are called - Saviours. The first Saviour is celebrated on August 14, in the people it is called “on water“, the second - on August 19 - “on the mountain“, and the third - on August 29 - “on a cloth“. Saviours go almost one by one: Honey, Apple, Nut.

of turizm7B to the village arrived last Saturday to this remarkable and fascinating cultural action to many people - locals, neighbors from nearby villages, and also a large number of guests - tourists from the city whose trip was organized by employees of the center of development of tourism “A magnetic pole“.

Having arrived on spasovka to the Hanging Oak grove, guests did not regret about it at all. Action was preceded by survey of an entrance sign on which tourists gave up multi-colored ribbons pleasure. Then all amicably went to local Recreation center. Guests were welcomed by hospitable owners with bread - will merge. The rain drizzling since morning did not become a hindrance for a festivity. Epicenter of a holiday moved from the street to Recreation center, but from this fun and enthusiasm disappeared less.

was developed In the hall of a recreation center a multi-color trade fair where local and visitors peasants exposed gifts of the generous earth - honey, apples, pears, tomatoes, cucumbers, were both various pastries and phyto - teas. tourists considered

of turizm2poka and acquired the goods which were pleasant to them, charming leaders invited all to the assembly hall of a recreation center where for guests the fascinating program - games, competitions, relays, songs and dances, well and, of course, prizes and gifts was prepared. This day celebrated also a young married couple which has in the heat “honeymoon“. Ivan and Victoria Seriny from the village of Zalomnoye celebrated a wedding quite recently what they and were congratulated by all audience on in hall and that their life was sweet, it allowed to try local honey.

By the way about honey, according to competent jury, the most tasty and fragrant honey appeared at Nikolay Dudkin.

Then, despite clouds, organizers of a holiday made the decision to return on fresh air. Where began real walk about. Under songs which were sung by local vocalists all danced - and young and old alike. And we hope that guests of a holiday will have enough good mood and a positive till the next year.