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Luc Besson in search of the world reason.

About the movie “Lucie“. Genre - fighter, fantasy.

And again Luc Besson is interested in reason borders to learn what exists beyond their limits. In it it not the first, and not the last. It “ researches “ differ in the scope assured by adventurism and, in too time, in belief in reason of the person. Otherwise, why to expand borders?! Everything that exists in borders of human reason, to Besson is clear and uninteresting. Methods of the searches he uses not the most original: the Korean mafia in Taiwan, experimental human drug traffickers and the fragile girl whose intelligence from purple powder increases to opportunities of the world reason. The director the above-named methods gracefully and convincingly manipulates. The movie is dynamic, the director enclosed enough marasmus that officials did not catch in the movie of promotion, and teenagers &ndash in prudish faces of a drug mafia; the managements to choice of profession. Against prompt increase in intelligence Lucie received physical superopportunities: from the movement of her finger of the mafioso stick to a ceiling, human sufferings disappear, telephone conversations become visible. The world reason does not need a physical body therefore Lucie scattered on billions of molecules and said by the Universe voice « now; I everywhere “. Here so at Besson everything is simple. The movie as the instruction for immersion in the world reason, quite intelligible and detailed. The director answered all questions, having left to the audience independently to answer one the last: what to do to the person with opportunities of reason which makes available laws of fundamental sciences, all world philosophies and extensive human experience?! All this went in on the small USB stick. What now with all this to do? Lucie, having offered itself for the sake of the world reason, brought to people of its opportunity. And what with them to do, did not tell. Even great scientists stood in perplexity before the opened prospects. To theorize one business concerning the underdeveloped person who uses only 5% of the intellectual opportunities. A dolphin, and that, mastered 20% of brain reserves. And here and it is not necessary to theorize. Lucie made intellectual revolution. And where to put its results, nobody knows. Though, one person for certain knows everything. This is Luc Besson. But did not wish to tell about it yet. It spread out the person to atoms, hinting that to collect a set of atoms in the person back to it too will be not difficult. The director and screenwriter Luc Besson pleased the viewer with a dynamic beautiful show again and suggested to think what is not enough for the person today to become... person. That it had enough reason - not to destroy the neighbor. That he, the person, learned to rejoice to today, ceased to destroy similar and continued to live, only creation. As Luc Besson does it.

2014 France director Luc Besson. scenario Luc Besson. the producer Virginie of Sil, Mark Shmuger is operator Thierry Arbogast. the composer Eric Serra is an artist the South Tissandye, Gilles Buallo, Dominique Muasan