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About the Russian journalists, zhovto - a blakitny star and Makarevich of

On the Russian TV the stock “Rescue the Journalist“ proceeds. Photos replace each other, the action continues. Journalists depict as martyrs and heroes, tell about their professionalism and high human qualities. On return from captivity force to tell long and in detail how those were held captive, tortured, beat, humiliated. And every time, in Russian emotionally are indignant “As dared!“. Again a logical collision and unwillingness to understand simple, homespun things:

in - 1 - x, Ukraine, as well as any wants other country, has the right to forbid entrance to citizens of other country and even not to explain the reason if that (embassies and consulates can not allow entrance to any and even not to call the reasons). In - 2 - x, forbidding in entrance and accreditation to journalists of the enemy party, party which supports separatists and whose journalists do everything for this support - unless it unreasonabl, illogical and unauthorized? Where that elementary logic - to let in on the territory those who will lie, tell the one-sided truths about locals who are destroyed by “fascists“, about the Right sector etc., working to the detriment of national interests of Ukraine and Ukrainians and then to it highly and to be indignant long? The right, sometimes seems to me that at those who do not understand it, intellectual inferiority. Long and false to tell on the TV, to muddle the facts, to emotsionirovat, to interpose shamelessly in the matter of the foreign state, to promise the military and other aid to separatists, to threaten, to swear and damn as it is done by both the Russian politicians, and the Russian journalists then to be perplexed: “And what it the Russian journalists is not started up to Ukraine, take prisoner, they perish“? Again, on fingers: and who will not expel the angry neighbor who without the permission will get into the refrigerator from the house, will wipe hands about curtains, to extinguish bull-calves about furniture, at the same time dismissing about you rumors on all house and teaching you how it is correct to live? I would drive such neighbor by the scruff of the neck. In my opinion, everything is just natural and logical.

About zhovto - a blakitny star in the center of Moscow

Oh, I laughed, children, tore tummies-) It was necessary in the center First-throned, in the den of the ideological foe, on one of sign buildings of the capital, to paint a red star gentle colors with Nezalezhna-) the Childhood in a bottom, of course, “a humour joke“ which can cost much “Van Gogam is yellow - the blue period“, and I am not absolutely sure that to the one to whom it is necessary, but it speaks about something.

For example, about what in Russia is not indifferent nezazombirovanny the Russian TV people who against the Russian aggression in Ukraine, interventions in its sovereign affairs which do not consider Ukrainians as fascists and still see in them brothers, worry about them, and are ready to show the civic stand and disagreement with the authorities in such amusing way.

It is still cheerful to watch the serious and anxious mines of the Russian interested persons and how they try to be at loss for words corresponding to this severe moment - directly Gogol is not on them!

One official blockhead with a pompous look declared: “till 7 years for defilement of the building“. For “defilement of the building“ - it it is necessary to think up it! “Defilement of the building“ - defilement of an entrance, defilement of a gate … Dashingly! Not monument, historical value or still what stuff ancient and expensive to heart with filth the frolicing children - rufer covered, and some “building“ moreover with doubtful Soviet symbolics.

Other, already less cheerful moment in what can be sealed for such prank till 7 years

it is to you even not “Pusi rayot“ with two years for defilement of feelings of believers. It is visible, those feelings were weaker than present.

Stupidity also in how some figures ardently are indignant, finding this act shocking and calling for shame, and even for moral compensation, the Ukrainian side at which the sense of humour is, seemingly, developed better. Means, to the Russian citizens to dump the Ukrainian flags on Donbass - it was the truth moment under which many for pleasure and the national pride overflowing their hearts jumped, and to peremalevat a symbol of “damned totalitarianism“ at colors of the occupied country is nearly casus belli. Moreover to open witch-hunt which and the high voltage line, appears decorated with enemy flowers - whether intrigues of enemies, whether repairmen - electricians do not keep up with policy. Anyway, “Russians, with gentle greetings from Ukrainians!“ - it turned out cheerfully and not evil, though not with krymnashesky scope-)

About A. Makarevich

persecution In society which declares that it is free, developed and is civilized, everyone has to have the right for own opinion and expression in its ways which he considers appropriate if it they does not break the law. A. Lincoln told: “I will battle for that you had the right for own opinion with which I do not agree“. But all this not about us.

The musician and the television figure, on whose songs not one generation grew, before loved and treated kindly, fell at first into disgrace of the authorities, well, and from there, on the known trajectory in even big disgrace of all “free mind and spirit“ the Russian people who “live the own way“. Also went - went …

At first, you see not with all in unison applauded “The Crimean extraction“ - suddenly counted differently, than in the high Kremlin and among the simple majority. Then, quietly so, opposed a two-three of times aggressive intervention of the Russian Federation on Hugo - the East of Ukraine. Took part in march of the world - only passed with the Ukrainian flag across the Moscow small street and quietly declared that against war. Now here went to Donbass, addressed refugees among whom, it appears, there were also “chasteners, fascists, junta“. Only. In what, us the hated USA or rotting Geyropakh, nobody and attention to such nonconformism turned - everyone has a right and for sexual orientation, and for own opinion - if, of course, opposite, for war do not call also the world and look for. But that in corrupted Geyropakh, and it in sacred Russia. And in sacred Russia the people and the power are uniform: where the power will think, there and the people will turn. And war - already the world. And “who with a sword to us will come“ too turned over upside down. It here unification of mind and spirit. Well, and Makarevich appeared the traitor. Fifth column. Enemy of the people.

And now, you will come on what forum on the Internet where “high-spiritual“ and “highly intellectual“ persons a “highly intellectual“ mat from a gate curse that Makarevich to the seventh knee, demanding to blood, and you think, or mother incorrectly brought up you, or these, “mirolyubets“ and “terpimets“ are right: it is necessary as in prehistoric centuries of everyone unlike the harmonous majority of the herd to expel, or to throw stones.