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About sense of proportion and judiciousness of

it seems to me that any sane and adequate person if for a minute forgets what he nationalities and on whose party there are his geopolitical and economic interests, and will be guided by elementary logic and aspiration to approach truth, cannot but clutch at the head when he watches the Russian TV day and night pouring one-sided, farfetched, horns and hoofs, the truths of own invention to Ukraine. And the immemorial argument “And they - that, and their TV something is better?!“, as if it was not fair - simply not argument, but the stupid principle “The fool!“, “Tooth for tooth“ etc. what in this stream of promotion and abuse truth, or even the truth, to find, maybe, Is obvious to

and it is impossible, but to see and understand lie, actually, not so difficult.

Some signs of bias, the fact that to you lie and try to manipulate your consciousness when tell about the conflict in Ukraine:

1) in the conflict there are two parties: one, “insurgents, DNR, LNR“ - right and just, the second, “junta, chasteners, fascists“ - initially and in all angrily. Actually, so does not happen. Absolute categories of the good and evil are good for art cinema that the plain viewer from first minutes understood about whom it is correct to worry. But in life so does not happen. In the same way and thinking of the viewer of the Russian news at the emotional level try to send to the necessary course - to manipulate his consciousness;

2) rockets, mines, shells get to houses, schools, hospitals, temples only on the one hand. In this case, from “junta“. So-called. rebels do not shoot at civilians, hit always precisely into the purpose - “fascists“, and get to them. Actually, so does not happen. Even professional military shoot not there from time to time. Their shells and mines misfire and get to kitchen gardens and houses. By beat both those, and others.

3) Announcers use emotionally brightly painted lexicon, positive - to “rebels“, negative - to “junta“. The Russian viewer, first of all, reacts emotions, but not mind, to an emotional component of such news. The enemy is given accurate, brightly painted names causing ambiguous reaction at the subconscious level: “fascists“, “chasteners“, “nazis“.

4) A Kartinochny row is also selected with the purpose to send to emotion of the TV viewer to the set course: the killed and wounded locals, the destroyed houses, tears and blood - “National Guard“, heroic acts, rescue of lives, the help to locals - “rebels“.

5) the Juggling of the facts without an opportunity to check their reliability: throws of the doubtful facts of doubtful scale and doubtful relevance. So was with Russian, “which was forbidden“ and on which as it becomes clear, many “chasteners“ say. So was with “the wave of fascism which overflowed Ukraine“ when on surprising logic yesterday`s brothers in a night turned into fascists. With torch processions of the Right sector, Bandera and Hitler`s glorification when backward events are given country scale, the necessary accents are placed, nuances are ignored.

6) Demonizing of the enemy. It is easier to hammer the enemy at first diffamirovav and having demonized him. Having deprived of it all human (the boys crucified by the Right sector, journalists who were cruelly tortured, locals who are ruthlessly killed by the National Guard etc.) . Having added it horns and hoofs. And nimbus and wings.

7) What unites and somewhat summarizes all six points above, it is the fact of one-sided, unilateral submission of information. Reminds that banal case when the girlfriend to girlfriends in paints zhivopisut what husband, bad at it: drinks, beats, walks, does not help. But that the husband about it and what claims has to the wife thinks, girlfriends do not know. But a conclusion how the darling was not lucky, do.

The one who has some idea that there is a journalism, understands that with journalism cheap Russian propaganda has a little general. That as the real journalism is a giving to the viewer of the facts without attempt to think and solve for him what have to be conclusions from these facts. These are not emotions, exaggeration and a pereviraniye when pictures and a sound row are adjusted to events and can be not from our time and space at all. This passionless and impartial reduction of real facts. That the viewer himself thought and solved.