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About closing of “McDonald`s“ in the Russian Federation

In Russia were covered by Makdonalds fast food restaurants. I do not know, all already or only part, but, as well as in other cases recently when something is necessary or someone to clean from the Russian land that to spirit was not, resort to kind old methods: defamations, to “sudden“ identification of a number of violations, detection of harm to health, society etc. This sad performance so ridiculously looks, in it there is a lot of Russian emotionality and a little elementary logic that you do not know, to laugh to you from a nimble nonsense of the officials who decided to toady and narrow-mindedness of the woken-up sofa patriots fighting against a roll and cutlet or to cry because these obliging fools are numerous and, alas, define policy in the country. you Judge

some obvious signs of this stupidity:

1) temporary line to which suddenly solved tens of shops “McDonald`s“ over all country to cover - when the Russian Federation and the West politically are in offices and business not in a fast food, restaurants etc. at all (in general, everything is silly and ridiculous - however, as always at us - is more true, at them: The West declared economic sanctions to individuals - the Russian officials and figures, having limited access to bank accounts, having frozen their assets and having forbidden to drive to itself, and the Russian officials declared alimentary sanctions to the people, having limited Russians in “pineapples and hazel grouses“ from the West - began to be at war with the western food and Makdonalds restaurants - tremendous logic of the Russian officials);

2) simultaneous and sudden identification in all points of a fast food of a number of gross violations gigiyenichesko - sanitary standards (here always so would work, and?!) - what already forces any sane person to raise an eyebrow with astonishment. “A number“ of violations seldom happens in one day. They, violations of such scale, as a rule, have long and systematic character during some interval of time. Questions: if they were revealed now - means, they began not today and why at least some of these violations were not revealed still yesterday? Why about it were silent? Why did not pay attention to them, allowed, did not report on them, were not going to cover a shop throughout any time? The answer, apparently, is obvious: because restaurants made profit (and the profit considerable, is purer than numerous dumpling bars and pancake houses) and or eyes could be covered on violations, or they just were not;

3) if violations also took place - Big Macs prepared from rat meat or fire safety, then and here “McDonald`s“ was broken? Whether it is better to fight not against “McDonald`s“, and against those Russian managers and a top - managers who allowed these violations on places? Well, where logic, misters are companions: to cut the sea - western “McDonald`s“, but not to punish itself - allowed these violations on places? Strange thought process, however.

Here to the place to remember the tragicomedy shaking on the Gogol scope with Yu. Luzhkov and his supruzhnitsa in leading roles: all saw that this sweet couple got up with Moscow, both wrote about it, and shouted - and not only in newspapers, but also in prosecutor`s office, but nobody could do anything. Luzhkov remained the lawful mayor, his wife “the chief builder vseya Moscow“. Until the highest forces solved in one day to get rid of them. “Suddenly“ the country began to see clearly. Uvidala that horror which was created in the capital. Wastes. On the right places of the appointees. Construction schemes. Zastrochili, began to wail, zaprichitat … Luzhkov`s

and his best half most cruelly punished for corruption, a remake, squandering of means etc.: now Luzhkov lives in exile on alpine skiing slopes of Austria where he has a mansion and visits for physical exercise London where it gives interview to the Russian TV channels. His wife Baturina also restlessly knocks about across Evropam. Gogol Russia, however - nothing changed.

And the reason of closing of “McDonald`s“ is quite clear for any analyzing, able to carry out elementary prichinno - investigative communication of the person: it is our answer to Chamberlain too - the USA and Europe which declared sanctions to the Russian elite. To support by the West of Ukraine. Also it is not necessary about violations. If to speak about violations, then over the country it would be worth covering first of all thousands of “cockroach snack bars“ of local flood and to fight against the sea of an alcoholic counterfeit which freely is on sale in each Russian shop. But not to shout that Big Macs in “McDonald`s“ are made of cat`s meat. And if become, then again, the Russian duroshlepstvo in all beauty: not “McDonald`s“, and ourselves, on places is guilty.

is not clear, however, why costs with such persistence, holding the people for total idiots, to tell fairy tales about “the harmful and broken norms “McDonald`s“ decided to poison us. Everything seems all understand also without this lie.

And fast - the foot and, is harmful to health dl. And I too more likely for home-made cutlets and loose buckwheat - national Russian food.