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Artful brothers of carrots. Who are they such?

On our planet live more than half a million species of plants. From them about ten thousand are poisonous which most part grows in the tropical countries. People used them for hunting for a wild animal and against enemies for a long time. Prepared also from these plants of a medicine for plots and revenge.

of People tamed the artful force of poisonous plants over time, having learned to make them them valuable drugs. In the Russian traditional medicine applied more than 160 types of poisonous plants.

Family Umbrella - one of the extensive vegetable families taking the important place in economic activity of the person. Their distinctive sign: characteristic umbrella inflorescences of white, seldom yellow or bluish small flowers.

Part them them - the anise, a coriander, caraway seeds - are valuable as a source of essential oils. Carrots, parsley, fennel, a parsnip, a celery are used as vegetable cultures. Much among them herbs there is a fennel, amm, a ferula and others.

Some umbellate plants are very poisonous for the person and animals. One their such plants is of boligol spotty , or as it is called in the people, the skunk, svistulya, a mutnik, a blekotina. Grows in North Africa, Europe, moderate regions of Asia. Settles on forest edges, on meadows, about housing, in kitchen gardens. In places of growth forms sometimes the whole thickets, reaching two - three meters in height.

More better it is considered boligol, grown on the solar place - in it there is more medical force. Herbalists call boligol the villain with kind eyes.

Boligolov has a powerful spotty stalk. All parts of a plant when grinding exude the unpleasant mouse smell amplifying when drying which is harmful to the person. Insidiousness of this plant is also that it has no expressed taste.

Wild-growing boligol reminds garden parsley and dyagil a little medicinal therefore when collecting dyagilya it is necessary to be careful.

To distinguish plants of family Umbrella happen very difficult, and only the expert can make it. In order to avoid a fatal flaw you should not collect and apply these plants independently.

Boligolov was applied in the medical purposes since Dioskorid and Avicenna. Ancient Greece used it as poison for deprivation of life sentenced to death. In “Izbornike of Svyatoslav Yaroslavich“, dated 1074, is specified that boligol it was used at venereal and cancer ulcers, and also at various tumors.

Presently boligol spotty is applied by experts of many countries at treatment of various diseases. The greatest glory he deserved at treatment of various oncological diseases, it is considered an effective remedy at good-quality new growths. It is established what boligol effectively clears and updates blood, eliminates pathogenic cages, the metastasis stops growth, it is capable to rassasyvat tumors.

It is necessary to remember that self-treatment boligolovy is inadmissible .

One more dangerous representative of family Umbrella - of milestones poisonous . Other its names: tsikuta, water boligol, dog dyagil, water beshenitsa, cat`s parsley. This plant in Europe, Asia and North America grows, settles on coast of reservoirs, on bogs, in ditches.

Milestones - one of the most poisonous plants, all its parts, especially a rhizome are dangerous. It is artful milestones by the carrot aroma and a root which is tasting like a swede. A distinctive sign is the root a milestone: at a longitudinal section in it is mute the cross cavities filled with yellowish liquid are bared.

Assume that powder from roots a milestone deprived of life Socrates. According to other version, he died of drink from a boligolov spotty.

In the Russian traditional medicine roots a milestone applied outwardly at gout, rheumatism and skin diseases. Now it is used in homeopathy.

It is not necessary to collect and be treated by this plant independently. the Ancient Roman expert on medicine Paracelsus wrote

: “Everything is poison, nothing is deprived of virulence, and everything is medicine. Only one dose does substance by poison and medicine“. Be extremely attentive and careful, collecting herbs! And surely consult on the doctor in questions of their application.