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How to become the choreographer? People dance councils of the dancer of

everywhere: in discos, holidays, just at home under good music. Some dance for themselves as they are able, and some register in dancing schools. But only the small part of them becomes choreographers. But who such choreographer and how to become the choreographer? And whether costs?

the Choreographer

the Choreographer is an expert in the field of choreography, the director of dances and ballet performances. The choreographer can work in theater, do statements for clips and performances of stars, to teach other people to dance. Choreographers very popular people (for example, the dancer a family from England of Frantsisco Gomez many people, even know those who are far from dances) and very much make good money. The net profit of the richest choreographer in 2014 made $288 million.


Before becoming the choreographer and to learn to dance, should decide on style. In dances there are a lot of styles: ballet, ballroom dances, modern, national, swing and others. Presently the greatest popularity is gained by modern dances, especially hip - hop, but do not forget about ballroom dances and the ballet. To choose style, it is just necessary to look what you the person. If you like to improvise, choose hip - hop. Fans of pair dances should take ballroom dances.

of Dancing school

When chose by

style, it is necessary to go to school or studio of dances. Now there is a lot of them and it is difficult to choose, but at many schools there are trial occupations. Thanks to this occupation you will be able to understand whether this school is pleasant to you. When you choose school, pay attention not only to the price and its authority. Watch video from performances of pupils. Talk to pupils who are engaged there. They will prompt to you.

of Training of the house

of Training at school is not the basic. As trainings with the teacher you will have at most 3 days a week, and it is not enough, it is necessary to train at home. The benefit for this purpose is all conditions. On the Internet there is a lot of video and lessons of dances. Also at home work what was learned at trainings. Become in front of the mirror and dance, try, and it is better to turn on a chamber and let it you removes while you dance. Then look that it was impossible to you, and work on it.

Train others

If you feel that you have ideas, you are able much, then it is time to train others. It is necessary to be not only the excellent dancer, but also the good teacher. Many famous dancers began to train children in 15 years. Thanks to teaching the choreographer not only earns money, but also accumulates experience at the pupils, and passes on them the experience.

How to become the famous choreographer?

Each dancer wants

that learned about it. There are many ways to become famous. The first - the Internet. Shoot video as you dance, from competitions, from competitions and spread them on the websites. There, maybe, you will be noticed and invited to dance in the clip at stars. The second - competitions, festivals. Speak at competitions, cultural actions more. There you will be able to earn money, about you learn and will invite to act on other competitions.

The main thing, you remember: if you decided to take dancing classes, then it is necessary to dance constantly and to accumulate experience at the senior colleagues.