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Demre (World) and Kekov`s island. You want to plunge into history?

of Demre (World) are the lake of Kekov - excursion which in the popularity can be compared, perhaps, only to visit of ancient ruins of Fazelis or the surprising cotton lock of Pamukkale. The program of excursion promised to be very saturated - Saint Nikolay`s church, likiysky tombs and tombs which are cut down in the rock, the Roman theater on 10 000 people and also the flooded Kekov`s island. And all this in one day!

But I will not run forward. The road to the city of Demr (World), and then and to Kekov`s island passed across picturesque places through the small seaside towns located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea with beaches and bays, cozy for bathing. Went cheerfully and interestingly. Abbas joked much and unceasingly told about history of Turkey, and in particular about Lycia - the ancient state across which territory there passed our excursion.

When drove up directly to the first destination, to us at once suggested to visit a bench with souvenirs and symbolics of the Prelate Nikolay where both products from silver, and ordinary memorable attributes were presented. We bought a small flask with the consecrated oil that was what to remember - not every day go to church where Saint Nikolay preached.

In line there was a church. As usual, the entrance to all historical places was for an additional fee. What is interesting, the building of church was at a depth about 7 meters from a modern surface. No, it was not built, driving in the earth - it for near 1700 church absorbed “occupation layer“, i.e. it was destroyed simply by surrounding activity if the imperial government of Russia, but about it did not interfere a bit later.

The first: we somehow paid not at once attention that walls of the temple are decorated with images of suits. As we were explained by Abbas, suits are considered as Christ`s symbols. Worms symbolize a sponge by means of which gave to drink to Jesus. Tambourines are nails which punched hands and Jesus`s legs. Peaks - a spear which it was pierced on a cross. And christen - actually cross on which it was crucified. Therefore the card play in Christianity is considered a great sin as thereby we mock at a crucifixion. I will tell honestly, I did not know about it and was therefore it is sincerely surprised.

The second what I already spoke above about, the Russian people and the imperial government of Russia had a direct bearing on church of the Saint Nikolay most. At the end of 50 - x, the beginning 60 - x years of the 18th century the land around church was bought, and by order of Nicholas I in church restoration works were conducted. And in a reminder of it on a ceiling of one of halls the pattern in the form of the Andreevsky cross - a symbol of the Russian fleet and Nicholas The Wonderworker, his patron is designated.

In five minutes of driving from Saint Nikolay`s church we were waited by one more where already more ancient miracle of the city of Demr (World) is the likiysky burials which are cut down in the rock and Greco - the Roman theater. Having passed through a turnstile, as always for an additional fee, we saw at the same time both that, and another since two of these constructions were in close proximity from each other. Eyes ran up... Communication was decided to be begun with more ancient likiysky tombs where the spirit of ancestors soared.

The fact that there is no dwelling of ancient likiyets left at all is remarkable, or they simply are not found yet. And here the necropolis remained rather well. For obvious reasons all crypts were empty - are plundered.

The majority of crypts front part reminded houses or their reduced copy - a peculiar dwelling for afterlife. Also those that were at the height about 100 meters from a surface were seen. The crypt is higher, the rank deceased is higher and in general it is so easier to get on the sky. Inside it is quite spacious, in a word, all conditions for full existence in the next world. You begin to understand the undoubted architectural value of this complex when you represent what it was in the ancient time.

Uniqueness of this place was also that the world of the dead quite densely here adjoined to the world of live. Literally in several meters there was Greco - the Roman theater of the 2nd century constructed by Romans during that era when the World was a part of the Roman Empire.

The theater quite not bad remained. Harmonous hemispheres of ranks reflected its former Greek magnificence and the Roman pomposity. On its arena it was possible to understand - here passed not only the dramatized representations, but also gladiatorial fights. And on the erased steps conducting on the top ranks it was not difficult to guess that the theater enjoyed wide popularity at citizens. Here really temple of culture.

Kekova“ visit sunk, more precisely partially sunk as a result of an earthquake, Kekov`s island, and together with it and the antique city of Dolikhista which ruins including which are under water promised to show us was the following and last item of excursion “Demre - the World-. Half an hour of a way, and we were on the place.

Really, on that part of the coast of the island where we went, there were half-ruined houses, in certain places with the remained doorways and ladders which are going down directly in the sea. Ideally clear water allowed to consider that part of constructions which left under water. Show, on the one hand, impressive and beautiful, and at the same time sad... There was a city, inhabitants, children, and suddenly nothing became. Stayed at home only - mute witnesses of the tragedy and trouble. It is considered that the island went to water on 12 meters, having carried away with itself part of the population... In words you will not describe - it`s worth seeing!

On the way back we bathed in one of the most picturesque sea bays and a fir-tree of the crabs who are just caught and prepared at us. On it, actually, it was possible and to finish the story about surprising excursion along Demre`s route - the World - Kekova if not impressions which return me to the beautiful country Lycia again and again.