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Not routine routine. How to help itself in kitchen?

the Woman - the keeper of the center. And life practically of each of us is inseparably linked with kitchen. All prepare: both housewives, and the woman working. There are moments when finds inspiration and cooking it gives pleasure, weakens and allows to be disconnected from daily thoughts. But sometimes there is no slightest desire to cross a threshold of kitchen and to prepare even the most plain dish.

Process of cooking turns into routine for many reasons. There are several councils which will a little facilitate life to hostesses. Especially beginning.

If milk porridge burns. Boil thoroughly grain necessary amount of time in water without milk addition. Several minutes prior to the end of cooking add milk and let`s begin to boil. Then remove from fire, cover with a towel and leave porridge to be drawn. So milk will not burn and will not undergo long heat treatment.

If members of household do not favor boiled or stewed vegetables as an independent dish. Try to outwit them. Add the carrots, a vegetable marrow or any other vegetables grated on a small grater to ordinary meat or fish forcemeat and prepare as usual cutlets or meatballs. They will turn out more juicy, and taste of vegetables in a ready dish is practically not felt.

If members of household do not favor vegetable soups. Often children (and sometimes and adults) refuse some concrete ingredients in vegetable soup. For example, white cabbage, onions or beet. Try to catch them or at all refuse food. Practically any vegetable soup can be turned into cream soup. The uniform consistence will allow to disguise existence in a dish of ingredients from “black list“. Make for soup croutons with addition of vegetable oil, salt, black pepper and garlic. They will perfectly add any vegetable cream soup.

If lacks time at all. Get a double boiler in kitchen. The dishes steamed are useful and tasty. And still process of cooking on couple does not demand your continuous presence in kitchen: included - and 20 - 40 minutes of free time at your disposal. It is possible to make porridge, an omelet or both that, and another at the same time in the morning. It is possible to cook eggs, having put them near the capacity in which the main course prepares. For lunch or a dinner: meat cutlets and meatballs, fish, rice, buckwheat, potatoes or other vegetables, poses. For a dessert: apples with honey. The crock-pot also belongs to a number of irreplaceable assistants, certainly. The list of the dishes prepared with its help is huge.

If is free 30 minutes in the evening. Try to plan the menu for tomorrow and execute part of preparations the night before. Cut fish and meat and if it is necessary, pickle and clean in the refrigerator. Prepare or get forcemeat that in a night it thawed from the freezer and tomorrow it was not necessary to resort to the help of a microwave. It is also possible to arrive with the test: kneaded and cleaned to the cold place. Potatoes, carrots, beet and other vegetables if they are necessary in a large number, can be cleaned in advance. You store the peeled potatoes in the refrigerator, in the container with cold water, and clean other vegetables in a plastic bag or a container with densely closed cover that vegetables were not weather-beaten. Try to look at

on some household chores on the other hand. Use the imagination and sharpness, but do not forget also about a practicality. Simplify what can be simplified, do not complicate what can be not complicated. And then daily cares will take away less time and to bring more joy!