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Female happiness. How to understand the man?

Somehow I came back from parents by train. And this trip became for me fatal: now it is simpler to me to find a common language with men. I began to understand them. And all thanks to an unexpected meeting... wanted to buy

In cash desk at the railway station the ticket for the top shelf in a couchette car, but the cashier offered the ticket in a compartment with a good discount, and I agreed. Though I try not to go to a compartment, never know who can become your fellow traveler, is more difficult to pretend here that you are busy or want to read the book.

I came to a compartment the first, fellow travelers were not yet. Having cleaned things, got the tablet and villages. Checked mail, in a box there were two letters to which I quickly responded. Once I thought that the train will go soon as the door opened and the woman entered.

From surprise I opened a mouth. At first sight, she is no more than forty years old. On it a long black coat with a fox collar, under the arm a small handbag from a crocodile leather, and on the head a hat. The hat surprised me most strongly. A red felt hat with wide fields and the inspiring size a guipure bow.

She looked at me, smiled and greeted. I nodded in reply. Having been lost in contemplation of it, put the tablet aside though was going to read up the new novel which began on the way when only went to relatives. The train started.

The lady took off a coat, hung up it on a hook, villages opposite to me, took off a hat and put it near herself. I could not look away from it, its extravagance and self-confidence confused me. We began conversation. Spoke about weather and any trifles. I told that I spent holidays at relatives, and it - that came to settle which - what put.

When subjects for talk ended, we began to discuss men. Men About what women can talk? Of course, about them. And she told me history of the relations. When I listened to the story of the new acquaintance, I even had not to ask questions: the narration was detailed and interesting

- the Darling, I learned to understand men only recently. I am 51 years old and I the fourth time am married. You consider me as the dissolute woman?! I always married in marriage for love. Here only husbands disappointed me or I am them...

- My first husband did not love me. It was inaccessible all the time. We lived it is rather poor therefore my darling constantly worked, worked at plant, found to itself a side job. Well, as speak now - the husband for an hour, small repair. Of course, upon return from work home forces on communication and any other duties it did not have. I thought, he did not love me. I gave birth from it to the daughter. And in three years filed for divorce. And just now I understood that he loved us and wanted to provide us worthy life, and then in youth I thought differently...

- My second husband did not understand me. He came home and continued to sort documents, called up to someone, discussed new contracts and contracts. It worked as the director in major company. We had enough money. I demanded something from it all the time, about something asked, and he did not hear me and did not understand. In youth I liked to talk much. I said that it is necessary to buy new curtains, to replace an old case, to twist a bulb in a corridor. It always did something one, and I was indignant from its acts. He did not understand me at all, I left him after five years of joint life...

She smiled and threw a leg on a leg, I noticed that a sole of her fashion shoes on a high heel - red! Means, the hat is picked up not incidentally - under shoes, or on the contrary

- now I know for certain that the man needs to tell only the most important. If to ask it five questions at the same time, then he will answer the last. The same concerns requests and instructions. . My third husband changed me. With it we lived long, he was the successful person and, probably, the most beautiful of my husbands. The spoiled mother`s darling, but he was able to love...

This stately woman raised ideally pulled out black eyebrow and leaned back on a seatback. If we sat not in the car, and at restaurant, is ready to argue that she would light

- It indulged me, arranged romantic appointments, gave expensive gifts. My husband often said to me that he lacks romanticism, heat, tenderness, caress. We made love, but he said that he wants it more. It seemed to me that he jokes. I spent hours to get into secret sense of his words, but everything was vain. It left me to other woman. Men not such difficult creations as it seems at first sight. They are predictable and simple, usually say that think. I understood it too late...

- Here the fourth husband became ideal for me. And if to speak frankly, then I became the ideal wife. Only by 45 years I learned to understand men: to listen, ask the correct questions, to please. We - ideal couple. It has own small furniture factory, he adequately earns and it has a lot of free time which we can spend together...

All road we talked, did not even go to bed. When the train stopped, the happy adult woman got up, put on a hat and a coat. Looked at me, gently nodded - on - kind, motherly, with understanding, and just left a compartment.

It is very difficult to add something to her words, but I believe that here such fleeting acquaintance helped me easier to understand men. On the personal front to admit, there was nothing to brag.

Here I think whether I reflected if I did not meet such fellow traveler? Perhaps nothing casual in life happens? Or perhaps the unusual situation played a role? I do not know. But now I more after careful consideration build the relations with men.

If I want that the young man satisfied my requests or answered questions, I ask or I ask something one - the most important for me.

If the man works hard, then it does not mean that he does not want to spend time with me, and just he wants to provide a family to be well off.

If he tells something to me, then I attentively listen and I accept told it like it is, without thinking that he meant something else.

Others experience and mistakes were useful to me.