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What cities of Russia have playful national names?

C of times old still many settlements in Russia besides the official name had also national. It not always happened clear foreigners, but sometimes was used also by them. we Will tell

, Moscow is called also White stone, the City on seven hills, Gold-domed, First-throned, Heart of Russia, Port of five seas …

St. Petersburg - the Northern capital, the City on Neva, the Hail Petrov, …

But Moscow has St. Petersburg, Northern Venice, St. Petersburg also playful national names: Mosvegas, Moskou - city, Nerezinovsk … At St. Petersburg: Espebe, the Window to Europe, Petrik …

Certainly, a rank gave less people to settlements memorable too, and even cheerful names. Let`s tell, the capital of Bashkiria (Bashkortostan) in Russian - Ufa. In Bashkir at the name the same quantity of letters, but they are said and written differently. What turns out in the latter case - look at photos. Looked? However, it is similar to hats of screws? Guessed what name to the city was given by the people? Three screws! There is even the Ufa news website with such name. Cool sounds, isn`t that so? By the way, letters in the form of heads of screws were seen, I believe, many on the building of the Ufa railway station, passing on the Trans-Siberian Railway. One more playful name of Ufa - Three tablets as those “screws“ are similar also to tablets.

It is necessary to smile, having heard playful names of other cities in talk. Chelyabinsk - the Bang, Chelyaba, Chicago, Verblyudburg (in a municipal coat of arms a camel as in the ancient time through it there passed camel trade caravan tracks). Of course, Chelyabinsk has also more “serious“ second names: Capital of South Ural, Tankograd. But these names are used mainly in books and in mass media.

Playful names at the people received some cities owing to this or that wide popularity. Tula in popular speech - Pryanikovo, Samovarkino. I think, it is not necessary to explain.

Sometimes from someone`s giving the name formed by an ernichaniye method over foreign names got accustomed. So the city of Rybinsk in “translation“ from Russian into German became in informal conversation of local population by Fishburg. By the way, this name meets also on the Yaroslavl websites. Generally among youth.

Murmansk at the people Murik received the caressing “cat`s“ name., It seems, nobody any claim makes to anybody for it.

Sometimes the caressing name turned out from reduction official. So Vladivostok Vladik received a man`s diminutive.

About Yekaterinburg there is so much folklore connected with Yeltsin that does not want to be repeated. I will provide only one “national“ name - Katkinburg.

More - the people gave less “neutral“ name to Novosibirsk - Ensk.

And where there is a city of Ulei? I argue, you will not guess. I admit, dispute too lost. It appears, so call … Ulyanovsk. And where Cameroon? No, the speech not about the country. The speech about the city of Kemerovo …

Well, and provincial towns, villages and villages with cheerful names in Russia countless multitudes, just right on this subject to defend the dissertation.