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How to put life in order, or a family - the key to success.

How to put life in order, or a family - the key to success. whether

to you misfortunes Happened? Whether there were in life moments when everything went not according to the plan, the earth left from - under legs? each person had

the similar periods. All endured them in own way: someone broke forward as the locomotive, without paying attention to barriers, others stumbled, fell, were upset, went to a negative and were given... Very few people know that difficulties are only consequences. Their reasons never lie on a surface, time and efforts that these reasons to find and eliminate is necessary. Today we will open one of the reasons of vital failures.

Misfortunes never come alone.

we Will slightly open a veil of secrecy. The man with the wife at 7 in the morning quarreled Monday. Angry he went to work. And there everything went wrong way... Transactions broke, colleagues did not understand what occurs, subordinates did not perform the work. And it was only Monday! As you will begin week, such it also will be... It is good still that this quarrel in the spouse was single. And someone lives in a condition of family civil strifes constantly, day after day.

- What happened why you are such nervous? Problems at work?

If happens full mess in his family at the person, then it is broadcast on all spheres of his life: work, sport, health, relations with friends and other. Besides, most happens also to other members of his family. Children begin to study worse, there are sudden troubles like the broken TV and the begun to flow crane.

There is also other party of a medal.

Workaholics are one more category of risk. Steeping in work, less time you give to relatives. At first it somehow by itself passes. But long so cannot proceed. Small quarrels, after offense and a ring of the broken ware are started anew … In especially heavy cases similar can be followed by adulteries. But most of all children suffer from it. Especially small. Similar tricks of parents are fraught with mental problems at the age of reason.

Decent family men on senior positions.

In personnel policy of the leading world companies point of selection of candidates for high posts is. It is very simple: “He is married also with children - welcome!“ In it there are grains of truth. The situation when to the person, say, 40 years, and he is still single guards. At once it seems that there is with it something not so. Trust such worker causes much less, than the decent family man. Married people behave more prodigally and after careful consideration, they are reliable. Bachelors are fussy, self-confident and often undisciplined.

Harmony - the key to success.

So, the key to success in life is a harmonious development in all spheres of life. It is important to place priorities correctly. Never put work above a family. To money and career place step below. Having happy and confidential relations with spouses, parents, children and other relatives, you will be happy. The home is a place of restoration of forces and rest, but not a battlefield. Having strong family relations, at you there will come the real breakthrough in career and in other spheres of life.