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Why it is necessary to think of what is and not to think of what is not present?

of People can think or, at least, try to think, of two categories of the phenomena. About those phenomena which are, and about those phenomena which are absent. When he thinks of the first - his thinking works when about the second - does not work. In this article I will tell in what between them a difference and for what important her nobility. I Will begin

with an elementary example. Here, for example, before you there is a computer (the laptop, the smartphone or from where you read this article). And before you, for example, there is no elephant. It is obvious if you try to think about the computer which is, at you it will turn out (it has sizes, a form, weight, characteristics of the processor, memory, the screen and all the rest). And if you try to think about an elephant who is absent, at you it will not turn out (because he is absent, actually, and he has no properties).

However people regularly try to think of what is not present. And it, certainly, brings their thinking into a stupor. Because it is impossible to think of what is not present - but they try!

For example, people often think of what beautiful woman (man) at them could (could) be. And by that miss an opportunity to notice and get acquainted with the real woman (man) which pass by them.

Or people dream how it would be good to become the millionaire. Also do not notice real opportunities to earn which arise in their life.

Or people reflect what events in their life that they became happy have to happen. Also do not notice those events which would make them happy right now.

There is such known parable. The potter stuck together ten pots, villages at the road to sell them and began to dream how he will sell ten and there will be twenty, will sell twenty and there will be forty, then will be more and more, then he marries, then will quarrel with the wife, then will begin to wave legs Also began to wave on the automatic machine legs, having killed thereby all ten pots which it really had.

Here, of course, there can be a question: and what, nothing should wish? There is no desirable - that! Amendment: there is no desirable really, and here desires - are! That is about millions which are absent to think it is precisely useless. And here about desire to earn there are more money - it is useful because this desire - exists.

In general, it is necessary to understand that the internal phenomena - thoughts, desires, emotions, actions, attention, feelings and so on - exist as well as external. About them it makes sense to think. But only about those phenomena which are. - to think of those which are absent it is useless.

Besides. When we think of what is, our attitude changes. We begin to feel like in some degree rich men, here is how much we have everything or, at least, to us is available! And when we try to think of what is not present, we begin to feel like beggars because from our attempts to think what is not present, all the same does not appear.

It is valid - as much we have everything! A body, mentality, friends, acquaintances, relatives, housing, money, property, just various objects around us. We usually do not think of it. We think of what we do not have. And constantly we suffer from it. And could think of what we have. And constantly to rejoice!

In general, happiness secret - in thoughts of what we have. And a suffering secret - in thoughts of what we do not have. When we think of what is, we are happy. When we think of what is not present, we suffer. And ourselves can solve what to us to think of.

Therefore think of what is, and be happy!