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How to make carrot cake? Secrets of the New Zealand cuisine of

Say when to New Zealand there comes the English queen or members of her family, on sweet first of all they always order carrot cake. It is possible because New Zealanders are big supporters of healthy organic food, and still because carrot cake - the local favourite and the king of all cakes. by

Exactly here create true masterpieces of culinary carrot art. It the same as the real croissants it is possible to try only in France, pancakes - in Russia, vareniki - in Ukraine, pilaf - in Uzbekistan... and carrot cake - in New Zealand.

This dessert is on the first place in a rating of the most popular pastries among residents of the country. New Zealanders fell in love with cake for its soft texture, for the fact that not too luscious, and it is enough to satisfy thirst for sweet and not to gather extra kilos.

Carrot cake is baked for holidays, for special cases, such as a birthday, a wedding. Any celebration in New Zealand does not do without this cake. For example, in Christchurch celebrated 125 - the anniversary of the city, in honor of a name-day confectioners baked huge carrot cake and then distributed it on a piece to inhabitants and guests.

In New Zealand even competitions on the best recipe are held. And these recipes for long history collected as in the sea of the ships.

I will not tire readers with the description of options of carrot cake. It is better to try once, than to hear hundred times. Especially as it is absolutely simple in preparation. So, to lift sails! We head for carrot cake .

It is required to us:

- 2 glasses of brown cane sugar or usual granulated sugar;

- 2 glasses of flour;

- 2 teaspoons of soda;

- 2 teaspoons of cinnamon;

- 1 tablespoon of vanilla essence;

- a salt pinch;

- 4 eggs;

- 1 glass of sesame vegetable oil (it is possible to use any other);

- 3 glasses of polished red carrots;

- 1 small can of tinned pineapple (to cut on pieces, to merge syrup);

- 50 grams of shredded walnuts.

For cream:

- 200 grams of cheese Philadelphia;

- 50 grams of butter;

- 1 glass of icing sugar;

- juice and a dried peel from 2 lemons.

For decoration of cake: handful of dried apricots and walnuts.

To shake up eggs with sugar, to add salt, cinnamon, oil, soda, vanillin and flour. It is good to vent everything to homogeneous mass. To pour carrots, to mix and then to add pineapple pieces, again it is good to stir and at the end to add nuts.

To pour out dough in the oiled form and to put in the warmed oven with a temperature of 160 With for 45 - 55 minutes. Try not to open an oven without need that the cake layer did not fall. In an hour check an edge of a knife or a toothpick, propeksya a cake layer or not. If the knife or a toothpick leaves dry - the cake layer is ready!

Leave a cake layer to cool down for 20 minutes in shape, then accurately take out and put on a lattice for full cooling.

We prepare cream: to shake up oil and cheese, to add juice and a dried peel of a lemon and icing sugar. It is possible to use any cream at your discretion. The main thing that it was not too sweet. When the cake layer cools down, grease it with cream, strew with the crushed dried apricots and nuts.

It is necessary to cut cake slowly, dipping a knife in hot water, then pieces will not crumble. It is the best of all to allow to cake to stand in the refrigerator and then to give to a table.

Appetite pleasant to you!