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What is a prank call and who such prankers?

Which of us at least once did not meet in a tape of a social network or the blog - service a sob-story about the closed nursery whose inhabitants - pretty girls - Labradors and faithful sheep-dogs, are waited by inevitable euthanasia within three days in case there are no new owners? For certain many did a repost of a similar subject, and someone, probably, even called according to the specified numbers, being surprised that on that end of a wire nobody answers.

Wanted to tell “I congratulate!“, but to congratulate here especially there is nothing - you became at the same time both the victim, and the helper the Internet - prankers. Of course, happen to kind and trustful fans of sheep-dogs in advance to poguglit phone numbers or fragments of the text of such announcement, them, perhaps, the fact that, the actual announcement met now in the Network as if walks on the RuNet of year with 2008 confused and phone of Moscow region nursery for some reason is registered in all bases as Far East number.

However, immemorial “back mind it is strong“ sooner or later it happens to everyone. Anyway, the main victims in similar history remain the owner of number specified in the announcement. Though it is necessary to hope, it replaced it long ago or threw, without having sustained number and a pressure of persons interested to rescue mythical dogs.

But who such prankers are people who do not neglect such cynical, and even cruel, jokes? In translation from the English prank - it is just a joke, leprosy or prank. As a matter of fact, ability to joke - one of important skills of the people who did not lose taste to life. Whether other business that character of jokes, extent of their influence on people around, and also enthusiasm for them - easy or reaching mania, are capable to make you the cutie and soul of the company, and can remind that the most great joker of all times and the people - the Joker nevertheless.

By the way, the prank call is not just love to jokes and draws, and love to jokes and draws anonymous (or initially anonymous with the subsequent self-exposure), and also histrionic - as a rule, during draw the pranker acts as the invented character. Anonymity is promoted in many respects by modern means of communication - at the time of origin of a prank call as the movements it was phone, but soon and the cozy Internet from it, almost boundless, drew with opportunities attention of numerous jokers.

You sigh, dear reader, and you regret for degradation of morals? Be indulgent! Yours with friends children`s calls according to at random to the dialed numbers are and there is a prank call in the purest, naive and nestyazhatelny look (by the way if except receiving the fan it is pursued though any personal or mercenary purpose, then the initial meaning of the phenomenon is lost). What you, by the way, spoke to the subscribers - specified whether they accept last year`s snow or looked for the Ministry of Culture?

And who at least once and avariciously did not smile to the situations provoked by telephone draws of di - Jay of morning shows? And what internal response is caused by situations about a prank call - calls to the organizations working in the sphere of trade and service! I will notice that representatives of well working organizations quite with honor find an unexpected way out. And here the staff of the offices which are famous for excessive bureaucracy, unimportant customer focus or even conducting activity on the verge of roguish, as a rule, gives us all range of emotions when listening records of similar conversation. Whether it is possible not to admire, at least, courage and recklessness of the prankers arranging rather sharp draws to public people, politicians and the famous businessmen?!

As well as many ambiguous phenomena, a prank call is hardly subject to a uniform assessment. First of all it - generation of our general stream of skills and emotions. Our sensitivity and impudence, judiciousness and obscurantism, empathy or unwillingness even to listen to the interlocutor, an impressionability and endurance. And here, anyway, there will always be also those who wish to joke cruelly and unhumorously, and those who are capable to arrange sudden show with only one force of the imagination.