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Medieval Europe. Who are they - Merovingi, the first governors of francs?

Merovey, founder of the first dynasty of franksky kings, personality semi-legendary, as well as all first representatives of this dynasty. That it is people real there are no doubts, and here their life is fanned by different legends. But from where they undertook?

Merovey came a sort from the Salic francs inhabiting coast of Rhine from 5th century AD. Salic - because their main knee lived at Issel (Sal`s) river. To Saliyana - the most noble and numerous among other francs of that time.

The first authentically famous leader of Salic francs - Klodion from a family Merovingov. History called his successor for some reason just on a patrimonial surname - Merovey. At first, of course, about any kingdom and the speech was not though Augustine Thierry in the historical works calls the king already Klodion. But for the kingdom still it was necessary to win a good piece of the earth.

Gallia - such is the ancient name of modern territories of France, since the time of Julius Caesar was the Roman province with all that it implies. And following is a lack of an autonomy and sovereignty. The Roman civilization quite deeply took roots in Gallia for five next centuries. Besides, the population consisted not only of natives, but also Germans, alan, burgund, vestgot and many other tribes. So and the mentality of the new state was formed of a set of absolutely different customs and traditions.

The Roman Empire fell, and there was obvious the fact that the future of Western Europe - behind Catholicism which already thoroughly approved the positions. The Roman priests fairly judged that one prayers they will not be full, and if there is such powerful lever of pressure upon masses as religion, it is necessary to use it. In Gallia Catholicism was approved before in other lands. Therefore also the role of francs in the next historical round is big. The Pope whose power gained steam relied on franksky tribes.

The pontiff was in great need in a military alliance as without power methods at that time was not to solve anything. It was necessary to divide the earth of the former Western Roman Empire and to provide on them the influence. That was time of change of priorities and installation of new authorities. Francs, with assistance of Catholic clergy, by then already subdued burgund and banished vestgot. Therefore Merovingi were suitable as well as possible for a role of allies for the Father. Further, by the beginning of the 6th century, they will overcome turing, aleman and part of the German tribes.

In the 437th Mr. Klodion conquers Northern Gallia and founds the Franksky kingdom, between the rivers Rhine and Somme. In 450 g a turning point - invasion of furious Huns under Attila`s leadership. Francs and burgunda quailed and absolutely became puzzled before such power. The Aetsy, Roman deputy on the remains of lands of the former Roman Empire, having united with the vestgotsky king Theodoric I, hardly, but stopped invasion of Huns. Troops of allies rejected Attila`s army to Shalon where there was a Katalunsky fight, shameful for nomads. Attila left Gallia.

In many lands the Roman deputies sat and formally some tribes of francs submitted to the Roman republic. The Catholic clergy found the true power not suddenly and not at once.

Having approved as a ruling dynasty on the won lands, Merovingi understood that it is absolutely necessary to extend Catholicism in the territory. Began, naturally, with the king. But not Klodovey, and even not his successor Merovey was christened. During their board had no time for it: it was necessary to resolve many military and organizational issues. And these people inveterate pagans were. Merovey`s grandson and the son Gilderika (Childeric) - Klodovey was the first franksky king who adopted Christianity. Or, as still it is called - Hlodvig. He governed with 481 g and his politician it was similar to policy of ancestors - a gain of new lands, strengthening on them the power and Catholicism.

With a baptism of Hlodviga arose and several legends reached up to now. The most touching - about white a pigeon, brought sacred unction in a bottle. And, allegedly, in the next centuries of fir-trees in this bottle never dried and did not come to an end at all. One more legend - acquisition by the king after a baptism of supernatural medical abilities., It seems, Hlodvig cured a scrofula one touch to the patient. For these purposes one day in a year was allocated, and the citizens sick with a scrofula queued to the king in hope for healing.

All this, of course, is a little similar to the truth. But it was necessary to surround with an aura of miracles a ruling dynasty of the created kingdom. Priests very well were able to cope with such tasks. Especially, all this fell on very fertile field - the people were absolutely illiterate and trusted all unusual.

Then all francs were christened. The kingdom got official state religion - Catholic Christianity. The office of Baptism of Hlodviga was made by the archbishop Rheims Remigy who was called the apostle of francs. He is canonized by Catholic church. For distribution of Catholicism on the earth of francs Remigy made much. And to the king Hlodvigu Remigy was the first adviser. Grigory Tursky in the works devoted to history of francs demonstrates that in war with Ghats the king was guided by councils of the confessor. Also famous medieval writer writes that persuaded to accept faith in Christ of the king and his spouse is the queen Krotekilda.

But all the same it was purely political course, though medieval historians tried to present to Hlodviga ôlit up and improvedô. And what else they could write? What were Hlodvig and all subsequent Merovingi polygamists? More precisely, just brought many concubines, but it did not change the main point, all the same - not Christianly. What Hlodvig just destroyed physically all the relatives who could apply for its post? And then heavy sighed that it one - odineshenek also is not present a kindred spirit nearby. But sighed not in order that to find this kindred spirit and to press to a breast and to find the survived rivals and to kill them. Hypocritically.

What in aggressive policy of Merovingi was forgotten about Christian mercy and very cruel to won? The king should be praised. Costs of the history which reached up to now are that. Very seldom history was written by impartial chroniclers. Generally chronicles were written by the order or from someone`s highest approval.