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What gives the man away? His


“And, it is that man in yellow socks with black boots“... You want that you were remembered quite so? Then and put on. In sense, you will be though in a dress coat with a scarlet rose in a buttonhole, but all the same if see a silly combination of color of socks and footwear, and will remember. you will not believe

, but there is a training for women “How to solve the man? Look at his socks“ with the step-by-step instruction of definition of types of men on their manner to handle socks. Women there just are fan of men`s socks. For example, the man scattered socks on the room, and the woman rather runs to calculate their orientation according to the card nosochny the fan - Shuya, with the purpose to catch a long-awaited clue of his personality. There is beauty!. Or umor.

Though some moments of close attention to the man in socks all are are useful, and I will not be too lazy to give several examples of this usefulness.

Color of socks has to be in tone of color of a suit and it is desirable colors of footwear are slightly lighter. The following gradation from dark to light turns out: footwear - trousers - socks. Hit exactly - in - exactly colors of socks in tone and color of a suit looks too deliberately. Has to slightly - to differ slightly.

Multyashechny socks - only for kids. Bright, it is extreme - “acid“ colors - to teenagers. White socks are ideal with sports shoes for any age. Drawing on men`s socks in the form of a relief, a moderate English cage, some logos, points is allowed.

Socks surely have to be high. Any naked male legs, even if the man - the apologist of a man`s total epilation! The man sits, having put a leg on a leg, and women admire an ideal combination of pure footwear to the beautiful socks which are looking out from - under accurate a bottom of trousers. Approximately so has to be.

The fact that socks have to be always pure, and legs not to smell, I speak casually - it is man`s software configurations to default. As at the printer. It is better to erase to the man most, and it is better to erase a laundry soap. Why? Because really fat is removed, and is washed by strong male hands well. Purely and chilly - here it is pleasure to legs.

But the real pleasure for male legs is also warmly. Whether Suvorov told the first, whether repeated national, but “Keep the head in cold, a stomach in hunger, and legs in heat“ - it is really wise. Only one reservation - “male legs in heat“ is not enough.

To see women nearly barefoot in shoes - a sabot - sandals snow - a usual thing will hardly thaw. Why do not freeze? It is unclear. Perhaps female sacrifice for beauty? Everything can be … And it is not important.

It is more important own man`s problems of heat for legs. Problems can really arise if not to solve a simple problem of quantity and the range of socks in the man`s clothes. Who has to solve this problem - to advise not me, I can remind of existence of different socks only.

First of all, socks happen different in composition of material. Socks make of cotton, wool, flax, bamboo fiber, polyester, nylon, viscose, wound, an elastane … and numerous combinations of these materials.

Socks for summer - falls - winters - spring, socks thick and thin, beautiful more simply, “on an exit“, “for work“, “on a kitchen garden“, for sport, “with gumboots“, “with valenoks“, “with sneakers“ … - everything has to be at men. Or almost everything. But knitted socks have to be obligatory.

No matter, who connected them, the main thing - they have to be available. And it is not less important - have to be made of natural materials. From dog wool, from hair of the Angora goat, from even some wool, from a cotton or linen yarn.

For what they, if in the house heated floors, and winter footwear with natural fur?. For man`s tranquility. Suddenly tomorrow will urge to go through the Alps where again - nibud, and you have socks on call.

Or for a sincere korotaniye of gray man`s evenings of loneliness in the dank fall - put on woolen socks, treated himself with chocolate bars with a pralinovy stuffing, gave himself some tea fragrant and … you look, it became better.