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How to prepare zir ņ u putra? Pea porridge in the Latvian cookery of

Long ago it was. I then on category of young specialists passed. And therefore practically, as a rule, I got all business trips. Well, here such share at young people. Hard … Caused to the chief, the traveling certificate - in teeth, and … Departed! For the blue rivers, high mountains and the woods. Distant - predalny. Only before to rise by a wing, it is necessary to drop into accounts department. To write out advance payment. And to receive it, itself.

generally, business trips were quite often. And it was necessary to go to the most different places. Including to Latvia which then still was the Soviet republic. And in business trip for some reason money quickly enough comes to an end. I … What to do?

Of course, it is possible to beat off the telegram on the native enterprise. Send supposedly money barrels. Also it is desirable, with the courier. Or courier. That quicker. But you will remember a face hotly of darling, just adored chief and as he looked at you last time, on return, after approximately same telegram … Any desire even to glance towards telegraph vanishes.

Well, the workmate at me already old traveling bird was. Also we were adjusted with it for breakfast in local school to run. And for lunch if departure on objects this concrete day was not expected. 25 kopeks a breakfast, 50 - a lunch. Cooks at schools, all as on selection - girls young, after schools. Well, and we, boys yet not old. So with portions we were not offended. Well, and on distribution - they will look at us, we at them. And then, already all together - on tables at which just before the call rang out, pioneers with Komsomol members boarded. And on them …

Part of portions - in general, not pakhanny, small open spaces of which neither spoons, nor forks plowed the field. Is, of course, and such where approximate excellent students and horoshist honestly tried to pick. But generally - from an edge pecked, pecked the trifle, and the most part … And remained on plates.

And here we. Gold traveling guys. Which will eat everything and everything will be drunk. Generally, already by the end of the first week we were fed free of charge.

Here so I also got acquainted with this porridge. Now - I do not know, and before it quite often prepared on the Latvian schools. Two times - three in a week. At least. But also on tables it remained much! The passion as it was not loved by the Latvian school students. Though, in my opinion and taste … Decent such dish. Nourishing, nutritious. For breakfast of one portion - quite that till a lunch at all to forget about food. And on taste. Normally everything! And than it so did not please the Latvian pioneers and Komsomol members? I will not apply mind!

But, probably, it is already time and closer to get acquainted with it? I ask to love and favor - “zirnyu a biyezputra“. Pea porridge .

Yes - pea. Therefore, I think, all perfectly understand that for a start we pour out 200 - a gram cup of split peas in suitable capacity, properly, several times, we wash our bean, we fill in them with cold water and we leave to be presoaked.

Soaking duration - is not basic. Neither on flavoring parameters of a dish, nor for the period of its preparation it does not influence. But, speak, in the course of soaking peas lose the of gas - educational abilities. Therefore it is better - for the night. Filled in peas with water in the evening, and in the morning … Is not present

, to cook peas - still early. For a start we take grams of 600 - 800 chicken stones, we wash them, we fill in with water … We take the last liter one and a half. From calculation that for peas cooking we need 6 parts of liquid from initial volume bean. You remember, we poured out peas in a cup on 200 grams? 200 to increase on 6, the amendment by the fact that the part of broth when cooking will boil away … Here also we receive that waters it is necessary to us liter one and a half.

We fill in chicken stones with water, we bring liquid to boiling … We remove foam. We add to a saucepan a small onion and the whole carrots which we cleaned while water began to boil. There - about ten peas of black pepper, a lavrushka leaf. We diminish fire so that liquid hardly boiled, and, without closing a cover (broth is necessary to us dense, rich), we leave everything to cook minutes 40 - 45. One lesson. - it is quite enough this time.

As the call on change finished ringing (for the lack of that, it is possible to use the timer), we pull out chicken stones, carrots, onions and bay leaf from a pan. The last and penultimate to us already without need, they made the business - gave the taste to broth, and here from the first and second as podostynut, it is possible to make small salatik. Soshchipl meat from bones, carrots for a start we will spread povdol parts on four, and then it is thin, millimeter on three, we will cut across. Let`s small chop 2 - 4 stalks of onions - a feather, prisoly, we will add a spoon - two vegetable oils … Everything, salad is ready. But we will be engaged in it then, later. And now …

Now still few times we wash out peas, we throw back it on a colander or a sieve, we wait so far it will flow down and we spread in a pan. We fill in in it chicken broth so that liquid rose over level bean by forefinger thickness. Though it - not essentially. If broth appears much, we will longer boil peas, a little - we will add a little water.

We bring liquid to boiling, we remove a skin, we diminish fire to an average and we leave peas to cook. How many on it it is required to time, it is heavy to tell. Process is this creative, depends on many factors, but I can precisely tell one: we precisely have at least half an hour of free time. And here in about 30 minutes … It is already possible to begin to look after peas more fixedly.

What, the soup in a pan began to get thick? About! Now it is possible our porridge and to add some salt. At the same time and to prevent. Porridge thickened to a consistence of dense sour cream? Time to lower fire to small came. After that, occasionally stirring slowly with porridge, we cook it even minutes 5 - 7, we disconnect fire and we cover a pan.

While porridge reaches, we will be engaged in sauce. For this purpose grams of the 150th fat … Better than, of course, slightly smoked. But we with that have problems therefore I had to be content with the most usual salted pork fat. We cut fat small cubes and we begin to fry it on a frying pan.

And that business we clean a bulb and small we slice it. In about 10 - 12 minutes, and they will decrease in sizes, we add onions to a frying pan and we brown it who as loves - to golden or light-brown color. Everything was painted in wished tone and shades - sauce is ready.

And porridge reached meanwhile. Everything was exhausted, us dozhidayuchis. We will not detain her!

A good portion the dense, not spreading thought on porridge faience - on a plate, and already in the center of this dense lump - a two-three of spoons of onions sauce with pork cracklings.

It also is “zirnyu a biyezputra“. Pea porridge. I hope, it will be pleasant to you to get acquainted with it.