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It is necessary to treat and how?

of the Event in Ukraine me as normal person, cannot but disturb. As the citizen of Russia who is loving it, knowing its history as the competent, lived many years person, I understand danger to the country from the USA and the EU and I cannot condemn any measures directed to protection of my Homeland. Are clear to me though are extremely not acceptable, the human victims. As esoterics I understand also the deep metaphysical reasons of immemorial opposition of the West and Russia (you watch the article “Order and Chaos“) and danger of embitternment, thirst of revenge, generation of negative energiya by everything though somehow involved in this process. As the psychologist I can explain collective madness of Ukrainians. But till some time I did not think of depth of this madness. By the way, as will not seem to the strange Russian patriots, unfamiliar with laws of esoterics, and they are close to madness now, having entered emotional skirmish with svidomy on the Internet.

Information war should resist, publishing the facts and calling things by their proper names! But without emotions, without insults, without gloating and mockery! How you think, the normal person who came into a mental hospital will offend patients, to scoff and laugh at them?

Understand, all negative, released the person even in “fair anger“, surely comes back to it one way or another. The law of a boomerang works strictly! You should be hit in the future on the head from life, having forgotten what you so inadmissibly splashed out a negative during fights with “stupid ukra“ much? Thoughts and words are material! For white you or for red, all of you equally enter war, all of you equally participate in destruction, but not in creation. And it is necessary to be responsible for everything. And all will meet with the deserts.

Before giving advice how to treat madness others and most not to fall into this state, I which - that I will tell you.

I live in Germany. My wife has a good familiar Ukrainian (we will name Olga). After collapse of the USSR, having remained not destiny, she is an engineer, married the German and began to live in Germany. To the word Germans consider that women from Thailand and Russia (and all Russians, Russian-speaking for them) very good to a hauzfra. Generally on the personal front I will not speak about its drudgeries. I will tell only that it still should work as the dishwasher at restaurant to have an opportunity to diversify the clothes and to help relatives in Ukraine.

The other day to it there arrived the distant relative from Poltavshchina - the young woman of 26 years (we will name Elena).

I write about them that you understood a difference between delusion and madness. The delusion is easily curable the facts, logic, humour. And here madness demands special, professional psychotherapeutic, and even psychiatric and, alas, long (often ineffectual) treatment.

And so, Olga after the beginning of the Ukrainian events bristled up, tried to accuse a little, Russia, Russians, Putin of the Ukrainian troubles... Work you should not have overpersuaded her. It is a little memories of her life of the Soviet period, of the reasons of its moving and reasons of a present distress of her relatives to which it helps small digression to history, several jokes … And before us the sane person with one political desire: rather all this would end.

Now Elena. From Olginy stories about it and conversations with this shchiry Ukrainian speaking Russian because does not know Ukrainian. Elena worked in Rostov-on-Don in private hotel at the left coast of Don of the maid and the prostitute. Her husband worked in the Belgorod region at building. Whether he knew about the main source of earnings of the wife - it is not known. They did not decide to bring the child from - for low welfare. Elena`s husband went to the Maidan having learned what there can be earned, and defending justice and fighting for bright future. Naturally, the dollar hard cash thrown on the Maidan settled at centurions, and to it got a fig. Result of its personal participation in revolution, a full world outlook maydonutost, nervousness, inadequacy, a reflex randomness (symptoms of a consequence of application of psychotropic drugs), loss of work and hiding from conscription.

Further in general wildness. He insisted that Elena stopped working on quilted jackets, and went to earnings to Europe. On the borrowed money the visa, journey and here it in Germany. In padded stools (brothels) of girls with interest is enough, with the poster “I will be given for 50 euros“ you will not come to the sidewalk, the police home will send at once. It is difficult to Shvartsanut (to work without registration for hard cash) now and local, everything is occupied by Romanians and Bulgarians. By the way and payment of this work for the last year fell twice. Poles still somehow get official job, but only agreeing to the reduced payment. Germans shocked and coming to earnings from the East, just hate.

On my arguments about hastiness of her arrival to Germany I received the answer from Elena:

- not to work for invaders.

- And to Poland why did not go?

- In Poland only of strong men take on farms.

- Why Russian invaders?

- Because they during war took away Krasnodar Krai and the Rostov region from us, now the Crimea and want to select Donbass with Luhansk.

- During what war? - Stupor. Not really firm answer. - When the USSR was at war with Europe.

For experiment I corrected it at all points and in reply received expected: to the hysteric, with shouts that I am a stupid Russian that from - for such as I there is no life and, if not Russia and Putin, then Ukraine would be long ago prospering, European country.

For purity of experiment I asked some more questions. Whether she knows that the country the oligarch under a pointer of America rules that the Ukrainian army is at war not with Russia, and with the people and what destructions it does, killing civilians - old men and children that European integration is a carrot before a muzzle of a burro what Poles of Ukrainians call fauna and to what specifically Russians envy Ukrainians and why she cannot earn houses? In reply: new tears, shouts, and everything that I tell, is Putin promotion (it is necessary Putin again), and I am an agent of KGB (about as), and she will tell here in Germany about me to whom follows (I think, would tell if she knew German), and envy because Ukrainians Europe is better than Russians and they...

The diagnosis is made, further the patient it is impossible to torment with reasonable arguments, it is necessary to treat. Not to lay all madmen in psychiatric clinics. What to do?

Believe it or not, but there is an esoteric way available to all and treating all. It is the “We Treat the Earth - We Treat Ourselves“ equipment. I strongly recommend all fighters for justice, all patriots:

- Do not allow rage and gloating in the statements.

- is not necessary emotions and condemnations, only the facts.

- put the patriotism not into words, and any in the way available to you. - do not criticize

and do not eulogize Putin and his assistants, just know while they are objectionable to America and the West, they are useful to Russia.

- Be not compassionate (compassion - joint suffering), but be merciful, that is ready to help those who need the help and ask about it.

- you Believe in esoterics or not, do equipment “We treat the earth - we treat ourselves“ . The more the person will carry out it, the quicker there will come the benefit for all (punishment deserved too will be the benefit for their souls). Works a single meditirovaniye of a large number of people, in general wonders. Be connected. It will be an invaluable contribution to a reason victory.

To struggle with the evil in the usual (habitual) ways it is useless and is harmful. It is necessary to move to a thin, power level!

Good luck.