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How to prepare marinated fish? Secrets of the New Zealand cuisine of

New Zealand on a global scale is a fishing zone, the fourth in size, and, as a result, has free access to a big variety of seafood. But what in present period the average New Zealander consumes fish products a little is surprising. Not that in ancient times. Then gifts of the ocean, lakes and rivers were the main components of food of indigenous people. generally inhabitants of the island - both a pakekh (Europeans), and Maori - love

fishin - chips. This fried fish fillet in the test and fried potatoes. To it serve different sauces, lettuce leaves and a few fresh vegetables. Actually at each intersection it is possible to meet small institutions of a fast food where prepare in pro-rancid fat in the same classical option fish and potatoes. At restaurants this dish is also popular, is fried, however, on good oil and sauces are more tasty. And, in general, all this what there is enough imagination of such region rich with fish for.

And still on holidays, at especially solemn moments Maori prepare fish according to ancient recipes. And a traditional dish of aboriginals of Polynesia is crude fish, marinated lemon or lime juice, with addition of coconut milk, tomatoes and cucumbers. There are many options and names of this masterpiece, everything depends in what part of the Pacific Ocean he is trained. But the main ingredients remain invariable - fish and coconut milk.

This way of preparation of fish something reminds Korean he, that is fish is not exposed to heat treatment. The dish is very useful, it is easily acquired by an organism and fills it with energy. I advise all at bad mood and a low tone. Pieces of fish melt in the mouth. I will note for comparison that not so sharp as he, and, the main thing, in it is not present vinegar. Pickling of fish happens at the expense of juice of a lemon or a lime that does her gentle and juicy. I suggest to test this recipe, I assure you, you will not regret!

Ott Ik - crude fish in coconut milk to us will be required to


- 1 kg of fresh fillet of fish (it is ideal - a cod, a perch, a mullet or any other white fish);

- juice from 4 - 5 lemons or 8 limes;

- 1 bulb or a bunch green to cut;

- 1 cucumber cleared to remove seeds and to cut on pieces;

- 2 - 3 tomatoes to cut;

- 2 pepper (red and green) to cut;

- 1 bank (400 ml) of coconut milk;

- salt and pepper to taste.

Wash up fillet of fish, cut on small pieces and put in a bowl. Squeeze out juice of lemons or limes and fill in with this juice fish. Well mix everything, cover and put in the refrigerator to be pickled for half an hour.

Meanwhile cut onions, tomatoes and pepper. Cut a cucumber in half and scrape out seeds a teaspoon. Cut straws. If you have very young cucumbers, then it is necessary to cut out nothing. In general, by the way, cucumbers can be added to the top of the bent. I love when it is more of them, than tomatoes.

Take fish from the refrigerator, add cucumbers, tomatoes, pepper and onions. Pour coconut milk and well mix. Salt and pepper to taste. If you love a hot dish, mix fish with the cut hot pepper. Put in the refrigerator for a couple of hours and give with fried bread.


1. Fish has to be freshen, high quality. It is possible to use frozen - it is necessary to defreeze and prolong it slightly the pickling period.

2. If for you the combination of coconut milk and crude fish is unusual, then instead of milk it is possible to fill in with soy sauce and the heated vegetable oil, and still to add five spices at will. And then you receive a dish which is eaten in the Chinese New year in Singapore, it symbolizes good luck in the coming year.

Ingredients for this dish are collected in a certain combination and move with the following spells:

Oil: I wish good luck and prosperity in New year.

Soy sauce: let our house will be full of treasures.

Laima or lemon: I wish good luck, success and prosperity.

Crude fish: I wish superwealth.

Pepper and five spices - I wish a happy smile.

I Think, this recipe of fish is useful to you if suddenly it wants something exotic, extraordinary. Well, happens, sometimes and pulls to something like that special. And still you can surprise with this dish guests, and also be prepared for celebration of New year.


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