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The little plush monkey, or Where there lives happiness?

Were light-and is silent. Quietly as happens in empty hospital chamber. On the edge of a bathroom the little plush monkey embracing a tiny bear cub sat. It sat in the same way as once at a windshield of its car.

of the Drop from the faulty crane dripped on the head to the monkey, and from it all her muzzle had some ridiculous pathetic appearance. She as though wanted to ask: “Why we came here where we will go this time?“ She was little and ridiculous, this monkey. She did not understand why this big old person sits in water on which surface this fancy pink pattern blurs...

And the person sat and about something talked to it... He knew that it is necessary, it is necessary to make some more so movements necessary to it, and could not. No, he did not change the mind, he just wanted slightly - to prolong slightly this moment to remember it. To remember so distinctly as though for the 100-th time to re-read the favourite book which practically you know by heart and you choose, reading only favourite places...

It was not now here, it did not lie in this bathroom with a beautiful pattern on equal warm water. It stood at metro station where it is proud there was on a pedestal a man of iron in a raincoat.

He waited for it. Waited, without understanding why... The 100-th, thousand fleeting novel in his life. Why, there will be everything as always. They will drink coffee, will talk about empty, will go to hotel... and...

All as always. Of course, he will tell on duty: “I will call tomorrow“, and of course, will not call. However, some time this a bough - conscience will torment and try to shame...

Listen and if she waits, she remembers you... And you, as always, will answer it... Yes what, actually, occurred, she wanted it, I wanted, a banal meeting, no more. Shut up, the silly woman - conscience what, you have no more serious affairs? Personally at me is them completely.

But he stood, waited and thought. Interestingly, what this his new acquaintance, such, how on a photo from a dating site, worse, best of all? It drove by the car, as always, a little earlier. To a meeting there were some more minutes, and it went according to the night prospectus, attentively peering into the windows shining soft kind light. Strange, but it did not leave his all life when still the boy he, peering into such windows, for some reason thought that that`s it there, behind these glasses and beautiful curtains happiness lodged someone`s extraordinary beautiful, unknown you. Passed much - many years, there passed thousands of lives, others, there passed moments, memoirs, minutes, hours, years, and feeling... This feeling did not leave it.

- Alex? Hi!

- Generally, my name is Alexander … it was

Yes, it. In such unpretentious not on weather of a coat and a knitted hat, from - under which chestnut ringlets streamed... It stood and could not understand that it with it is created. As if soft and warm fog embraced him for shoulders, enveloping something joyful, unknown to it till this minute. Her eyes took a broad view of it and safely as though speaking: “There now, you waited for me and I came. I am pleasant to you?“

Some feeling unclear to it trembling pity to this simple girl of okhvatiloy. No, he did not wait for it several minutes... He waited for it so long, then, since that moment when the first time glanced in these windows shining a moonlight...

The pattern on water, became more fancy and more evil. It was so soft and quiet. And the person all thought: “Well still slightly - slightly, still... I want to remember everything...“ As though the pupil in a class before a lesson the last time re-read the necessary paragraph.

What it was? He could not understand... He wanted to see these shining eyes. He could not live without them and minute. They looked at it from the metal ladanka hanging on a lace in the car from the photo on a desktop at office. They were everywhere, everywhere, where it was.

He called her Bibizyank, it him are Lis.

Her eyes... What? As though someone the sharp heated needle entered directly a breast...

The monkey looked at it, and in her look some podlenky smile became visible. As though she wanted to tell it: “Do not choose! That`s not fair. Remember everything!“

of her eye... They looked indifferently and cold. “Clean up! Clean up, I told. Clear off from my life!“ Words took off with a cold ring of swords on a knightly duel.

Stop! Become silent, a little plush animal. You are only a children`s toy, no more.

No, I am not a toy. I am memory, I am memory of it. You remember when I appeared in your life? I came to your life together with It.

No, my little plush spitfire, the person thought, I not for this purpose pull these leaving minutes and seconds to remember bad.

Morning road. On a speedometer 120. Some more tens kilometers, and I will see her eyes... I did not promise precisely, but I will arrive... You as the child to whom brought an eskimo. Really you are really so glad? Your warm and kind eyes shining a rainbow. No, I not without reason lived this life full of ruts, potholes and grazes. I all - saw and learned this happiness living behind soft dense curtains...

Seconds, minutes, hours, years and eyes, her eyes... And its voice: “Lys. You it is simple - wash foxes“.

Patterns were gone. Purple water was angrily reflected in eyes of a small plush toy.

“Clean up from my life!“

But the person did not hear it any more. From where - how early silent dawn comes, sounded: “Lys, you it is simple - wash foxes“...

No, my dear and dear reader. I have to apologize at you for the fact that I am forced to finish the story not on such high, tragic and romantic note. No! It did not find courage and will power to make this last, so the movement necessary to it.

He is living. Somehow lives the life, drinks vodka and when he strongly gets drunk, getting into worldwide network and entering on dating sites, Svetlana hopes to see that photo with a name to write the message: “Hi! And you simpatyulya! Let`s get acquainted!“