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What does the woman by the woman?

B 1977 the heroine of the Soviet movie “Office romance“, the secretary Verochka, already answered this concerning question: “The footwear does the woman by the woman“. Therefore we will talk about women`s shoes and about that, decorates or it spoils legs of modern women.

it is difficult for i to present to

an image of the modern woman without beautiful pair of shoes Today . Beautiful because today the footwear already ceased to carry out only functions of protection of legs against moisture, dirt, temperature and traumatism (though on some fashionable heels and platforms it is possible to be killed).

Good, qualitative and with taste the sewed footwear - emphasizes beauty and symmetry of legs, and inconvenient - spoils gait and gives a considerable bouquet of problems: from callosities and natoptyshy - to dislocations in a plusnevy joint (“cones“ on a thumb).

Any woman will be able, without reflecting, to call, at least, ten names of footwear even if does not carry also a half of them. Each couple has the occasion and mission: house, daily convenient, seasonal, beach, “on an exit“.

One of the most popular and favourite types of women`s shoes are of a shoe . They, be on a hairpin or on a heel, always adequately look on a female leg, emphasizing its symmetry, elegance and erotically opening ankles which madly inspire many men.

The most womanly option and the classical representative of shoes are boats and their facilitated option for the spring - of the boat with an open toe. They amazingly look both with dresses / skirts, and with trousers, adding the owner, besides several centimeters of growth, confidence in own irresistibility.

In the last several years alternative to shoes on a heel for many women and girls of steel flats . The first flats were entered into an arsenal of women`s shoes by the legislator of fashion Coco Chanel . Thus she tried to make female foot visually shorter. However concerning a question of beauty flats - are very inconsistent. Yes, they - soft, convenient, the elegant design of some models, despite the low course, allows to carry them and under dresses. But … alas, the gait of a slow bear cub provided in this footwear has a little general with feminity.

Advantage of summer footwear is not only beauty, but also the openness allowing to breathe to skin of legs. As the leader among summer women`s shoes it is possible to consider of the barefoot person . Especially model with an open toe and a pyatochka. Alternative option without heel - sandals. Their versions - a huge set (here it is possible to carry Vietnamese, gladiators, espadrilles and bedroom-slippers). Sandals came to our use from the Roman Empire. I hope, the women reading this article will not cease to carry of a sandal , having learned that in Rome they were carried mainly by the women of easy virtue wishing to show to men beauty of the ankles and fingers. Chaste and decent women gave preference to more closed footwear.

It is possible to warm and decorate the lower extremities with graceful shoe boots in the fall. In effect, they - something between boots and shoes. Shoe boots - very much stilna are also elegant. Their only shortcoming is that they do not solve a problem of seasonal footwear. Being intermediate option between a tuflyamiya demi-season boots, after the acquisition all of them equally leave need to have also boots or boots. Therefore shoe boots belong to the category of the footwear “yes, it is good, let will be why and is not present?“. But if the woman by the beginning of autumn cold weather has nothing to put - most likely, her choice will be not in their advantage.

In the winter to female legs not to do without pair of boots. They can be shortened (half boots), high to a knee, above a knee, and even to the middle of a hip - jack boots . Speaking about the last, to me the movie “Beauty“ with Julia Roberts at the beginning of which the heroine looked, to put it mildly, “not absolutely a lady“ is for some reason remembered.

Most often women`s winter boots have steady, not really thin, a heel. Though there are options. Interesting detail: initially boots with heels thought up to use equestrians to fix a leg in a stirrup. Now this element of footwear helps women, excuse for a tautology, to be women at all seasons of the year. Besides, with heels very conveniently, without sliding, to go on snow. Especially accurately look on a leg and visually do it less and already - boots of suede.

A few years ago as a winter obuvka among young women were very extended by of an ugga . I do not doubt that in them it was warm and convenient. But personally in me they nothing, except associations with jokes about the Chukchi, caused.

From convenient women`s shoes, perhaps, it is possible to remember gym shoes , of a sneaker and snickerses . The first two look - is intended, generally for sport, the last - for daily socks. In a certain image and style they, of course, take place to be, but as on me, do not make up female legs at all, do not attract to them delighted looks of men and do not force them to turn around in it following, remembering Accident Disco lyrics: “Ah, legs, legs!“

generally, developing thought of the secretary Verochka from darling many the movie, I will continue: the footwear on a heel does the woman - the woman.

By the way if the woman dreams new shoes on a heel, it foretells it favorable changes in life. For unmarried women of steam of shoes in a dream - to perspective acquaintance to an opposite sex. Well, and for those who are happy in private life for a long time it is an occasion the next time to visit shoe shop!