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How to make the thinking absolutely consistent? For a start I will specify

why in general to do thinking consistent. The matter is that any contradiction, any conflict, any in dispute our thinking leads to blocking of the ability to think.

As soon as the thinking is included into a condition of a contradiction, it stops and does not know where to go further. We can endure it as “dullness“, “weakness“ or “laziness“ though actually it - only emergence of a contradiction in our thinking. And if to clean from thinking all contradictions - we will never have such problems.

Now, actually, I turn to a question: how to make thinking consistent? Strangely enough - it is very simple. It is so simple that at first it will seem just ridiculous. And so: to think consistently, it is necessary just to stop thinking about contradictions as about contradictions .

It, certainly, sounds unclear. Therefore I will explain on an example that it means. So, example of a contradiction: “I should work, BUT I want to walk“.

It would seem, here we observe an ineradicable contradiction which leads us to a problem, suffering and a stress. However all this instantly passes if we change only two letters: “I should work, And I want to walk“.

There is no contradiction any more! We have two facts: need to work and desire to walk. Both facts take place to be. Both are important. Both should be considered in the behavior. Where here you see a contradiction? It is absent, it disappeared!

On what this focus is based? It is based on the simple and obvious fact. The matter is that in the real world of contradictions is not present at all. They just do not exist and never existed. Any contradiction exists only in our thinking. And it disappears exactly while we begin to think without contradictions.

Really where you saw contradictions in reality? Unless the chair contradicts a table? Unless the sky contradicts the earth? And unless one thought contradicts another? No - all this simply exists! Also exists it is absolutely equal, without contradicting existence anything another.

The contradiction is all - navsy an error of human thinking. Something contradicts something only because we so think . In practice there is no contradiction. And if we begin to think is inconsistent, then we simply begin to get confused.

Let`s say all of us - think: “I should work, BUT I want to walk“. The word “BUT“ assumes that one of these facts needs to be eliminated that there was another. Or it is necessary to eliminate need of work. Or it is necessary to eliminate desire to walk. But also that, and another exists. Impasse. And our thinking stops, without knowing, as to think.

When we think “To me it is necessary to work, And I want to walk“, it becomes quite clear that to think. For example, it is possible to work at first, then to take a walk. Or on the contrary. Or alternately. Or even at the same time, if it is possible. Opportunities - one million. Here is how the consistent thinking is arranged!

And if to speak in a different way, then the consistent thinking is when we think that any our thought has the right for existence. And thought of desire. And thought of need. And thought of an opportunity. And thought of anything else. It is possible to think anything. In general anything. There are no restrictions!

And if we can think anything, then and there are no contradictions too. There is just one thought. And one more thought. And one more thought. And some more thoughts. And all thoughts do not contradict each other. Because all of them - exist.

And if there are no contradictions, then there are no problems also. In general any. And in general never!