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What soap operas to watch since August, 2014? “The hospital Nikerboker“, “Legends“, “Olive Quittridge“, “Malefactors“ of

Television does not allow to start missing to the audience, offering the next novelties of cinema by the end of summer. We continue to get acquainted with the serial premieres of August of which it is a little, but also among them come across so bright that by it will be impossible to pass. “Hospital Nikerboker“ (The Knick)

the American channel CineMax (USA) presented on August 8 to

new series “Hospital Nikerboker“. It is one of the most long-awaited premieres of the current season, his director - famous Stephen Soderbergh (all “Ouchene`s Friends“). We will see America the beginnings of the twentieth century, the beginning scientifically - technical progress which, alas, did not affect the sphere of medicine yet. And all - doctors selflessly struggle with diseases of the patients, developing new ways of treatment and revolutionary medicines.

Just such doctors work in hospital Nikerboker where inexperienced interns are directed to practice. Retro - option of “Passion anatomy“ - so already christened a TV show “Hospital Nikerboker“, and we should look at least at couple of episodes to make in this respect own opinion.

Actors Clive Owen (Sins of the city, “Born`s Identification“), by Jeremy Bobb (“House of cards“, “A wolf with Wal - the Street“), Andre Hollend (“Fight“), Eric Johnson (“Legends of fall“, “To think as the criminal“), Chris Sullivan (“Americans“) are engaged in series.

of “Legend“ (Legends)

C on TNT channel (USA) goes on August 13 display of series “Legends“ which it is also possible to call one of long-awaited premieres of a season. This new drama, first of all, the fact that in a leading role Sean Bing (“Game of Thrones“, “The Lord of the Rings acted here is remarkable: Fellowship of the Ring“). He played the former specialist of CIA Martin who only after retirement had an opportunity to be oneself and lead own life. However in this sense it is waited by big surprises, and it is necessary only to guess whether his feelings and suspicions are result of a mental disorder, or Martin is part of the secret plan of the confidential organization.

Besides Sean Bing, in series it is possible to see such stars as Tina Mazhorino (“Veronika Mars“, “The real blood“), Elie Larter (“The blonde in the law“, “Destination“), Ember Valetta (“Revenge“, “the Carrier 2“), Morris Chestnut (“Vizitery“, “The last boy scout“).

of “Olive Quittridge“ (Olive Kitteridge)

HBO Channel (USA) also decided to please the TV viewers by the end of summer with absolutely charming novelty - since August 14 was planned to release series “Olive Quittridge“ about the pensioner, the teacher in the past, and about the world which surrounds it. In series we will see silent, but not quiet life of a small town of Crosby of the State of Maine, we will be able to like its atmosphere, problems and difficult searches of ways for their decision of residents of this town.

The basis of series was formed by Elisabeth Strout`s book with the same name. The director of series is Lisa Holodenka, the emigrant`s granddaughter from Ukraine. Bill Murray who does not need representation, Francis McDormand (“Fargo“), Richard Jenkins (“Dear John“) and many others are engaged in leading roles here.

“Malefactors“ (Intruders)

One more series shot on the basis of the book. The novel of the same name of British Michael Marshall Smith entered a basis of a plot. The plot in brief is as follows: at the police officer in resignation disappears the spouse, and the beginning writer and at the same time skilled police officer Jack Walden begins own investigation.

As the series are declared as the mystical drama, we will see the mass of chilling details of this improbable investigation during which Jack learns a lot of new both about himself, and about the wife, and about all people who surround it. And his view of human nature will change radically.

The series are presented by BBC America channel (USA) on August 23, and in its caste we will practically not see familiar faces. Well, it is more interesting to those.

There now, practically, and everything, than the serial world in August pleased us. Viewing pleasant to you!