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What soap operas to watch since August, 2014? “Chuzhestranka“, “Breddok and Jackson“, “Jury“, “In club“

August - month, traditionally rather poor on serial premieres. However, this year representatives of television industry left couple of surprises for serialoman, so to speak, on sweet.

“Chuzhestranka“ (Outlander)


First of all, it is necessary to tell about series “Chuzhestranka“ which personally seemed to me quite promising. However, time will tell. These series presented on August 9 the American channel Starz. And already according to the name of the channel it is possible to understand that, despite a plot, we will not see the glamourous melodrama. But we will see the burning passion, it is a lot of unexpected turns and motives which that is called “you will not put on the head“, and all this at total absence of censorship. That is: if blood - blood, if sex - sex.

It is a story about how the former military nurse Claire who quite recently celebrated the end of World War II goes to a repeated honeymoon with the husband - the historian: during war they managed to become for each other almost foreign people, and they should learn and get used to each other anew. Couple goes to Scotland with its ancient traditions of magic of druids, and as a result of improbable combination of circumstances of Claire moves in time even in 1743. As a result the young girl whose role was played by the Irish actress with a surprising name Kaitriona Belfi (“The plan of escape“, “Deception illusion“) is forced to be broken off not only between two times, but also between two relations.

It is hard to say how successful will be these series - time will show, but already now I can tell that a scene of pre-dawn dances of druids - one of the most beautiful scenes seen by me in series lately.

“Breddok and Jackson“ (Partners)

FX channel (USA) presented on August 4 to attention of the TV viewers new series “Breddok and Jackson“ which still can be met in the RuNet under the name “Partners“. It is a story that even two absolutely different persons of different social accessory and the different vital principles can become not only partners, but also friends.

It is the typical lawyer comedy which most valuable decoration was Martin Lawrence - a star of “The diamond police officer“ and “Bad guys“. He played Markus Jackson`s role in series - the divorced good-natured person who devoted everything himself to public work. His partner Kelsey Gremmer began (“To clean a periscope“, “Boss“), realized on the screen a role of the lawyer who lost work in firm of own father who got used to rotate in the highest circles.

The series, certainly, deserve attention especially as Kelsey Gremmer acted also as one of directors of show, and it has on the account a work on series “All Hate Chris“ which became enough - a quite good director`s debut.

“Jury“ (Sequestered)


On Crackle channel (USA) since August 5 display of the new thriller “Jury“ with Bruce Devison, Brian Ibsen, Jesse Bradford, Sammer Glau, Patrick Varberton, Deanna Meyer, Lindsey the Bushman, Rhonda Aldrich in roles. We remember Bruce Devison still on “to Survive“ also according to series “Think as the Criminal“. Also from familiar faces in a caste: Jesse Bradford from “The worthless little girl“ and “The tsar of the mountain“ and Deanna Meyer from the trilogy “Drank“. Many learn also Sammer Glau (“Passion anatomy“).

The plot of series is, at first sight, banal: the governor`s son is kidnapped, and his body was soon found. As a result charge of murder was brought to the boy`s security guard. On the eve of court session on this case an assault is committed against one of jurors and to ensure safety of all twelve people, they are placed in one hotel for all the time of judicial proceedings. The judge believes that so they will be in safety, but as before us series in a genre the thriller and the fighter, he strongly is mistaken.

It is obligatory to watch the soap opera, at least to be convinced that this TV show has no relation to the well-known drama “12“. Or all - has?

“In club“ (In the Club)

In the same day BBC one channel (Great Britain) presented to the world the new creation - series “In Club“ which will tell about how visit of group of prenatal preparation unites future parents of different social groups and interests.

Baker (“Shameless persons“), Stephen Helder are involved in roles Brooklyn (“to Survive“), Poppi Li Freier (“Desperate romantics“) and others. Those who counts on the mimimishny melodrama in 9 months style should consider that the series are declared in a genre the drama. During the narration we learn history of each of future mothers, and among these stories there will be no easy and cloudless. And all - women, daily overcoming numerous problems, pass in the most important nine months of the life to long-awaited motherhood.

It is not all serial premieres of August. The last summer month reserved for us some of very impressive novelties.