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Whether there is life on Mars?

with such question even more than half a century back in to / f “Carnival night“ the manager of recreation center of Cucumbers addressed audience. And till our time priests of science continue to conduct never-ending dispute on that, there is life on the specified planet or that it is not revealed yet though Americans categorically declare: no, but soon it will be found. Give

- that god that their statements were a mistake, and that will be delivered, who knows, on the way back alien bacilli - will not seem to few earthlings. But, because the question of visit of the red planet in scientific circles of the whole world is brought to the level a fixed idea, to bring down from the chosen way and it is almost impossible to shake reputation of men of science. Per aspera ad astra - through thorns to stars, it became their symbol. And whether it is possible to realize such project at this stage of development of a civilization?

In principle, perhaps, but too expensive, difficult and not for the next 30-40 years. However the main thing a technical aspect of a task not in itself, it will be anyway solved, important an ultimate goal - fundamental, on genesis of Solar system, or applied - whenever possible the organizations long-term, like our Antarctic, manned settlements there. And of course, as most important - existence at least the most primitive, at the level of lichens, lives or its indirect signs in shape “fossilized“ pollen of hypothetical Precambrian plants.

In general, questions which could be solved, without leaving Penates which are initially given us, a native oykumena. But before passing to the main plot of article, give at least in brief we will concern difficulties which designers of the ship should overcome on design stages and constructions, and then and to crew throughout polutoragodovy ballistics.

1. Life support system, including food, sanitation and so forth that will be carried out most likely by the principle of circulation of substances in the nature, behind an exception unless of the dry rest. Any drop of water overboard - all on repeated application.

2. Psychological compatibility - incompatibility. The task not less, and is more probable, and more important, than the first. Moreover, it is almost impossible to prepare team in this parameter in terrestrial conditions: whether due to illness “astronaut“, from - for the expressed psychological incompatibility, at violations of mentality that is not excluded at all, experience can be interrupted at any time on Earth and it is absolutely impossible in flight.

3. Zero gravity. Without fail decalcification of bones, a hypotrophy, hypotonia and irreversible dystrophy of skeletal muscles will be its consequence, including also a cardiac muscle. At the same time replacement of a nature of physical activities, as well as exchange processes, different exercise machines, the use of medicamentous preparations will not yield desirable results - too big term of influence of negative factors.

4. The monotony of life which is constantly pressing on mentality and feeling in a half a meter from themselves in the form of darkness, cold, vacuum, silence will cause absolutely hostile outboard environment latently accruing and insuperable sensation of fear and all the disks of the weakening music and video taken with themselves in 1 - 2 month will already cause feeling of an idiosyncrasy.

5. Problems of communication. Staying on Earth and using phone, owing to distances (no more than 25 thousand km), too small by the space sizes, and high (to 300 thousand km/s) the speed of radio waves we simply do not catch a sound rasfazirovka. The biggest - the phase lag can make the tenth fraction of a second at conversation, let us assume, of Moscow with Montevideo. During removal of the ship on one A. E. from Earth this number can reach 10 minutes and more. Try to carry out in the mode of the current time dialogue with the subscriber moreover in a situation when for the shortest time it is required to transfer information maximum, for example in emergencies. Unfortunately, the communication sinkhrosinfazirovka mechanism for space travel is not constructed yet and will be hardly thought up, speed limit.

It is possible to list problems for a long time, but we will concern the purposes.

1. Water searches. It is possible not to look for, it is found.

2. Searches of the chemical elements which are not existing on the earth. There are no those.

3. Life signs. It is essentially impossible to find them on Mars for the reason that the planet, though belongs to the category of terrestrial, does not possess a magnetosphere - the main board from space radiation.

On Mars there is practically no atmosphere if not to take into consideration that it by 160 times razrezhenny ours.

And in general whether there is a game of candles? Hardly, according to astronauts, “and apple-trees will blossom on Mars“...