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How to charge the mobile phone if there is no socket on 220V?

Buying the mobile phone, we see in a packing box not only it, but also accompanying “products“ - cords, the charger, the instruction for use in several languages. And practically in any such instruction (behind a small exception) there is no word about alternative ways of charging of the mobile phone. It turns out, the device is “tightly“ attached (through a battery charger) to the 220V socket?

This question at me appeared in the train Anapa-Krasnoyarsk when came back together with the wife after rest in the Crimea. The long journey, several times was necessary to keep in a way by the mobile phone communication with relatives. As a result in two and a half days the indicator of charging appeared on zero. Under the law of meanness it was required to ring that moment urgently. What to do?

Certainly, in the train there are sockets. But explained the conductor that it is useless to stick in them a battery charger with phone - electricity from a compartment of conductors does not move from - for malfunctions of a network. To ask the mobile phone for someone from passengers? Alas, from - for a long journey many faced the same problem and already tried all sockets which are available in the car - certainly, in vain.

Fortunately, going from the Crimea to the Kerch crossing, on a habit charged laptop accumulators. It also helped out us in a critical situation. “Fed“ from the laptop through USB - the socket of the mobile phone lasted out to the house. But why in the instruction for use phone even of a hint was not on such option? It was meant what the user himself will think?

Of course, not everyone with itself(himself) will take the laptop in the road. Logically, it is quite good to have completely charged spare accumulator for the mobile phone. But here everything will rest against the fact that on free sale the accumulator costs rather much. And whether there are ways to charge the mobile phone without 220V socket or the laptop? By means of searchers found resources on which recommendations about alternative ways of charging of the mobile phone are made.

The most, perhaps, idle time - to use “finger-type“ batteries . For example, from the digital camera, wearable CD - the player, the radio receiver. As a rule, batteries in these AA devices on 1,5 volts everyone. It is necessary to take out them, to connect among themselves consistently, to fasten in any way, to connect on “minus“ and “plus“ two conducting and to give tension on the accumulator which is taken out from the mobile phone. Similarly arrive and in case tension undertakes not from batteries, and from “finger-type“ accumulators. They more powerful and accumulator charging of the mobile phone goes quicker.

One more option of charging - via so-called “lighter“ of the car . However, “adapter“ will be required here. But it usually is available for most of motorists.

Well and how to be if there are no “excess“ batteries, and the mobile phone is necessary extremely? In this respect advise to take out the “sat-down“ accumulator from phone, to clamp it in a fist and to knock with a fist about something . The effect, however, will be minimum - the vstryakhnuty accumulator “will recover“ only for a minute - another. But this time can quite be enough to manage to gather and send SMS - ku.

Helps “to inhale“ in the accumulator life on one - having heated two minutes and its short in any way. But it is necessary to do it carefully and only in extreme cases when there is no other exit any more.

And now about the most exotic way. About it I was told by the friend, be far from the house once - on fishing in a taiga. That the hooked fish did not deteriorate, took with itself two packs of salt. And here the spare accumulator to the mobile phone forgot to take. On the lake weather (downpours went, the road became limp) deteriorated, it was necessary to be late for couple of days longer. Houses were disturbed, SMS came - with a request to have an effect. Alas, neither to call, nor to send SMS - ku it did not turn out - the accumulator “sat down“ in the mobile phone on zero. Sharpness helped out. In plastic bags gathered lands, salt solution poured in them in , connected consistently wires, thrust copper and aluminum plates in packages, connected from them wires to the accumulator which is taken out from the mobile phone. The simplest charger of galvanic type turned out. It gave current scanty, but the necessary tension. In several hours of such “charging“ the friend managed to send home SMS - ku from a couple of words.

Who is aware, that knows that the mobile phone can be charged also from the solar battery, from “bug“ (the mechanical manual generator), the small wind generator, from bicycle “dinamka“, a kinematic wrist bracelet. What else ways will think up - will show time.