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How to prepare a trout in a pot on - Karelian?

the Trout at us in Karelia - unusual. At all not such, as in fast mountain small rivers of the same Crimea or the North Caucasus. There arrived somehow to me a friend from Ukraine. Well, I also decided to indulge it with a fish Karelian variety. Whitefish, ryapushka, pike perch … Imperceptibly business also reached a trout.

Especially without philosophizing, I it, having turned in a foil, also baked in an oven. Cut on portion pieces, laid out on plates. Added a garnish, we sit, we eat. We savor. We champ moderately decencies and from time to time from that party of a table where the friend threw the bones, delighted interjections like “about - oo!“, “at - uu!“, “and - aa!“ are distributed. Occasionally - what short mot, like “tasty!“, will sound. But it is no more. Not before, it is felt. The elements of gluttony captured the person.

But whether long, shortly, we ate everything that on plates was necessary. My friend on a chair back leaned back, sighed with full relief, paid tribute to my culinary abilities, and then suddenly and asks:

- Listen and what we though ate just?

I about myself somehow was also surprised: thought, the trout - that does not need any additional recommendations. But I show no sign, I maintain reputation. I answer it quietly, with some even laziness in a voice (what supposedly here such unusual?) :

- Trout.

And it, no to take the answer into consideration and to calm down as will laugh in a voice:

- It is good to part! Yes you know how many I at myself, in the Crimea, this trout caught?! To me - that not the nobility, what it … The fact that we just ate - obviously not a trout. This is red fish!

Yes, everything is right. At us, to Karelia, a trout - red fish. Therefore if it also falls of me into hands, I it usually - on a salting. If from it something remains, then it is possible and to bake. In the same foil.

But this time … There was a wish to try to be original to me. And ceramic pots for roasting idle on kitchen shelves cost long ago something., and managed to become dusty already.

I got them, washed. Took a rice pack, poured out in a cup of grams 200, washed properly and put to cook …

By the way, you know how quickly to weld grain? Anything difficult. Washed out it, filled in with water at the rate of 1,5 volumes of liquid on grain volume for rice or 2 volumes for buckwheat and - on a plate a saucepan. Water will begin to boil, to wait a couple of minutes, to lower fire and to close a cover. And minutes through 7 - 8 to switch off fire. Let rice reach.

For now we will clean, we will draw a trout, we will remove with it gills, we will cut off the head. The last - we will leave on fish soup, and we will well rub a carcass with salt and spices: outside - a skin, from within - a paunch. And for a while we will leave a trout alone.

We take features three good bulbs, we clean them, we slice half rings and, stirring slowly, we begin to fry on well warmed frying pan on which before it poured a little sunflower oil. In intervals between pomeshivaniye filled a flour spoon in a bowl, poured grams 150 low-fat cream and shook up everything a nimbus before formation of homogeneous mass without any lumps.

As onions will become soft and zazolotitsya, it we shift about a third from a frying pan in a saucepan with rice. Prisalivayem and properly we mix pan contents.

And in what remained on a frying pan, added cream with flour. Liquid will begin to boil, a couple of minutes boiled it and as soon as it begins to get thick, slowly, a thin stream and stirring slowly, we add a half-glass of water. When already it begins to boil, we pour out in a clove frying pan three small cut garlic and at once we switch off fire under a frying pan.

Rice with onions is displayed on pots for roasting. On it - the trout which is already cut on portion pieces, 2 - 3 pieces in each pot. And between them (that did not bake) and to the very top - onions from a frying pan. After that the remained creamy sauce is evenly spilled on pots and we send them to the oven warmed degrees to 150 - 170. Minutes forty and … Our dish is ready!

Very much even quite good dish. Tasty. Younger even expropriated from me the biggest of pots. For work supposedly I will carry. Let colleagues will try. Also will understand what yum-yum can be prepared if suddenly the carcass of a fresh Karelian trout falls of you into hands.